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The Turning Point


By Jim Kirwan


The Turning Point has been reached and the future awaits.

For the last week the criminal-empire has been throwing everything they had at the entire political, military and economic situation in Ukraine without a hope in hell that they could win anything from all the lies they’ve used, just to get this far. All of that has finally been unmasked.

The criminal theft of the nation of Ukraine that began just over a year ago, after having fought to defeat the people of Ukraine has finally had all their treasons laid bare for the whole world to see.

The conscripts that were caught and surrounded have ended their situation and they have died in their thousands. The fake-army of Poroshenko has been thoroughly and soundly defeated. All their posturing on all the other fronts has also gone up in smoke, because it is beyond clear that there is no longer a “state” called Ukraine: There is only the broken puppet army of an Oligarch that was just a U.S. puppet with no mandate and no power of their own. The sporadic offensives that followed from the fake-elections in Kiev has failed again and again, until this final ignominy in which the puppet state created by USI has run out of options or possibilities, and is now at the mercy of the victorious breakaway republics that will set the tone in Ukraine, from here on in.

"Ukraine has once again shown its inability to fight. It abandons its people - the 128th mountain rifle brigade Poroshenko claimed broken out of Debaltsevo is almost entirely destroyed. They were abandoned in the trap as expendables. The same can be said about the 8th special force regiment and all other units of the armed forces of Ukraine and National Guard that fought in the Debaltsevo area," he said.

Donetsk region’ self-defense militia command previously reported that a Ukrainian force grouping numbering 8,000 men opposed them in the Debaltsevo area when the encirclement manoeuvre was launched

Ukrainian troops leave loads of munitions in Debaltsevo — militia leader.

Everything else that has been unceremoniously thrown into this quagmire is nothing but more measures to try and save the desolation of a former independent state that died.

All the talk about UN or NATO “peacekeepers” is now as phony as the bogus border controls that would have involved controlling the same forces that just fought again and won their freedom, which they have now taken from the dying jaws of the right-sector Nazi’s that still want this war to continue.

The best news about all this is that Ukraine will not become another Kosovo or another Vietnam: Instead there will be a new set of independent nations that will finally be able to rule over their own lives.

Donetsk leader says up to 3,500 Kiev troops killed in Debaltsevo

Ukrainian troops that according to Poroshenko left Debaltsevo either killed or captured

Debaltsevo completely under militia control — DPR Defense Ministry

The DPR and Lugansk along with Crimea will be in charge now and it will be up to them to forge new alliances with real nations, instead of bankers, to begin to rebuild whatever remains of the war-torn hell that need never have happened in the first place.

Trash such as this fantasy will no longer need be considered, because the people who won the war don’t need protection and Kiev the losing side will be prosecuted for their actions of the entirety of the last year.

The U.S. will end up being the biggest loser overall because they should never have been involved in this: Yet they just couldn’t believe they could lose to the people who were fighting for their homes and their way of life. The EU and the Troika will also lose because they signed up with the losing side and now they’ll end up having to lose even more, because they chose USI over the people of Ukraine.

Having just won their independence the newly freed people of the independent republics inside Ukraine will finally be able to forge new terms with nations that will honor them while they will assist these new republics to get back on their feet once more. But the slap in the face to NATO, the UN, USI and Israel, will not be soon forgotten: In fact some parts of this obscenity might be picked up and rejuvenated in several of the imprisoned-European nations that will have to deal with their current slave-masters, but each in their own ways.

What has always been ‘at stake’ is whether or not any people, anywhere, would ever be allowed to have their own lives, their own money and all their own laws, by which to live the lives they’ve chosen, instead of having to follow the bureaucrats. And the totally unnecessary illegal banks that have ruled this planet for far too long already.

In fact everything that’s been thrown into this cauldron over the last few weeks, will have to be reevaluated because Porky and his owners were just grabbing at straws all along: And because Russia kept its distance, the “sanctions” will have to be thrown out because the side that insisted upon the sanctions has now lost that misbegotten war completely…

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