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The Unafforable Deathcare Act

By Jim Kirwan

Communication vs. Silence

The Caduceus has been used by Medicine for centuries

to indicate life - symbolized by two serpents

Intertwined upon a single staff.

In Communication above, that ancient staff

Became the harp and the serpents

Are separated, as they clearly have been

In Obama’s Deathcare Plan

Communication here is reserved for the Universal

In the Nightwatch of our lives.

ABC NEWS: “Dropped from his health insurance coverage because of the Affordable Care Act ~ it sounds like it could be costing this guy tens of thousands of dollars?

Yeah, but not only that Katie, it’s a very tough time for he and his family. He’s a highschool dropout. He’s one of six kids born to a schoolteacher and he says he’s not from a wealthy family. He has ‘run’ more than two businesses, for more than 25 years and literally he says, he may have to do more to save his life.”

Michael: “I worked hard because I had to. And one of the reason’s I had to is because cancer runs in my family.

ABC: “Michael Cerpok picked up his current health-insurance, based on that history.”

The Public-Private Partnership that has stolen our lives!

k: This is the first pre-emptive strike by the insurance-industry in cooperation with money-driven “doctors”. The bogus insurance industry gets away with charging as much as they do because their industry used their ‘scientific-knowledge’ of the human-gnome system (Paid for by the public) to target people with what they consider to be life-threatening illnesses. Instead of helping to defeat any propensity for diseases they could be prone to: These extortionate-insurance-hijackers “help” doctors to increase the effectiveness of disease while insuring the death that they have decided their patients need to have ­ versus the health that all of us should be working toward: If indeed there was ever anything healthy about “Obama’s Unaffordable Deathcare-System”!

His monthly premium is just about half his monthly take-home pay. Back in 2006 he found out that he has an incurable form of leukemia; one that requires on-going treatment until he dies. Last year that bill was $350,000.00 ­ but because of his insurance, his “out-of-pocket” was only $4,500.

That’s about to change, because Monday night Michael opened a letter from his insurance-carriers; saying that he had until January first, and then he would be dropped from his coverage because of “new regulations” under the Affordable Care Act. And his doctor from the Mayo Clinic may be gone as well.”

k: This is the second stealth-preemptive strike against those people that could have afforded to fight their diseases with real insurance premiums. With these new and massive changes to the costs, patients have no choice except to lose all their money in a losing effort just to stay alive. Real doctors operate according to “First do no harm”. These Criminals use the data they stole from the human-genome project to first condemn the healthy to become infected with what they later say ‘was just another hereditary disease’ while they make obscene profits from the millions of ugly deaths which the insurers and the doctors create!

Michael: Now it doesn’t mean that I can’t go and see my current doctor, but my $4,500 out-of-pocket is going to turn into a minimum of $26,000.00 ‘out-of-pocket’: To see the doctor that I’ve been seeing for the last seven years.

k: That is only part two of this national-crime against the public, committed every minute of everyday by the government: The extortionate-insurance companies and the global-bankers all of whom want us dead—but only after they first take every dime we have and all our freedom too.

ABC: “Michael says that he does realize that ‘of course millions of people could benefit from this’ (?)­ but he just wants them to know that ‘millions of others are going to be making sacrifices for it. And he says that he and his wife will continue to look at options to try to find out a plan: And if they have to - will pick up a second job because it may be more than that $855.00 that they are currently paying.” (1)

k: The third part of the nightmare is that all of this is just part of the plan to ensnare the world into a system that creates disease and furthers illness with vaccinations that introduce the same diseases they purport to cure—while making the patient’s life unlivable—as they continue to take away any freedom which everyone used to have to REFUSE to become involved in the governmental-murder-program which they cynically call “health-care”. What they really should say is

This program is The Obama Deathcare Crime!

Given the colossal failures of this program, as outlined yesterday, this Obamanation should be totally ended, withdrawn and destroyed, before another month goes by. Apparently it doesn’t matter to the overwhelming number of the members of congress that are all “for-it” regardless of what it will do to the public.

This has been going on full blast since 2002!

Maybe if congress and the government employees were forced to be in this Deathcare, like the rest of us, they might see things differently?

Either way, this crime will be paid for: Not by the public that are its victims but by the people that will be prosecuted for this massive fraud. This was clearly used to give cover to the enemies of the U.S., while traitors were locking us all down into this final act that will literally imprison everyone in a system that every American, except the illegals who are exempt, will be illegally forced to buy into this crime or go to jail! (2)

Damnit people when, if ever, will you even begin to see that everything you are being told is nothing but lies! There are not two parties in this country. There is nothing called “bi-partisanship” there is only criminal-conspiracies committed by the entire government from the Congress thru the Supreme Court, to the totally bloodstained Tarnished House. All of this is being run through Israeli-agents throughout this society who use the motto of the Israeli-Mossad:

By Deception Thou Shalt do War

The public can continue to keep their heads firmly buried in the blood-stained sands of the end of this Republic, or we could smash the invisible chains that have bound us into slavery for the last hundred years ­ so that we can free ourselves from the traitors and the treasons that now own this place!

The next nail in the cross upon which we have chosen to die is the totally illegal “immigration-bill” that will finish dividing this country right down to the bone. If Obama and the hyphenated-Jews get their way there will be no-way at all for anyone to survive in 2014 at all…

These decisions are yours to make, and the choices you make now, like walking away from UNAFFORDABLE-DEATH-CARE, and the illegal sanctioning of the same illegal-criminals that are here and who have taken our few remaining jobs—which this government now wants to enshrine in a whole new series of fake laws that will reward their criminal-actions, by which, they came to be here in the first place: Thanks to Ronald, Death-Squad Reagan, and all that came after him!

Enough is Enough ­ Let’s Do Something about it Now!

1) Fountain Hills man dropped from health insurance because of Obamacare 2min 08sec VIDEO

2) The First Thing we do, Let’s Kill all the Lawyers





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