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The Ultimate Charade

By Jim Kirwan


The world is finally turning inward and is now heading straight into an impenetrable firestorm ­ beyond which almost no one ever dares to go.

We've metaphorically been 'waiting for this moment' for a thousand years, and yet many still wish to remain oblivious to what we can no longer deny in so many countries around the planet.


The World is Under Attack


At the core of these global-attacks is the near total failure of so many nations to do anything that might directly impact millions of people worldwide” - Because 'people' everywhere are all clearly targets of these inane 'savages' that are driven by impulses and lusts that cannot be sustained.

MEDIA is the foremost criminal organization, worldwide, surpassing all others, because it's been 'the media' that has protected all the lies, on every front which has made the nightmare not just possible, but literally “the only game in town”. Of course those who financed this blatant-war, have largely been concealed in the shadows they've created to cover everything that was scripted since Tunisia on December 17, 2010.

Why has the media never asked Israel, Saudi-Arabia or Turkey about the massive waves of immigrants that are flooding into Europe and the U.S.A. - while their terror-nations are not forced to accept even one of the millions of the dispossessed? Where's the coverage of the carnage created by the invasion of millions who are not people those people who “must live” as the emigrants live? Given that Saudi-Arabia and Israel already live as the Radical-Islamist do, yet those two 'states' have totally refused to get involved.

Francisco Goya, “The Disasters of the War” 1810 - 1820

Part of the problem is that those waging this global-war of conquest are the same Soros directed creatures that began the Terrorist-Arab-Spring in Tunisia, then moved on into Egypt, as part of a twenty-eight nation “reshuffle”, where the old were murdered, so that new puppets could practice with their new lawlessness by changing the globe, beginning again in the blood-soaked Middle-East.

Of course what the world got instead of 'freedom & democracy' - was more torture, rape & murder and a return to the blood-drenched world,after the Medieval Ages, that was nearly total global-carnage. Yet few noticed what was happening until it was far too late to stop this latest war-crime which in many ways has shared their victims with Francisco Goya's images of 200 years ago ­ beheadings, torture and hangings...

Apparently the world has learned absolutely NOTHING in the last 200 years: Because the global-terrorists still have their total-freedom to maim, torture, rape and kill those that refuse to become Muslim's. Beneath the failure to name those that have funded and carried out these blatant attacks ­ there has been an 'isolation' in every nation that is now struggling with this global-deception, to wage war against, any civilian, wherever the crime of Radical-Jihadism is being committed in order to socially isolate every citizen that committed the crime of allowing these barbarians into their once sovereign nations.

This is the global-crime of POLITICAL-CORRECTNESS that has committed the world to remaining totally-defenseless against the onslaught of terrorists & rapists, because that's the way of death practiced by these Ex-Mongol hordes.

Under this diktat, the global-population has been terrified by their own supposed 'governments' into accepting these totally unacceptable conditions. Many are being evicted from their homes, and denied food or shelter to provide for the influx that has in reality no “RIGHT TO ANYTHING” in the lands that remain foreign to these unwanted “guests”: Who in fact hate the customs, languages, and traditions in the lands they have forced themselves upon. This “WAR” is being waged against every man, woman and child in every country that allows these savages to move in.

Shariah Law is behind it all and Radical-Jihad is the method and the crime that is destabilizing the two thirds of the planet that is adamantly opposed to everything they are being forced to accept.

By the time Jihad finished with Libya, there was nothing left but ruins, and from there the same criminal-tidal-wave moved into Syria. Now the same global-contagion has moved into all of Europe, and still no one is allowed to fight-back against this global-parasite that is devouring the host in every area where it has taken up residence.

'Public-Opinion' has been criminalized and even thought can now be a crime, not to mention speech or belief systems that are thousands of years old, but that have now been cast-out of nations as being intrusive or offensive to a rootless population that has decided to devour the people in their new homes, so that they will be “comfortable” where they would have been outcasts, before.

In all these circumstances “the media” has sided with the parasites against the people that built the nations that they now want to simply take by force; because they are uneducated or unable to provide for themselves ­ at the level that they believe they are now entitled to. They have decided to move from where they were to greener pastures, and because they number in the millions they are demanding that all their desires be met ­ while the governments of those nations offer no resistance whatsoever, all because there is this false-right-to everything and anything, that the transient creatures might decide 'just to survive' .

BTW, the original citizens are not allowed to resist or refuse the invaders, and when they are raped or beaten the western-governments too often refuse to prosecute these uneducated-animals ­ and in thousands of cases the media and the local government's have decided to cover up the scale of the crimes being created across the planet.

Islam and Soros and Obama are to blame. This is not about France, the U.K. or Belgium, Germany or the U.S. There is now a WAR on PEOPLE everywhere because Islam and their sympathizers are clearly to blame: It all goes straight back to Islam that insists on exterminating all religions, along with everything “western” anywhere in the world wherever those ways and symbols might still exist.

The “GUILT” OF THE MEDIA BEING BROADCAST BY THE GLOBAL-MEDIA can be clearly seen, in the fact that nothing has ever been done; after the spotlights go out ­ except the continued chanting of the right-to-be-protected from every thought or action that might in any way disagree with what some nothing creature believes they might be bothered by: In the real world which they will soon have to face ­ their “safe-spaces” are nothing but fictions and if they insist upon it they might well end up seriously damaged or dead.

The recent statement made by Mr. Gingrich will go a long way toward putting all of this into a realistic perspective: And America will be immeasurably better off with only the people who want to live and work here, by integrating themselves into active American life ­ those who hate us or refuse to comply need to be immediately deported. God knows we can certainly use the 50 to 70 million jobs they've already stolen from Americans.

Meanwhile the numbers of the dead, in this 'work', have basically gone unmentioned, except for some very brief-mentions, but only in the aftermath of every new attack on 'us'. We must remember that the real numbers of the Radical-Jihad, could amount to almost on third of the global population ­ which leaves two-thirds of the world under attack by these troglodytes.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: Radical-Jihad is a Global-War that has already been DECLARED ­ And it's target is everyone who is not a follower of Radical Jihad. This WAR is about carrying out their design of the death of the planet and the end of civilization itself.

The circumstances have already been 'rearranged' to completely reverse the intentions behind all the laws they have “erased'. Those would be the same 'laws' that could have kept the world on a path that would have taken most men and women out of the slavery carried out in our distant past: That's why we have to fight-off the illegalities of this totally foreign Radical-Jihadist WAR upon everyone that resists the barbarity of these primitive savages that worship the rape, torture and the mindless murders of millions of people that oppose their pretended ideology that tries to hide behind a religion—when nothing could be further from the truth.

Hieronymus Bosch

It took centuries for people to begin to lift themselves out of the sewers of illusion, the slavery to religion, and the mindless quagmire of depravity, haunted by sexual-perversions & tortures, along with their terrifying obsessions that often ruled the ancient world—before men & women began to realize just how much more there has always been - to living on this earth and in this life.

The more that individuals can be corrupted, the easier it is to increase all levels of lawless profits; while the controllers decrease the chances they will ever be caught. Hillary, Bill, the entire Bush Clan and all their backers are perfect examples of the filth that's been running everything now for the last 50 plus years. 'They' don't fear the rest of us, because all those who are profiting directly from their illicit machinations are immersed in so much criminality themselves, they will protect the bastards in order to survive. What almost no one bothers to notice is that the golden-goose has been slaughtered - and the remaining supply of 'golden-eggs' is rapidly disappearing ­ but so it goes.

Consequently it's time to end ALL of them ­ before they finish killing all of us. The proof of this can be found in something from yesterday's report from the front.

“…Barack Obama on Friday implicitly rebuked former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, calling his newly announced plan to deport Muslims who believe in sharia law “repugnant” and “an affront to everything” Americans stand for.

Gingrich suggested during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Thursday night that America “test every person here who is of a Muslim background, and if they believe in sharia, they should be deported.”

[Gingrich] fired back at Obama following his speech, remarking that the president’s “8 years of failure disqualify him as a critic.”

Obama’s attack on me would be more impressive if he had ANY plan to defeat Islamic supremacists,” he tweeted.

There are a whole host of reasons that Sharia law is incompatible with the U.S. Constitution and American law, but here are a few to consider (courtesy of The American Thinker)....”

Obama Comes Clean I Support ISIS and Killing Infidels

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