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The Truth Beneath The Anger

 By Jim Kirwan


In Part One of this, a backdrop was laid out to show people what's been going on since the Synagogue of Evil took center stage.

With the the dying powers of global-fear stumbling out of the shadows it's now possible to look more closely at who the players are, as well how they've been using ancient and modern fears in the wider world, to pit those hatreds against each other to end the planet and declare their fraudulent victory over humanity.

A few have continued to question the fact that this Third Jihad, for the Muslim world has been running wild against the Christians and the former European powers, whose people have clearly been targeted for total destruction; to be followed by total assimilation into the new and supposedly more-powerful Muslim World. But that's only part of this picture.

The answers to the Israeli problem are simple. The Jews have been largely left alone inside the Zionist State because they offer no real threat to the ultimate Zionist victory. Every nation where the white race has been in a leading role, has been targeted, along with every other religion on the planet. Raping, pillaging and plundering their way throughout Europe the Muslim armies of invasion have declared war on all other nations including the U.S. while the Rabid-Muslim-World has been sweeping across the planet, in every country except Israel and the criminal empire of Saudi Arabia.

The Zionists created these savages, not in this century, but mainly in the years since the New Millennium began. With arms, money, power and influence the Zionist state has been quietly directing the activities of what the world calls 'the terrorists' who are actually directing everything behind the curtain of The Greater State of Zionist Israel. That's why ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) has not attacked Israel - because Israel is ISIS!

Look around at every place where this rabid series of roving-rapists and sex-crimes are changing the face of nation after nation ­ in the same places where Christian Churches and other religions are being defaced and burned, along with hundreds of national symbols of Western Civilization; historical artifacts, and virtually all aspects of Western Culture and civilization are being destroyed. Israel has almost nothing of that 'culture' to attack: Where there were any of these historical wonders in Palestine they were bulldozed. In fact whatever culture that Israel has claimed, they have stolen. Israel today is a mixed blend of Eastern religions and historical places, many of which have already been destroyed by Israel herself ­ not for the Jews but for Zionist-control over the ancient lands of the Middle East: In much the same way that the Rabid Muslims want to see their changes made, throughout the actual world.

Once you understand the lands and the places as well as the civilizations in so many different countries—the one thing that screams out at any casual observer is: Why is Israel being spared? The answer is because Israel made this Third Jihad possible, in order to have their ultimate goal realized, which is global domination. That's something that has almost nothing to do with Jewishness, blood lines or anything else other than total subservience to Global-Zionism, in a world where only their people will be allowed to live like kings amid a horde of mindless slaves to serve their every whim.

By the way, all those weapons, ammunition, oil and the criminal policies of the global war-machine that operates without surcease, have produced the wars unending. All of that, which USSA is now doing to radically alter the surface of the earth—is all being done for Israel's long-term goals. The American taxpayers are paying for all these wars just as they always have since the First World War. Hell, the Americans went right on paying for the destruction of their own nation along with the total elimination of all of their own jobs, and all their own business and culture after WWII ­ and the Americans are still paying even for the invasions of North & South America and to a lesser extent Europe, designed by Israel and executed by the faceless hordes of semi-slaves that are too damned dumb to figure anything out for themselves.

Why is Israel not fighting their own wars for conquest?

Israel has attacked all their neighboring nations, except Saudi Arabia, frequently, yet they have been unable to defeat any of those other nations without help and cover from the USA. And since the 1967 war which they claimed to have won ­ Israel has been kicked out of every country they've tried to invade, on their own: Because despite the size of their supposed military they can't fight worth a damn outside their own unstable borders, without U.S. protection for their pitiful military forces.

Israel has one of the world's most savage special-ops forces in the Mossad, whose motto is “BY DECEPTION THOU SHALT DO WAR” which is frequently used to do things like 911, and the sabotage of Fukushima along with other black-ops around the planet, but as a nation with a national army, Israel is still an infant, 'playing at war'.

If that were not true then Israel would not need such huge quantities of American money, or US troops to do so much of their dirty work for them. The only “forces” that Israel is capable of defeating are the almost unarmed Palestinians, inside their own country ­ where Israel specializes in using captured prisoners as shields while they use US planes, ammunition, weapons and armaments to slaughter defenseless civilians by the tens of thousands ­ over and over and over again.

Israel is tiny. It's Zionist population is not large enough or diverse enough to have a military force of its own ­ which is why they rely on black-ops, mercenaries and US Forces to enforce their constant stream of demands issued against most of the planet from time to time ­ while they continue to waive the threat of nuclear annihilation over the heads of every major state on the planet.

Should anyone balk at the idea of defending Israel from any real threat coming from any outside force, Israel has made it clear that with their big-brother in the wings, there will be military reprisals, if anyone fails to do what Israel demands.

The fact that Israel is a wimp when it comes to backing up their threats, is what makes them theoretically dangerous because their only fallback has always been “NUKING the PLANET”, and they're known for playing the global bully, which they've been since they were born from savagely Terrorist Roots. This makes them ignorant, unstable and dangerous to the civilized world.

Once the world finally understands who Israel really is, as the Zionist Apartheid State they have become, not the only so-called 'democracy' in the Middle East which they claim to be. Then it becomes far easier to understand why every policy in the Middle East is so fractured from its inception all the way through to the failures that every policy designed by Israel has been: Not just for Israel but for the entire world, that continues to lick their hob-nailed boots, every chance they get.

Maybe once the world begins to reflect on the realities behind the Impotence of Fear that's growing by the hour ­ then perhaps the planet can finally end the manufactured farce that's been the scourge of the planet for the entire existence of Zionist-controlled-Israel.

Here's one other major problem that America must directly face today, that was also created by Zionist Israel, to put an end to everything American in America today...

Here's Who & What America Is Up Against Today:

Time To Close All Mosques in the U. S.


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