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The Truth is Rising


By Jim Kirwan


Across the world the Truth is Rising.

There is no law in the United States or in any of those states

where US mercenary forces have been slaughtering people

by the millions.

In the United States the truth has been exposed in Oregon, about the depth of deception that's finally been called out surrounding the reality that millions of Americans have never known about until now:

A reader writes:

This is one of the most profound, intelligent, thought provoking 9 minutes of U.S. history I have ever heard in my 73 years. This young woman knows her law, and EVERY High School and College student should be MADE to listen to her words.

I only wish she would have said the words (when talking about what the duties of the Supreme Court are) that the ONLY thing the Supreme Court was set up to do, is INTERPRET THE LAW... Not Make the Law, or Write the Law, or Change the Law... but to INTERPRET the Laws of the Constitution.

ANY piece of legislation made by Congress that defies the laws of the Constitution is illegal, and should NOT be recognized by any
state. So the Supreme Court trying to interpret or change any illegal law that Congress has legislated and is contradictory to the Constitution is a total farce in and of itself, since they don't have the power to change any so called laws, in truth and freedom,

What's Really Going on in Oregon

And this was followed yesterday by this massive release of the facts beneath Obamanation and his life long series of lies, that have finally been very skillfully explained in such a way as to expose the nearly thirty years of treason, that he has been practicing against the Constitution and the Republic, as well as every man, woman and child in America today.

Dreams From My Real Father

One hour, thirty-seven minutes of what you must know

If you want to take this country back.

Between what's been going on with the attack upon the Constitution and our way of life, coupled with the communist, Muslim, socialist-take-down of America it's really a short hop to allow people a clear view of the truth that's been there for all these years just waiting for the public to grasp these all-important truths that can, if we act upon them, set us free!



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