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The Turning Points Are Here


By Jim Kirwan


Yesterday: 4:08 PM CONFIRMED: Turkey has deployed one-hundred Main Battle Tanks (MBT) to its city of Killis, on the Turkish side of the border of Syria, above Azaz...”

This action by Turkey requires a major response from the global-community ASAP. The UN has been advised, but actions on the ground have yet to be taken...

Turkish Invasion of Syria ?? 100 Main Battle Tanks Deployed in Kilis, Turkey


Today on RT, the US is now claiming the accuracy and precision of the Russian Air Force as “proof” of US Air Force 'skills' that have yet to appear.

19min 22sec: RT: “... And then of course there's the airstrikes that have crippled the groups illicit oil-trafficking businesses in Syria:: Something that the US lead coalition has been quick to claim the credit for.

Lt. General Charles O. Brown Jr. Commander US Central Command:

There is no doubt coalition air power has and continues to degrade Daesh's ability to fight and conduct operations. We're conducting the most precise air campaign in history and we're able to attrit Daesh and its capabilities anytime and anywhere. “

RT: So the U.S. Military has called this the most successful air campaign to date. Now comes the scandal. More than 50 whistle-blowers working out of the US Central Command have formally complained that their reports on ISIL in Syria were being altered by senior officials, to make the US strategy against the group look more successful than it actually was.

But let's not forget that Russia has also been conducting extensive air strikes on the group. In fact figures show that Russian war planes have conducted more sorties since the end of September, last year, than the whole US led Coalition, in over a year. It was also the Russian Air Force that launched the push to disable the Islamic States oil business, by targeting ISIL's oil trucks.” (Ends at 20min 38sec)


Since America has now formally claimed credit for the thousands of precision air strikes by Russia going so far as to use Russian gun cameras, for their “proof” of accuracy ­ an actual 'turning point' in the war on Syria would appear to have been reached.

Given the nature of the theft of Russia's massive military role that has supposedly brought military events to this point in time ­ it would seem only natural that “the all-powerful US Air Force” ought to lead the way now by taking out the entire invasion force that Turkey has just launched into Syria?

The U.S. will have to act within the next 24 hours, on their own, if they are to be seen as the force they are now claiming to have been all along. If this doesn't happen then it will fall to Russia to stop the Turkish tanks in their tracks and direct the UN to the corpses of the Turks and their equipment inside Syria to justify their actions on the global stage. The proof of global-military power and executive action is at stake for America now: Maybe that was why Russia hasn't challenged the US over their false claims to date.

If the USA is able to stop Turkey with American Air Force jets, then perhaps the pending third world war can yet be avoided—because if the Russians have to do it to stop Turkey, that could raise the temperature toward the global-war that no one with any sense wants to ever see—but only time will tell over the next 24-48 hours, because “Amerika” is not known for its' ability to act whenever actual action's are required.

The Battle Against Communism in the United States

Begins with 'Taking Back the State of Oregon” from their currently illegal

stance's that have cast the State of Oregon as an Enemy of Humanity.


This began with Jade Helm 15 on April 29 of 2015, where the government was playing around with how to capture the public and force them to comply with a Federal lock-down of the nation. That did not work. One consequence of the changes made, because of the failure of Jade Helm 15, is what's been going on in Oregon for decades, under the direction of the UN and the BLM, enforced by IMF mercenaries and criminal officials throughout Oregon—recently re-ignited by the Battle over the Bundy ranch followed by the seizure of the Hammond Ranch in Oregon.

Texas Ranger Drops Jade Helm Bombshell “There Are Trains With Shackles On Them”

One suggestion for an answer to this problem came from a reader today:


It is time. We the people hereby proclaim our god-given right to protect ourselves and our country from foreign invaders. The American State of Oregon has been overtaken by foreign-invaders. All military and militia need to encircle Oregon and remove the occupying leadership. If it needs to be stated ­ the arrest of the appointed governor Kate Brown, the Attorney General, senators and judges down to the non-constitutional sheriffs of each county also need to be arrested. If at all possible Judge Grasty is to be taken alive. Mercy is not authorized except for the retrieval of intelligence. Once formed this could go all the way to the White House, inside the acreage known as the District of Columbia.

The people command those in the military who still hold allegiance to the United States Constitution (could) begin by arresting agents...

...IMF along with all similar agencies (must) be incarcerated to await trial and sentencing under international natural law.”

k ­ the IMF provided the mercenaries inside Oregon for this takeover.

News. information agencies or individuals that have aided in the actions of the traitors to the constitution are to be arrested and held for their crimes against us.

There will be no suspension of the American Constitution. All treaties and contracts will be analyzed on an individual basis as the need arises. The 'need' will be fast and intense. Make no mistake, these States of America United have highly intelligent people in them, continuity of the Republic will not be a problem.

Stasis will be necessary except for the most basic trade, between trading nations and states inclusive, for maintaining life without panic on the continent.”

The stakes are immense for all Americans today from the disaster unfolding in and around Syria overseas and Oregon here at home. Despite the threats to our freedoms virtually everywhere now: If we don't panic then we can still bring in the forces of the American Republic to bear on what we all have to do if we want to take our nation back.



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