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Twenty-One Days Until Reality

By  Jim Kirwan


Vladimir Putin just committed a Classic Political act designed to keep the world on an even keel ­ in the face of Obama's latest tantrum that was supposed to provoke Russia into an infantile response to America's latest-baseless and purely-political accusation.

Instead of rising to the 'bait' - Russia set a new international standard of 'response' to the childish demands of nations like the USI that's drowning in its own paranoia. Instead of throwing out the members of the American embassies in Russia - Putin invited them all, with their families, to attend the coming holiday celebrations in Moscow as special guests of the Russian Government.

Now that's a Classic Leader and a truly diplomatic gesture!

RT News - December 30, 2016 (18:00 MSK)

And as far as “leaking secrets to the enemy” goes, the true criminals in the world today - are and have always been Israel, since long before 1948, when they first raised their inhuman heads. This all got its start way back to the end of WWI, when the borders of many nations were redrawn in the Middle East and Europe. It was after the end of the First World War that the Judea banks tried to make their master-move to enslave all-nations to their criminal & usurious banking practices. that was intended to be the way the Kaserians could capture the wealth of the entire planet while pretending that everything was “perfectly-legal”.

It almost worked until Germany revolted and threw the Judea banks out of Germany which allowed the German people to usher in a world-changing explosion of creativity and innovation, in just five-years, such as the world has not seen either before or since the nineteen-thirties.

The trigger for the changes in the German people was two-fold. The obscenity of what happened to their money, after the war, was bad enough but it was their reputation for the most obscene sexual perversions in their society that finally forced earth-shattering changes throughout German society in the 1930's.

This massive change in German morality was led by fake-Jews in Germany, immersed as they were in their sexual perversions, just like all of what was just revealed about the Amerikan-democrat party of 2016 and the Clinton Foundation - that have been doing the same things that Germany reacted against, in the early nineteen-thirties.

Moreover all of what Wikileaks just brought forward to the world in 2016, has been around since the Judea banks publicly attacked the law-abiding people of Germany: Long before Hitler deepened his own military fantasies, that became the Nazi nightmare.

The Jewish Declaration of War on Germany

The Economic Boycott of 1933

But the best part of this most recent folly, by the fools that have always followed Israel, is because 'history always seems to repeat itself' especially wherever Israel is concerned. Today's Israeli's are trying to use what they did when they were caught in the thirties 'declaring War on the German People'. The Jews of today just reversed the charges against them just as their predecessors did when they accused German's of declaring war on the Jews ­ just as in the mainstream-headlines have been reading worldwide since the end of the November Election for President in the U.S.A. - everything that supposedly happened in the election was all due to the Russians, no evidence was ever offered, and no reasons were ever clearly given for why “Russia” or “Putin” would even want to interfere in the self-destruction of the U.S. Presidential elections?

This might have worked somewhat after the 1930's. But today's Jews under Netanyahu probably thought it was a really great idea for those that would never look too close ­ or those that bought the lines that led to the above view of modern day Israel, as the only reality that really counts?

Ask yourself what has Israel ever done for the human race, except to try and exterminate everyone that's not one of them?

If you look carefully behind all the cults, the secret societies, and the global bankers as well as the entire war-machine world-wide, you will always find “those special-people”, wherever you look.

Their numbers are not high, but the positions they've managed to occupy are critically important, if their domination over the planet is the goal, and of course it's still the case, just as it's been since long before WWI.

Just look at their place on this earth ­ the wars that have usually broken out - have been due to the position of those nations that are closest to Israel: Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi-Arabia, and the Sinai in Egypt ­ yet since the 1948 war the only bit that Israel has been able to add to Greater Israel is the Golan Height which they stole from Syria at the end of the 67 war.

Israel is just the illegal-continuation of the Apartheid State of South Africa for anyone that has any idea of what they're looking at above. Meanwhile their sexual practices and perversions, along with bestiality at play, inside Israel and abroad covers everything related to sexual slavery, trafficking, human body parts, illegal drugs, guns, and perversions of all kinds and some that are not even listed anywhere except possibly in Hollywood.

Israel receives more money than all of America's other allies combined, yet Israel massively spies on us, blackmails us and routinely murders Americans by the thousands. They do not share our morality or our values, yet they demand obeisance from everyone they come in contact with ­ especially “Americans”.

2017 is the year that I stop bowing down to Israel or to any of her vile partners in global-death no matter what they call themselves now.

Happy New Year World ­

and may we all get through the next three weeks alive...


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