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The Ultimate Price of International Secrecy

Jim Kirwan


When the world allowed their “leadership” to keep their global nuclear weapons “SECRET” the entire population of the planet has allowed themselves to be at the mercy of criminally driven computers - instead of in the hand of humans.

Think about it, then think again!.

How many of the “nations” that have nuclear weapons

can be trusted to use them wisely,

Given that most of the nuclear nations will function

under the policy of “Use it or lose it”

And those controls have now been given over, in too many cases

to super-secret A.I. computers, instead of to actual people.

Israel is the first and perhaps the most dangerous of our global enemies.

But there's also Pakistan & India. Whatever might have been left behind in the EU, and on and on around the planet

So who can be trusted in this now visible doomsday scenario?

Most people including Americans simply have no idea of how many 'enemy states we currently have, especially given this most recent addition to the nature of the level of non-protection we might well no longer have.

The number of submarines off-shore from the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico. As well as the Pacific are riddled with submarines of sometimes hostile nations which if threatened may well decide to fire their missiles if they believe that “we must fire first”? But there's no way to tell.

In that light given this totally irrational stance of US policy, not to mention the insanity of Trump's mad-man words' that will seemingly not stop until he gets his way against North Korea. Then there's the ever-unstable situation in Ukraine, Syria, Iran and throughout the virtual world which has been pushed to their limits by both Turkey & Saudi-Arabia?

And don't forget the roasting of the planet, the fires, the earthquakes, and the floods GEO-engineering has its share as well in all of this.

Then there are the subjected nations that have been mercilessly carpet bombed into near oblivion already, like Libya, Yemen, Iraq and dozens of African nations ­ and who knows what they might have kept secret to this point? Of courses there's the United States, Israel, Russia and China as well as North Korea now.

And against this backdrop ­ is the world really ready to allow whichever high-tech nation that decides to seize the moment and fire the first shot to be the last sound heard around the world, because after that global-communications will most likely cease

The prize, Putin mentioned yesterday, was that the first nation to capture the technology of A.I. might survive ­ but given the unreliability of technology, the outcome of this folly will probably be the last thing that anyone might know about anything beyond this global Folly.

Placing the safety of this planet into the hands of the same

outlaws that have run our lives for thousands of years

may well turn out to be the last global-mistake that history would

have recorded, except that that record will go the same way

as everything else that we've allowed to be obliterated...