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Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

By Jim Kirwan


The World still claims that everything is Fine,

But the reality looks a lot more like everything below the surface,

than it has ever resembled 'this glorified happiness', as shown above.

Consider for a moment what the real world looks like and how it must continue to work, if any of the things we've created are to remain functional. This is of mega-importance at this moment when the Muslim's are demanding to take over the entire planet, despite the fact that the average I.Q. In our new owners tends to hover around 60 to 70, while their 'skills' at anything beyond stealing, rape and murder are nearly non-existent.

This is important because unless these self-appointed new owners of all the life around the planet are simply not equipped to “maintain” any of the things that have kept the standard of living viable - which they are determined to steal, everything will fall apart.

The questions I'm asking have to do with Trains, Planes & Automobiles: As well as homes, bridges, roads and boats along with all the engineering and component parts that are quite literally required to keep any nation at anything like a functional level.

It is one thing to steal something beautiful or functional, but to use whatever it is, requires a lot of skill and technology just to maintain whatever it is. Everyone that has acquired a house, a boat or a car soon comes to understand that what it was when it was purchased is not in the same condition that whatever-it-was-is ­ after you take possession of it for the long-term. Basically this is true of everything that is complex, because everything must be constantly kept up, if the owners are to be able to use whatever-the-hell-it is: This is not only expensive, but it also requires an intimate knowledge of everything that's needed to keep the lights on, the roof repaired, the engines running and on and on. The Muslim fanatics that are hell-bent on stealing the world, are not prepared to even live in whatever they are planning to own by brute force.

And of course all of this applies to the hydro-electric dams as well as the nuclear plants that provide the electricity. The aircraft have to be maintained and must be maintained in “air-worthy” condition if the aircraft are to remain useful whether for moving people and cargo, or especially if they are to be used even in warfare. The Muslims have prided themselves on stealing their weapons and their ammunition, but everything that's a fixed part of their society has to be maintained, and that can't be done with a society that spends so much of its time every day “in prayer.”

Ask any heavy-construction worker, how often they can afford to take-a-break in the middle of any task. Whether they're pouring cement that has to be evenly spread and cured, building walls or laying pipe in any major building ­ there is simply no way to break up the concentration levels back into something that might have worked in the Fifth Century in the desert: In 2016, there is no time to waste on religious matters during the extremes of working days and nights, that demand the full attention of everyone that is employed to do those tasks.

Even the rural life of the farmer has demands upon their own time, and there too, there is simply no time to waste on pacifying a self-absorbed overtly religious god that is so insecure that he demands that every day must be broken up five times a day, which can only be spent in prayer.

Islamafication will destroy the entire planet. Because it has nothing to do with creating or maintaining a functional society: Islam is only concerned with Shria Laws, self-appointed torture and punishment, rape and murder with inbred deviance at every level among the slave population: Given this they will have spent their lives creating—and enjoying. While it's true that the slaves which Islam intends to breed will end the free-ride of the Oligarchs & the Corporations—yet none of those slaves will be capable of looking past those totally pointless five prayer-sessions, in each and every day of their twisted and totally owned lives.

The case in point can be found in Europe right now, while NATO is conducting war games next to the Russian borders. There is much talk about a coming world war, and the need to “train the people of the European nations to defend themselves” from the Evil-Russians. But what about all the families of all the soldiers that are being called away from home to “pretend to defend Europe”?

Are the Europeans so stupid that they are willing to leave their loved-ones

unprotected, just to pacify the insecure West that demands their involvement in fake-war-games while their families are left to fight off the very real and dangerously rabid -Muslim terrorists?

Sweden is now the RAPE Capital of Europe, and with their men absent in pretend war-games who will defend their wives and daughters from the Muslim Outlaws ­ while the savages continue to rape and ravage civilians at an unprecedented rate ­ while the so-called states do nothing whatsoever to protect the population from these murdering barbarians as they continue to attack the owners of every nation they've decided to take-over: While again their “sensitive-men” are playing at 'war' against the mythical-Russians? For that matter what about all the rest of the European Nations that have been invaded by Allah ­ they all have the same enemy now, which none of those nations has yet chosen to forcefully remove or even prosecute within their own former borders?

America of course will very soon face the same problem from the monstrous influx of millions of Muslims that have been coming here since 1980, and that population is still growing, but Americans have paid no attention to the fact of the lack of borders which every president since Reagan has failed to fix ­ thus making America no long even a nation ­ because if we were a nation then we would definitely have our own borders, our own language and our own jobs and money ­ none of which belongs to any “American” any longer.

Many have wondered when all this began. Many others KNOW exactly when this began and why: But those of us who have known this stuff inside-out and backwards were not listened to—consequently we are now about to repeat it with the caveat that this time—this obscenity will be a thousand times worse than it ever was in 1964, when this all began at the broken convention in Chicago, where everything went straight to hell. And all of it was nationally televised “LIVE” - yet the Amerikan-public still failed to demand any changes, then or at any time since the public was beaten and shot-up by the government; without any recognition of what really happened in Chicago in 1968.

1968 Democratic Convention: The Bosses Strike Back

Posted in August of 2008


It's true that the Muslim-invasion is a massive global-problem, but had we paid attention at any time between 1968 and 2016, we would not now be facing total-annihilation at the hands of primitive-savages that will end up destroying themselves before they're forded to quit!

Why doesn't the world not just cut to the chase and attack them now, everywhere they've gone and in every nation which they've attached themselves to. - beginning with the American problem that no one here is even willing to face. Stop all immigration ­ period. Deport every illegal and rebuild the borders while we thoroughly check out every person in the nation. My god we have the most invasive government on earth right now: We can tell every person what they did going all the way back to the crib, so why can't we arrest and deport anyone that does not belong here ­ immediately!

Or would you prefer to wait until they begin to alter every aspect of your lives ­ just like the bar-owners in Copenhagen who are getting no help at all from the city, the state or the rest of the people being intimidated every day and night?

Copenhagen Bars Tired of Shria Patrols

P.S. If NATO is so concerned about the welfare of its member states in Europe, then why doesn't NATO come to the aide of all the EU countries that are being invaded by the Muslim Hordes?


Oh but I forgot, the real goal of NATO was always just to destabilize all of Europe to make it easier to crush Russia, which these NATO-Barbarians are there to insure.

The takedown of the European way of life is just an added bonus which playing fake war-games assists NATO in destabilizing Europe even faster than that could have happened, if the men had been home to defend their loved ones and take back their nations - but since no one is noticing what's really going on - I guess no one will bother to demand the use of NATO's military weapons to remove the bastards that their own cops and states won't act against?


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