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UFOs  - What The Hell IS that?


By Mr Robert Barnes

Watch the video below BEFORE you read my reply after it...


OK, I give up. What the hell is that?


Thanks for sending this. It's the first time I've seen it.

I'm nearly certain this is a hoax for a number of reasons. In regards to the lights themselves, the arrangement (symmetry) of the "deployment" of the lights is much too "human" in it's balance. Even alternating the deployment from side to side is just a very human way of arranging things.

But the video content itself is the real giveaway here. First of all, the location of the shooter is suspect. He's on a high hill overlooking a lot of real estate with a scenic skyline at rear center stage. How did it happen that he was located exactly perpendicular to the lights to show the even spacing? It would have been more convincing if the shooter had been 45 or 50 degrees off to the side. It would have been more difficult for the viewer to detect the even spacing of the deployment. Whoever shot this video either clearly knew in advance what was going to happen or was VERY lucky.

In addition, the relative silence of the shooter is suspect. While the small crowd around him went berzerk, all that is heard from the shooter is a few grunts and wordless mumbles.

Notice how the shooter zooms out to wide angle before the deployment. He/she clearly knew how wide the spread of the objects would be, it seems strangely convenient that the camera's maximum wide angle zoom was exactly the framing needed to display the entire event.

When the deployed objects start flying off, the shooter does not follow them or zoom in on them. If you were filming something that close and that strange, wouldn't you be terribly interested in where those little "scout ships" were headed? (Like TOWARD YOU, for instance?!) Instead, even after all but the middle object has departed, the shooter stays on the "mother ship" and the last deployed object. He knew in advance that the show would end with the "capture" or uniting of the two objects. He didn't even go looking for the objects that flew away after the main light extinguished. And through it all, there is not the slightest case of "shaky cam" so prevalent in most UFO videos.

As to how the hoax was perpetrated? I'd bet on a fleet of those small, personal drones with extremely bright LED lights attached. It would take a windless night (notice there is no wind noise in the microphone,) a careful check on flight patterns of local legit aircraft, a small crowd of impressionable people to add to the effect of panic (the mouthy OMG drama queen is obviously a prime candidate) and--most of all--a LOT OF PRACTICE for the drone operators to choreograph this little ballet. I could easily imagine a group of college science nerds with a penchant for Sci-fy drama.and hi-tech practical jokes rehearsing numerous times in daylight, then a few nighttime trial runs with much lower intensity lights that no one would notice.

On cue from the "director" everyone douses their LED's and voila... the show's over.

Aside from their over-whelming affect on low-altitude aircraft, the rising popularity of these "hobby" drones is surely going to lead to a tremendous influx in their use in UFO hoaxes, nocturnal advertising, crime, and terrorism, I can't wait to see how David Copperfield employs those toys in a grand illusion.

Ya gotta admit, it's all plausible.




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