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Truth Is Officially An Orphan

By Jim Kirwan


There are positive sides to “The West Wing”, if you do the hard thing and watch the series. To make the benefit visible I want to outline more of the literal facts, contrasted by the realities that have been globally ignored: Which this political series brought to light ­ if you view our current conditions through some of the decades that I've spent inside the political spectrum.

kirwan: For a nation that has kept the world at war for over 200 years: We have not had a real president that has served in the U.S. Military since John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

The problem thus created, with this country has always been with the “party-system” - because we no longer 'elect' anyone. Instead we 'elect political parties' that are not responsible to the public or the world for anything after the process has run its course.

What most Americans have not yet realized is that 'we' have not had a voice in anything. In fact: Americans have been without a voice since long before there even was a European Union. What has happened to the EU now is nothing more than a replay of what has already happened to America, because just like the EU ­ America is being run by unelected puppets, put in place by private corporations that refuse to give any consideration to the public, regardless of the problems that all populations face.

America has been taken over by fake political-parties that have sold out the public to Israel, to the global-corporate-banks, the global-war-machine and in particular to the One-World-Chaos that has claimed total ownership of the planet.

Without the voice of the public, that has made everything we have possible, no nation but especially America, remains as just another faceless herd - just waiting to die.



'Voters' are indeed meaningless in 'every election process' so long as those who cast ballots still refuse to fight, after the election is finished,

for what they both need and 'must have' under the 'rights' outlined in the U.S. Constitution under the now dead Republic”. A Republic without a flesh & blood defense that is capable of throwing out the wimps and the lawless party-hacks that have stolen this nation from the people that supposedly once owned this place. 'We' must find new ways to take back our power, in order to regain our world again.

None of the garbage at the top who are holding down selected government jobs, all across this land, have ever been guilty of having done a day's worth of actual work in their pathetic lives: Meanwhile 'the people' which the politicians & the 'the parties' say they represent ­ not only do 'not get anything' that each new election has promised them ­ but with each new fake-election those who pay for everything at the point of government-guns, are always additionally burdened with more taxes to pay for more programs that never deliver anything to anyone except to lawless corporations ­ worldwide.

'The Voters' mean nothing because everyone knows that they are only voters and will not follow up on anything they supposedly demanded during the elections. What makes this farce legitimate is that 'everyone also knows that the voters will never hold anyone “RESPONSIBLE” for any 'campaign promise' ­ that's why there are no investigations, no arrests and no charges are ever brought over events such as the theft of the presidency in 2000, the attack on 911, or the preemptive and totally illegal invasion of Iraq: Beyond that there were no investigations into the legitimacy of the USA PATRIOT ACTS, one or two, or the illegal institution of the TSA & Homeland Security's, interior-attacks on Americans that's remain crimes against the rights of all Americans, and which produced zero threats detected (except for the FBI created false-flag BS). This made a fortune for Michael Chertoff ­ A dual Israeli-citizen, who introduced the illegal back-scatter machines, and has since vanished from public view.

Americans need to send the entire political 'leadership' to jail, and we must end the current structure of 'the fraudulently sanctioned political parties'.

To do this effectively we must shred everything that was done after USI became a fact with the creation of the FED and the theft of the U. S. Treasury ­ in 1913. Of course that would be “Too hard”, because people would have to take responsibility for their own lives. Without fiat-money and all the illegal taxes we could take back the country and begin to reverse the global-glut of lawlessness that we were responsible for in the first place, when we first embraced “American-Exceptionalism”.

If we were serious about the kind of world we want to live in, then we could begin to view our own history not as a collection of dusty books, bur rather we could look back on our lives as the living history that it has always been ­ so that we could finally deal with our massive-problems and close the books on the past, according to how well we ultimately deal with our past-crimes, so we can each go to those stars that wait patiently for each and every one of us.

We must get back to the SEPARATION between Church & State

That Reagan shattered when he gave U.S. welfare distribution

directly to the Churches.

That's the same 'U.S. president' that tore down the Southern Borders

in the 1980's that are still killing us all today.

According to the U.S. Constitution: Religion cannot be taught in the public schools. This eliminates current Muslim demands for teaching or the need to respect the Muslim faith in schools. The Koran is not part of a religion, because it's an ideology, not a religion. That means that “the Muslim Faith” cannot be taught as a religion, and Sharia Law can never override the U.S. Constitution. That would also disallow the threat of “Convert or Die” which the Mullah's insist on toward every other religion in America today. There is no place in America for the bloodlust, the Muslim hatred of all other religions ­ or Shria Law ­ under any circumstances.

Before the politicians were paid to do the job of running the country; to be political was more like Jury-Duty. But after it became a profession everything changed. By the time we left the telegraph and the radio behind and embraced the modern age ­ elections moved from 90 days every four years, to what has become 24-7, 365 days of every year.

In this hellishly obsessive crush of all things political ­ thousands of promises get made, before “election-day”. But the instant that it's 'ALL-OVER' all the promises made to the public just VANISH ­ but the promises made to the multinational outlaws are always kept if not exceeded. In fact there really is no reason to have “ELECTIONS” at all, because it's nothing but window-dressing on the brand new chess-game of CORPORATE DOMINANCE OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD.


THAT IS NOT TAKEN SERIOULSY BY ANYONE EXCEPT THAT BUNCH OF POLITICALK NEOPHITES, that have yet to understand the truth behind all the bunting and the flags that have long since become meaningless to anyone that really matters ­ like those SUPER-DELEGATES, which the democrats invented to insure that the votes of the people could never again overturn the plans of the rich and powerful.

The SUPER-DELEGATES are nothing but current-day “democratic-CZARS” created to insure that THE PUBLIC SHALL NEVER AGAIN HAVE ANY VOICE in their supposed political system ­ because the one man, one woman, one vote principal has been superseded and CANCELED by the Socialist, Communist Party (USSR-style) that Amerika's democrats have become ­ & YET NO ONE HAS DEMANDED AN END TO THIS FRAUD.

When Amerikan's decided to embrace CONSUMERISM over CITIZENSHIP, they managed to overlook the fact that to do that they had to murder the Republic. On top of that they tried to substitute “democracy” for the legality and the responsibility inherent in the original Republic that the U.S. was founded on.

But that's all done now ­ and all of the above has become the day today truth. Elections are all about the MONEY and who can keep that coming in. Politics, in that regard is nothing but window-dressing to cover up the rape, pillage and plunder that we call politics today.

In reality Amerikans can't rid themselves of this nightmare until they become ready, willing and able to fight to protect their own lives, without that, this will end in megadeath for the people along with the colossal destruction of whatever is left of the old United States.

Amerika is just a One-Trick Pony

Officially our first thoughts about any problem are always 'military'. This is followed by “Military INTERVENTIONS” along with threats of air strikes followed by occupations that are always capped by “REGIME CHANGE”

That's the definition of U.S. Foreign Policy, both at home and abroad.

Basically we destroy everything we touch. We neither build nor rebuild anything. Basically we have no functional policy because we have no EXIT strategy because just as we did during WWII, every country we entered into we built bases ­ and those bases plus hundreds more are now scattered all over the world ­ the truth is that the United States is currently OCCUPYING THE ENTIRE PLANET ­ because that's what we decided was what we are for ­ to take over the entire planet and kill anyone or anything that might dare to get in our way.

For the USSA,

Everything is possible, except a retreat of any kind on any continent, at any time. And in this global Monroe Doctrine, everything is still possible except the truth.

Ironically the USI is running out of profitable targets while we're drowning in worthless money and a mountain of uncontrollable corruption ­ all of which is being fed by a global lawlessness never seen before.

But there is also news about some real possibilities ­ at last:

On Redacted Tonight, beginning at 17min into the program there's news

about a series of lawsuits being brought against the networks over the fraudulent elections to date. It's not long and it's GREAT news!


Janeane Garofalo sits down with Lee Camp

and Lawsuit May prove election fraud

On the darker side the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco

has again shown the world that they are incapable of reading

or understanding the U.S. Constitution.

The 44 members of this ridiculous court, that needs to confronted,

has just ruled that citizens of the United States

have no need to carry concealed weapons

Appeals court rules no constitutional right to carry concealed guns


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