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Time To Remember Who We Are


By Jim Kirwan



People the world over have much in common; physically, mentally and spiritually. We have the same blood in our veins, many of the same dreams and fears, as well as many of the same ambitions and opportunities that we seek to pursue in our individual lives—all of which has been challenged and often strangled by any number of overprotective police states in the Twenty-First Century today. This leads many to question how it came to be that we now live in a world that demands people everywhere must now all conform to a single 'global-order' which is and has always been pure bullshit.

This was written in 1913 as part of a contest to illustrate what the American Republic was once founded upon.

This illustrates just how much has changed in politically-correct Amerika

which is now exactly the opposite of 'our state-created heresy' that was created to crush the freedoms that made the above words possible to live-by: So that each of us, according to our own abilities and our own rules, especially according to our individual talents and personal goals could live the kind of life that each of us is entitled to.

The last fourteen years have classically proven the failures of


It's time to overthrow it all and get back to the real world

where each of us can choose who we are and what we are:

Without interference from from the armed to the teeth Nanny-States

that want to kill 95% of the human race.

Have you wondered why there were so many different nations, so many different ways to organize any group of people? The answer was simple. People the world over came together to be with people who share their ideas, their languages and their views of life itself. They made rules for themselves according to what they believed in and how they wanted to be able to live their own lives. But now with the forced march of the globally-mandated alteration of people's lives in the many nations that became targets of 'REGIME-CHANGE', compounded by artificially mandated social changes to the laws and governance in tens of dozens of former nations ­ it's clear that the world is being prepared for global-genocide of those who survived WWII, only to perish in the faceless, nameless torture, theft and slaughter of people around the world. People whose lives have been stolen abused and often ended in the name of the current multinational corporate slaughter that continues unabated...

That original concept behind individually created nation-states worked for some, until the faux needs and demands of the lawless-corporations, the Vatican and the multinational Oligarchs decided to use to their demands to change all that: This is how we came to be victims in the tens of dozens of supposedly different nations.

We've had WWI & WWII. We've also had the First Two Jihads. What we're all facing now is the Third World War combined with the Third & Final Jihad. What's at stake is nothing less that the survival of humanity.”

The Third Wave

In the European Union of today, all their supposedly 'individual-states' gave up everything that made each of those former states different from each other. That's why they're all ruled not by elected leaders but by appointed lawless-creatures that have stolen the rights and privileges of the formerly 'free-states' and converted them into a single faceless global-corporation that serves only the Oligarch's, the Rothschild Banks and the Khazarian Mafia that cherry-picks stolen resources, national-antiquities along with the guns, drugs, oil and human body parts, together with the various illegal commodities from the sex-trade and human slavery as well as the corrupted international-trade that enables the completely lawless to 'OWN” the non-stop-wars: That's what we've sacrificed our lives and our collective future's for: With these blatantly lawless outlaws that have been directing all of it, for just over a hundred years.

In all of this only Russia seems to be breaking the mold by standing against the dead-West, in every area of Russian life today. But other nations like Iceland and Iraq and others are also beginning to challenge this global disease, even though it's very late in the global-daylight where nature's-sun is about to set upon us all, any day now.

Overseas, Zionists are taking in the wounded ISIS and Daesh from Syria, Turkey, Iraq and elsewhere in the region, in order to return the wounded criminals back into their illegal attempts 'to genocide people' that are resisting this from Iraq, Syria and elsewhere: This now includes some of the criminals from inside Ukraine that want to expand that war to include Turkey's just announced invasion of Crimea...

The current game plan has many contributors from the Jihadists to the Zionists that created the design for all of this, in every nation: Beginning with the total destruction of the USSA.

In San Francisco, in the United States, the Jewish Community Centers here have already very quietly accepted an outrageous number of illegal refugees—that Obama's been quietly smuggling into this country by every means possible: It's all totally illegal but it's not talked about it here. Yet it's already been decided: Once they begin to appear on our streets there will be a fierce resistance, given what's already happening everywhere else in Europe...

The only way that DEFIANCE can ever triumph over SUBMISSION, above, will only happened with the leadership of the UNCOMMON MEN & WOMEN in the Republic: When they can block and then re-purpose these theft's which are intended to serve the Rothschild-Kharzarian-Outlaws.

Instead of allowing the continuing-murder of the Republic, we need to overthrow the United States, while 'the lawless global-genocide' continues to threaten the world with the Third Global-Jihad that will be running simultaneously with World War Three that's already begun.

Of course this will sound insane to many, but if anyone had told you seventeen years ago, that when we got to the edge of 2016, there would no longer be a “United States of Anything' except a lawless global-crime-wave that seeks to kill 95% of the global population, while they declare the enslavement of all survivors to serve only 'them' in a false-prophecy that depends upon the .0001% of the global-population completing their theft of the world: They've already announced “their right” to own everything on this earth ­ yet still the global-public refuses to challenge these unspeakable-troglodytes for our natural-right to exist and prosper!


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