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Two Somali Blacks Shoot White Shopper At Patty Doyle's
Hometown Supermarket...The Negro War On Whites

By Patty Doyle
Exclusive To

Hello Jeff...

You won't hear this on the news but the shopper was a 27 year old white man who was shot by TWO BLACKS (AKA Black DMW) i.e. had Patty Doyle been there at the time of the attempted robbery/

Of course, the news media made no mention of the two men's race or the dumb white trash girl with them. They also did not mention that the two blacks held the gun gangsta style. I want to know what is wrong with white women who choose to accompany the two BDMW on a robbery. I must reiterate that they would only be DMW if Patty Doyle had been there. DMW or should I say DDMW i.e. Dead Dummy Men Walking.

There have been other shootings in parking lots of Malls, big box stores and Supermarkets in and around upstate NY.

Maybe King Rump should STOP the UN 'Refugee' LIE and protect AMERICA. Maybe it's time to urge Americans to ARM themselve. Maybe it's time to forcibly inspect every mosque for guns. Maybe it's times to penetrate gangsta blacks and refugee blacks and Muslims who store guns in the basements of African 'churches' and Mosques.

This is by far the worst time to disarm white law abiding citizens. It is time to disarm the gangstas, Muslims, and criminals. As for schools, we might save money if kids go to school by home schooling using approved school programs like K-12.

Again, the victim who was shot was white and the would be robbers DDMW were black. The girl with the would be robbers and shooters was white and obviously dumb as rocks.


Man Shot In East Fishkill Supermarket Parking Lot Robbery

Mid-Hudson News
By Mid-Hudson News Network
HOPEWELL JUNCTION, N.Y. A 27-year-old man sustained a gunshot wound to his left leg during an attempted robbery in the parking lot of the Acme supermarket on Route 82 in Hopewell Junction this afternoon, police said.

Police said they found him sitting in the front seat of his car.

Three suspects fled the scene, but were apprehended about a mile away, according to police.