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Ukraine Crisis As Global SAP Supplemented

By Stephen Martin

'Pump up the volume, dance, dance...'


'A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what is going on'

William S Burroughs

The full structural adjustment consequences as programmed of the Ukraine Crisis await further explication/denouement in context of mass formed global 21st C. 'shock and awe'; which at the moment is being re centered as to a 'look over there!' refocused from the Corona Virus crisis to Russia and the Ukraine purposive to supplement/augment fear and free floating anxiety exploited as pragmatically hosed utilitarian under cultural hegemony exacerbated; in this case it of a manufactured military conflict spiraling out of geopolitical control with nuclear powers being sucked in to the thermonuclear finality of World War 111?

Previous as immediated focus of global crisis manufacture under said hegemony of emergency such the production value was on a deadly viral pandemic threatening all humanity, such the shift from 'medical' to 'military' - as anxiety and fear pumped up and dumped on the people yet again as expressive a calculated mass formation and lock step effected? (See below for explication of 'mass formation' by Mattias Desmet- what a metapolitician !)

As Hunter S. scribed as to the fear and loathing of 'mass formation' and cultural hegemony as abuse of trust thus apperceived:

'You can trust us, we're not like the others'

Undoubtedly as tragically the Ukraine Crisis has the potential of leading to an apocalypse thermonuclear scenario: and the fact that Russia as a nuclear power is on a state of 'high alert' is a matter which should cause any thinking as sentient individual concern. The crisis is however just like the others concerning trust abused by hegemony and the fear and anxiety caused on a mass level.

The woeful contention this small article is that the shock and awe spawned of the Ukraine Crisis is alas indeed to serve a surplus population reduction agenda - but this is to be another controlled 'soft kill' genocidal operation expressive of mass formation propagated as cultivated as opposed to an uncontrolled thermonuclear conflagration. That is to say, with pretension as to metapolitical perspicacity as some variant of sui generis instanced the Ukraine Crisis thus contextualised/interpreted herein is a form of Structural Adjustment Program (SAP) in further progress; part of the largest ever SAP the world has ever been shocked and awed by; with geographic/geopolitical boundaries accordant extending far beyond Russia and the Ukraine; this given it as adjunctive/synergistic under a ' deep state unipolar hidden agenda' to the largest experimental genetic therapy project the world has ever seen - and indeed the largest wireless communication radiation (WCR) implementation the world has ever seen 'waiting in the wings' to be yet rolled out/ramped up to a new militarized madness of mass formation rendered 'psychotronic'?

Such the infrastructure supplemented of 'pump and dump' of populations deemed to be surplus – not to say of illusion transcendent as the tragedy of mass formation goes by collective psychosis synonymised?

As Bachman Turner Overdrive sing as applicable an unholy trinity of mass formation thus apperceived:

'Baby you ain't seen nothing yet!'

The 'soft kill' switch or turnkey of global surplus population reduction is now further polymorphous and covertly as yet ubiquitously/ globally present such as the world of mere 'proles' such as of ye and me would not see or apperceive under the shock and awe of unipolar hegemony and fear and conformity precipitated – but are almost certainly to suffer from by way of such a mass formation hitherto unprecedented in scale implemented as to effect a New World Order as structural adjustment -as euphemises 'hell on Earth'?

The common thread in all of the above is transfer of resources under a structural adjustment and surplus population reduction program effected by a Global unipolar authority under arrogation and exploitation, to which the Ukraine Crisis as appositely manufactured is most certainly not to be left to 'go to waste'- and as follows on thematic as synergistic from the Covid crisis in furthering the collective lockstep which expresses mass formation? (Mattias Desmet explicates marvelously perspicacious in context of corona virus this hyperlink)

Intrinsic to the transfer of resources and mass formation is the reduction of 'surplus population' as part of structural adjustment programmed on a Global scale.


There is little to no 'happenstance' concerning or surrounding the Ukraine Crisis: this is part of a war effected upon humanity by a unipolarity of New World Order which is nearing the 'End Game' stage if not already entered into such the 'Grand Chessboard' ; it is yet another crisis which has been manufactured - and is to have hitherto unprecedented global consequences of a 'soft kill' nature concerning surplus population/genocide effected accordant?

To paraphrase of Star Trek:

'It's War Jim, but not as we know it'

. The implications for the Ukraine Crisis as an adjunct/follow up to the Corona Virus Crisis concerning a global mass formation as collective psychosis propagated have been well schemed as informed by behavioural psychology alas; and the divide et impera now being evidenced further? That is; division between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed is now added to or supplemented by the division between Ukraine supporters and Russia supporters - and this is at a global level of mass formation propagated by a mass media increasingly reflecting as increasing censorship such the waste avoided instanced?

So to the fallout of the Ukraine Crisis as to surplus population reduced; as to such an exercise in Genocide by way of 'structural adjustment program' now in process of being furthered of implementation as predictable?

Call me 'Cassandra' indeed?


'Mass Formation' as hitherto unprecedented by way of scale is as to be epitaphic such the embrace of Thanatos commensurate?

We are seeing as being again subjected to the same techniques of abusive control and manipulation applied in the coronavirus crisis in the Ukraine crisis, ; the same divisions effected at the level of emotional abuse and demand for conformity to orthodox narrative designed to undermine rationality by the calculated use of fear and emotional manipulation concerning crisis evidenced as declared?

Below image apposite?

Such the reflex; such the knee jerk reaction as of the death of thought which Orwell sublimely synonymised with orthodoxy?

'Vaxxed good, unvaxxed bad' has thus accordant the ryhme become 'Ukraine good, Russia bad'. The problem is that so many people fall for it until the truth starts to arise – and then it is time for a new crisis - and there is no doubt by these small quarters that such 'move on nothing to see here' under shock and awe of new crisis manufactured is in the new world ordo pipeline of Chao such the agenda which is so fucking evil it has to be attemptedly hidden.

-As under the perversion as inversion of 'philanthropy' perchance?

In the meantime there is always censorship to delay the truth being considered; anti vaxxers can be de platformed and vilified much as can pro Russians as the recent take down of RT and Sputnik from satellite broadcast illustrates, even though we are supposed to live in a Democracy which by definition tolerates diversity and freedom as of to express and consider opinion.

Such the inversion, such the times of universal deceit?

The full cost in lives lost under the economic sanctions as 'lockdown' being rushed through Globally as a substitute for military retaliation concerning the Ukraine crisis may yet exceed the lives lost as a result of the Coronavirus lockdown(!) await explication ; already people are experiencing or facing increased energy costs, and this too has 'surplus population' reduction soft kill utility. The very term 'surplus population' reeks of hell, does it not?

The geo economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis are still ongoing; as part of the 'lockdown' globally billions of people were forced into economic inactivity/change of lifestyle, and so many SME's were willfully destroyed. We may never know the figures of premature fatality caused by such economic austerity as by way of SAP, this as much as we may never know the numbers of the vaccinated who died or are to suffer life changing/shortening illnesses as a result of genetic modification therapy such the 'sap' of natural immunity?

The geoeconomic as genocidal consequences of the sanctions put in place globally as a result of the Ukraine Crisis will undoubtedly contribute further by way of soft kill cull as schemed; the knock on effects of greatly increased energy prices as 'austerity' on economic infrastructures are tragically far broader and more incorporative than the choice to 'heat or eat' :while consumers and economies benefit from cheap and abundant supplies of energy; the opposite is also true,: energy prices and scarcity can wreak deadly havoc on economies and the populations they serve.

Sanctions are deadly and that they are an 'indiscriminate soft kill of surplus population deemed to be 'surplus 'is evidenced by the number of children who died in Iraq as a result of sanctions which Madeleine Albright infamously claimed was worth it. Five hundred thousand children killed in Iraq may prove to be a relatively small number which the fallout from the sanctions under the Ukraine crisis could represent, alas – and this before adult lives cut short considered.

When it comes to the circles of hell and slaughter of children effected, Victoria may yet prove to be deeper than Madeleine?

The tragic reality contemporaneous is that we, sense of Zamyatin, in the 21 st C are facing an onslaught as technologically facilitated; we are such the hellish scheme of a totalitarian unipolarity but to stagger from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis as expressive of a final mass formation or global collective psychosis expressed ?

The above small article was additionally informed by the following hyperlink as essential viewing concerning structural adjustment and the agents of same revealed under expose.

Polly on Schwab's Global Shapers Network Exposed

Schwab's 'global leaders' as much as 'global shapers' are but satanic apostles; they represent a metastasis which facilitates a deadly mass formation as Ecocidal; a collective psychosis of bought ideological whores as much traitors to soveriegnty of nation as much as to an expanded 'brotherhood of death' instanced. Kudos to 'amazing Polly' for her perspicacity and perseverance. It is no small matter of irony that the fuel of the Ukraine crisis was largely supplied by the Zionist Victoria Nuland given some five billion dollars, that the Azov battalion of the Ukraine are neo nazis, or indeed that Klaus 'in ze future you vill own nothing and you vill be happy' Schwab make strange bedfellows such the chao?

Then again maybe not such the apartheid of a surplus population reduction effected, -and Nakba rhyming, sense of Twain concerning SAP and Ukrainians fleeing the war?