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The Twilight Zone

By Jim Kirwan


Sheldon Adelson, America’s evil Jewish Kingmaker Extrodinare,

A Global-Director of hate in the New Twilight Zone

Where Israel has just flipped the failed Egyptian State

Into the latest global conquest for Zionist global-domination.

The Twilight Zone was a classic American phenomena of television, created by Rod Serling, which ran from 1959 to 1964. The series opened the minds of millions to those often unseen but extremely powerful dimensions that have frequently controlled millions of lives.

The Twilight Zone deals directly with the application of the Parallax-View in both politics and life. Throughout the Middle East this adjusted view can help people understand what’s going on inside the power-grab being rammed down the throat of the world; by USSA and the global-Zionist movement, to finish stealing the world, while the rest of us are sleeping.

Definition of the term Parallax View:parallax (pâr`?lašks), any alteration in the relative apparent positions of objects produced by a shift in the position of the observer.”

Egypt has now quietly become the latest casualty among the various political coup’s and false-flag events that have been going on almost non-stop since the most recent series of color-revolutions began their own rebirth—the reverberations within which, the whole point is just now beginning to become visible.

Egypt is no longer Egypt: The land of the Nile has just become part of the unfinished Greater State of Israel, while the world is still mesmerized by Syria, Iran and of course Crimea and Ukraine which is why the Twilight Zone is now in full view for anyone who actually looks at what continues to unfold…

April 07, 2014 "ICH"

The Obama regime has issued simultaneous threats to the enemy it is making out of Russia and to its European NATO allies on which Washington is relying to support sanctions on Russia. This cannot end well.

As even Americans living in a controlled media environment are aware, Europeans, South Americans, and Chinese are infuriated that the National Stasi Agency is spying on their communications. NSA’s affront to legality, the US Constitution, and international diplomatic norms is unprecedented. Yet, the spying continues, while Congress sits sucking its thumb and betraying its oath to defend the Constitution of the United States.

In Washington mumbo-jumbo from the executive branch about “national security” suffices to negate statutory law and Constitutional requirements. Western Europe, seeing that the White House, Congress and the Federal Courts are impotent and unable to rein-in the Stasi Police State, has decided to create a European communication system that excludes US companies in order to protect the privacy of European citizens and government communications from the Washington Stasi.

The Obama regime, desperate that no individual and no country escape its spy net, denounced Western Europe’s intention to protect the privacy of its communications as “a violation of trade laws.”

Obama’s US Trade Representative, who has been negotiating secret “trade agreements” in Europe and Asia that give US corporations immunity to the laws of all countries that sign the agreements, has threatened WTO penalties if Europe’s communications network excludes the US companies that serve as spies for NSA. Washington in all its arrogance has told its most necessary allies that if you don’t let us spy on you, we will use WTO to penalize you.

So there you have it. The rest of the world now has the best possible reason to exit the WTO and to avoid the Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic “trade agreements.” The agreements are not about trade. The purpose of these “trade agreements” is to establish the hegemony of Washington and US corporations over other countries.

In an arrogant demonstration of Washington’s power over Europe, the US Trade Representative warned Washington’s NATO allies: “US Trade Representative will be carefully monitoring the development of any such proposals” to create a separate European communication network.

Washington is relying on the Chancellor of Germany, the President of France, and the Prime Minister of the UK to place service to Washington above their countries’ communications privacy.

It has dawned on the Russian government that being a part of the American dollar system means that Russia is open to being looted by Western banks and corporations or by individuals financed by them, that the ruble is vulnerable to being driven down by speculators in the foreign exchange market and by capital outflows, and that dependence on the American international payments system exposes Russia to arbitrary sanctions imposed by the “exceptional and indispensable country.”

Russians emerging from communism naturally aligned with the propaganda image of “American freedom.” That the US and Europe were also corrupt and also had blood on their hands was overlooked. During the years of anti-Soviet propaganda, Washington was murdering European women and children and blaming communists. The truth came out when President of Italy Francesco Cossiga publicly revealed Operation Gladio, a false flag terrorist scheme run by the CIA and Italian Intelligence during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s that targeted European women and children with bombs in order to blame the communists and thereby prevent European communist parties from making electoral gains. This is one of the most well-known false flag events in history, having resulted in extraordinary confessions by Italian intelligence.

Now that the Russian government understands that Russia must depart the dollar system in order to protect Russian sovereignty, President Putin has entered into barter/ruble oil deals with China and Iran. However, Washington objects to Russia abandoning the dollar international payment system. Zero Hedge, a more reliable news source than the US print and TV media, reports that Washington has conveyed to both Russia and Iran that a non-dollar oil deal would trigger US sanctions.

Washington’s objection to the Russian/Iranian deal made it clear to all governments that Washington uses the dollar-based international payments system as a means of control. Why should countries accept an international payments system that infringes their sovereignty? What would happen if instead of passively accepting the dollar as the means of international payment, countries simply left the dollar system? The value of the dollar would fall and so would Washington’s power. Without the power that the dollar’s role as world reserve currency gives the US to pay its bills by printing money, the US could not maintain its aggressive military posture or its payoffs to foreign governments to do its bidding.

Washington would be just another failed empire, whose population can barely make ends meet, while the One Percent who comprise the mega-rich compete with 200-foot yachts and $750,000 fountain pins. The aristocracy and the serfs. That is what America has already become. A throwback to the feudal era.

It is only a matter of time before it is universally recognized that the US is a failed state. Let’s pray this recognition occurs before the arrogant inhabitants of Washington blow up the world in pursuit of hegemony over others…”

Clearly, what we are experiencing are rising tensions caused by Washington and NATO. These tensions are in addition to the tensions arising from Washington’s coup in Ukraine. These reckless and dangerous actions have destroyed the Russian government’s trust in the West and are moving the world toward war.

Little did the protesters in Kiev, called into the streets by Washington’s NGOs, realize that their foolishness was setting the world on a path to Armageddon. There’s more at the link (1)

So while the world is distracted by events in Russia and the Ukraine, Israel has used the parallax-view to sneak in their latest conquest over Ancient Egypt; to graft her into the evil-empire of the USSA under Israel.

Back in the USSA

The criminal Department of Just-Us is calling for the use of RFID bracelets to monitor gun owners, while at the same time calling for “the need to outlaw guns in the hands of criminals everywhere”. The irony of the latest-hypocrisy is underscored by the fact that the major-criminals who are using guns to slaughter Americans are cops and mercenaries in US uniforms, on the streets and highways of America.

So ‘if criminals cannot be allowed to own (or use) guns in America’ for self-defense: That means that we must disarm all those criminals who are pretending to be law-enforcement officers, throughout the nation. What makes this farce so critical is the public arming of an illegal-army, with billions in military-hardware and enough ammunition to kill every human in America five times over: While simultaneously demanding the disarming and tracking of every gun-owner in America This began with Ashcroft and Bush. Now it’s Eric Holder’s turn with Barry as his mentor.

This is Damascus, above, but it could also easily be Beirut or soon to be Cairo, under the same outlaw-administration that’s still murdering defenseless Palestinians, in the occupied State of Palestine. This is the price we’re still paying for sleeping when we should be fighting tooth and nail against everything that Israel and the USSA now stands for.

The largest supplier of ‘illegal-weapons’ here is the criminal DOJ that has flaunted their sales and gifts of weapons to drug-cartels and criminals worldwide. To do this while calling for the continued disarming of all Americans, needs to be physically resisted nationwide with arrests and prison-sentences for everyone involved—as the bare minimum to balance ‘Justice’ in this failed Republic.

The Twilight Zone was just a television series, but the ramifications of that bit of truth in the ‘Magic-Realism’ of those weekly television programs might just be the missing component we need, to finally confront what we’ve been avoiding, since we “crossed-over” into the Twilight Zone of the New Millennium?

Of course many people today might not have had the pleasure of knowing anything about that gem of early television, which was so much a part of what we have become today ­ but for those that care; you can probably see some of them now, by using the net to unearth some of that long dead history?

We no longer have a Republic. There is no medical-health plan for our people: No military to protect us from the global-outlaws and no political­choices at any ballot box, not to mention that our educational system is defunct, along with our ability to make any choices about anything in the US today, unless we’re talking about commercial choices between useless products of which there are hundreds from which to choose?

This too is something we ‘earned’ by failing to choose to be free inside this prison which we long ago surrendered to: We call this the Security-State when in reality it’s just the Free Fire Zone, that’s been instituted to kill 95% of the current population… (2)

Here’s what’s really coming next!

April 7, 2014 ­ It’s no secret that when society, as a whole starts thinking outside the box, or starts to question what’s really happening on the planet it faces a fierce opposition. It’s also secret that authority figures throughout history have ridiculed ideas that simply did not fit the frame.

In our not so distant past, new ideas and understandings were harshly opposed by those in control. A great example is Galileo, who was convicted (and worked banned) from the public domain, and labeled as crazy. Scientists during this time were also sought after and killed. Have things really changed today? Is the pharmaceutical industry another means of condemning and altering those who think outside the box?

The nail that sticks up will be hammered down.” ­ Japanese Proverb” (3)

  1. Obama issues Threats to Russia and NATO

2) In the US Democracy is now a Sham

  1. Non-Conformity and Creativity now listed as a Mental Illness


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