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Truth & Rumors

By Jim Kirwan

Welcome to the Apocalypse!

The United States was once a many-splendored place of many levels and many kinds of people lived here. It was prosperous. Even if most individuals were not rich, we were confident that good-things were still possible. We were alive and anxious to begin whatever our days held. We, as a people, were certain that for the most part our world was dependable.

This was evident because the world of that day did not refer to the planet, but only to our part in it, as “ours”. The wider-world was basically not-part our daily concerns. Yet by that time we had already made the choices that have brought us to the edge of oblivion. “TRUTH” had become far too distant and much too complicated to intrude into the lives of most of us. It became far-easier to just believe in “RUMORS”, as we “believed” in the hundreds of thousands of lies upon which this new-old-corruption was once again being re-constructed.

We listened to the darkness and the EVIL; because that way held riches beyond imagining!

All ‘we’ had to do was just ignore INNOCENCE ­ sitting in the Devil’s Claw while waiting for reality to restore real-light; back into our criminally-enchanted lives.

Too-many have capitulated to the easy and corrupted-ways that dominate the world.

This is where we are at the moment, with our weak and fear-filled thoughts - while we wait for someone else to rescue us: From what we created in the darkest moments before we began to see how this might end.

What is this mysterious force that cannot be contained by the control of the press? What is this force that cannot be suppressed by the banksters and the relentless operations of the captive governments and the courts? What is this force that is unveiling, uncovering and revealing? What is being flaunted behind those doors? What are they talking about in the rooms of power ­ where deep inside there must surely be a tremble? The hot-breath of fire at the nape of the neck as a chilling terror for those who image they can hide behind guarded-doors: Behind their money and the appearance of power? Behind their armies, behind their lies that are the walls they dreamed would protect them: And which now become the walls of the prison that confines them.”

k) Not unlike the massive walls that bisect Israel, cutting villages and lives in half, as they continue to construct them, even as they enter into what is about to be the end of Israel forever.

The endless parade of their terrible deeds parades before them. It grows stronger and more relentless with each passing day. And, they cannot turn away. They cannot run they cannot hide. In every direction they approach the images and the sounds they hear the outcry of their victims. They hear the footsteps of approaching Justice.

They hear their names being called. There is no lawyer who can plead their case. There is no defense. Only the prosecutor will speak as they sit in the docks and hear the litany of their crimes.

You can call it the fulfillment of their prophecy. And you can call it the natural outcome of the natural law. You can believe that there is a destiny that shapes our ends: And you can believe it is purely a mechanical device. You can call it random or planned, intentional or accidental: It is here nonetheless. It is here. Imagine their horror as they wonder at the cause of this? Imagine their fear as they muster their impotence against the forces of their own destruction ­ that they set in motion! Relentless and unstoppable it continues to their door with every passing second of the day.

You cannot imprison the TRUTH; it will in time burst every bond. The collective outrage of those that were slandered and their tormented screams in the whirlwind as it gathers its forces. The murdered and imprisoned join in the chorus.

Gaza and all the lands where this horror has marched with its hob-nailed boot are joined in this universal-cry. They cannot stop their ears, they cannot close their eyes and they cannot hide their faces.

Each day brings their crimes before the attention of the world. What awaits us all in these coming days? This I do not know. All I know is the truth is unveiling, uncovering, revealing and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

No misdirection, no knew added millions in unmarked graves. No rediscovered Nazi’s. No new lies accomplish anything more than to amplify the presence of the lies already told.”

k) This video is almost a year old, but the message conveyed gets more compelling with each passing day…

Welcome to the Apocalypse and the unveiling of the truth”


The main difference between the video and now is the fact that the shadow-world has finally decided to end this charade and use the crumbling infrastructure of the U.S., to cripple the nation—rather than to try and use mercenary forces directly to force the public into ‘unconditional-surrender’ to the outlaw state. They are even confident enough to declare their intentions openly—about everything except the date on which they will commit this treason.

My guess is that the crime will probably come on 11-11-13, because

of the numbers and the fact that it’s Veteran’s Day. It is also not one of the dates mentioned—so it could be a surprise of sorts ­ but it’s still anyone’s guess as to which day this will begin. (2)

Here’s the announcement from USG, based on a hypothetical threat that never existed, follow the links.

Heads up! From the 'people' who brought you 9/11, Aurora, Sandy Hook, and miscellaneous minor false flags: Huge Electric Grid Failure Drill Scheduled for 13 -14 November 2013 --NERC will host GridEx 2013 on 13-14 November 2013 --North American wide distributed-play exercise --Executive 'policy trigger' table top exercise on 14 November 29 Oct 2013 Drill Will Simulate a Knockout Blow of Power Grid 17 Aug 2013 (The New York Times) ...Thousands of utility workers, business executives, National Guard officers, F.B.I. antiterrorism experts and officials from government agencies in the United States, Canada and Mexico are preparing for an emergency drill in November that will simulate physical attacks and cyberattacks that could take down large sections of the power grid. They will practice for a crisis unlike anything the real grid has ever seen, and more than 150 companies and organizations have signed up to participate. "This is different from a hurricane that hits X, Y and Z counties in the Southeast and they have a loss of power for three or four days," said the official in charge of the drill, Brian M. Harrell of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, known as NERC. "We really want to go beyond that." See also: GridEx II - GridSecCon Update -- Grid Security Exercise - Grid Security Conference 2013, published by NERC.”

The whole damned thing will attempt to hide itself inside yet another “Wargame” that no one with even half a mind could ever believe in.

Even if it doesn’t succeed in shutting down the whole nation, it will definitely create massive outages, at least in some sectors of the US. Canada and Mexico will probably suffer different types of problems as well. What will become real is that Americans will no longer be able to believe that the nation will ever-again be stable or safe from anything—once this obscenity is launched. That’s why the public must stop the planned “EXERCISE” and anymore “Wargames” of any kind if there is to be any future for this place. (3)

1) Welcome to the Apocalypse ­ 4min 53sec VIDEO

2) Shadows of Invisibility

3) Wargames



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