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If The Unchosen Speak

By Jim Kirwan

The Chosen Ones have chosen to enslave the United States and by extension most of the rest of the world. What too many of us forget is that these parasites make up a very small percentage of the planet.

This came about because Israel and USI used the paper world to constrict all our efforts to legally free ourselves, by any peaceful means until now. Their formula depends upon forcing all our efforts to go through the predetermined ranks of these criminals, in which any and all efforts are always blocked by the same people that must be removed, if our semi-invisible chains are ever to be broken. Thousands of us have been hard at work trying to find ways to overcome this paper-chase which has led to the current impasse.

Ironically, while we have been stymied time after time, the people of Ukraine have shown the world the way out of this impasse.

In country after country the original relationship between whatever passes for a government and the people that become enslaved has always been the one key factor: “The Consent of the Governed”.

Once fascism; the lock-step between private corporate criminality and criminal civilian governments takes control ­ there is no place for representation or reprieve from the tyranny thus enthroned. Yet the numbers of the ordinary people always vastly outnumber the outlaws in every country where this has happened.

Inside the Eastern Ukraine the unarmed people demanded a referendum be held to determine “who should rule over their lives?” The outlaws from the criminal-state created by the overthrow of their democratically elected leadership, or the people themselves who demanded and won the referendum which was called to clearly answer this question. This has now become a landslide victory that almost no other power in this whole affair has recognized. Nonetheless the vote was held and the people spoke directly to the guns and outlaws of USI, the UN, NATO and Israel. And despite the fact that the politicians the world over rejected this: The people the world over are CELEBRATING everywhere!

What will come from this is not yet clear, but there’s a major lesson for the people of the United States. We have been held in bondage by hundreds of thousands of criminally created ‘laws” that are nothing but the wish-list of unindicted criminals in the Tarnished House and their owners inside Jerusalem, London and the Vatican.

The physical political structure of this nation has been turned against the public in total defiance of the fact that the people here must have a direct voice in who governs us. By using a national referendum here, to throw out the entirely criminal government, we might just be able to take back the nation and the constitution by holding a national referendum.

The fact that this must happen outside the current system of the totally corrupted political traitors that sold us out, to those that have been working to achieve this end for hundreds of years ­ seems obvious.

The American Referendum

By holding an American Referendum, in which only non-governmental Americans will be able to vote, would quite simply block the same barriers which the Stazi-State, the Fascists and the broken Old World Order have been trying to finalize forever.

Ukraine today is on fire with jubilation, despite military attacks upon the voters and the few in Crimea who don’t approve of the vote that allowed Crimea to join with Russia in an earlier referendum. But across Ukraine there are celebrations and joy for the public vote that clearly declared the will of the vast majority of the public (97%) which disapproved of the thugs that have stolen their government in Kiev.

The call sent out by the fascist leaders for a military draft is not being answered by Ukrainians either, despite Kiev turning to 400 of Blackwater’s Murderers that were needed to back up their illegal orders. And the whole world is watching, while the theft of Ukraine is being undone, by the people that will obviously suffer the most if it can’t be undone.

If the people of Ukraine can free themselves, or at least begin that process, as they have already done: Why the hell can’t Americans not do exactly the same thing?

Americans of course fear for their jobs, but those aren’t real jobs anyway, and even those ‘jobs’ that have been passed out to people working for the Stazi-State, aren’t real either. If America could hold a vote on paper ballots, that excluded all politically-affiliated creatures who work for the slavemasters, the government, or the crippled system that put us in this mess ­ then that entire process could be smashed!

This might be almost the only way out of this nightmare.

One thing is certain, if we continue to do nothing, we’re all dead.

With this example, clearly being shown to us, why not follow the lead of the people in both Crimea and now Southeastern Ukraine?

Politics” is a creation of the greedy and the self-centered. All these wars are the direct outcome of the failure of the people’s of the world to take back control over the creatures that were supposed to work for the public instead of the traitors and bandits that have become an armed and deadly force whose only claim to power has always been an unindicted series of crimes against humanity. They have to be charged and their tyranny ended, worldwide—one nation at a time!

The people with the keys to our chains are in reality so few: And we are armed. So what’s wrong with us that we can’t seem to find the determination to stand up for what was part of our birthright, as human beings? We have state militias that could protect the public at the voting booths and insure that the Stazi-State does not interfere with the Referendum that will free the USA!

Damnit people get off the dime and start the process of an

American Referendum now!


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