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It’s Trust & Betrayal At The Core


By Jim Kirwan


The people of America have been living in a totally false paradigm since 12-12-2000, when Bush Jr. stole the Oval Office. That happened with the direct intervention of the U.S. Supreme court when they stopped the vote and declared Bush Jr. the winner even though the final vote count proved that Bush actually lost that race. The Supreme Court committed treason by interfering in a U.S. Presidential election ­ which the Constitution does not allow. Any interference, by law, had to have been done by the Congress and they refused to get involved.

Since the beginning of the Bush fiat-government, Americans have been living a massive and treasonous lie: Because with the attacks on 911, WE ENTERED AN ENTIRELY NEW ARENA ­ in an era where America and Americans were the direct targets of every war we got involved in to asset strip this country and kill the surviving people. That happened 15 years ago and now we are facing the final test of what is left of our TRUST that when seen by comparison: There is nothing but the BETRAYAL that remains; coming as it does from this corporate force that is tired of playing with us. For them the time has come to kill or crush us all.

To understand what has happened to us in the intervening 15 years, we need to review a few of the key points and the lies that have brought us all to this point.

The Global Quagmire

First we must remember how many nations we have already attacked: And that most of those attacks have been done initially in secret. By the time they become public knowledge they are each dipped in fifty-gallon containers, filled with lies and fed with trillions in fake money. Fake cash that we throw away around the world to cover the war-crimes that we continue to commit. This includes genocide, the total support of the criminal-outlaws in Israel, along with the corporate entities that have no populations to answer to, such as NATO, the UN and the EU—all of which do just as they damn well please ­ and so far this has worked over and over again.

But now the global-population has tired of all of that garbage, all the lies and the hideous wars that have only intensified as time continues to pass. USI-Israel introduced the whole of the Middle East to the most primitive of savage policies from beheadings to genocide and the wholesale slaughter of entire populations in the name of “Fake-Terror’ without end.

In the meantime the world has finally noticed that the EU is being added to the massive target of the entire Middle East: The kickoff being the global-image of the international suicide of Ukraine. Incidentally that ongoing crime is intended to directly involve the takedown of the entire EU, financially at first and then militarily thru NATO that will supposedly kill the EU, country by country, until there’s nothing left of any kind of life wherever the Troika (IMF, the World Bank, and of course the criminal European Union and their treason soaked banks) are in control. All of this was created to put down the real roots involved in crushing the peoples of Europe, one former nation at a time, until there’s nothing left of any of those former places to resist the treachery of the one-world-order. But that’s already running into major and structured resistance throughout the EU.

The American Sell-Out at the core of Treason

Recently JADE Helm 15 was announced, supposedly as an invitation to the puppet’s city, county and state officials who now own the United States, having totally by-passed the federalized corporations of the federal and national governments altogether, as the operatives of USI who now almost totally control virtually every function of every aspect of life along with all the people in the dying USA.

Under JADE-Helm 15, 1600 troops will be invited into the cities and the countryside of 10 states, from the 50 states in total of the United States: Solely to interact with the citizens so that “the troops will know how to act and react with their enemies in foreign lands”. The problem with that is Two Fold. First Americans’, despite the thought processes of USI, are not foreigners. We are the citizens of this country the foreigners are the illegal government with this concept that the USI considers the people of this nation to be the real ENEMIES of the United States, because we are entirely opposed their corporate charade and their attempts to enslave us all with their criminal intentions.

No one in the world can mistake Americans for other people. This is a psy-op war to condition “us” to become used to military invasions on our streets and highways as well as outside our bedroom windows, nightly. Contrary to the way this piece of shit announcement was written, the super-soldiers won’t be used for anything except the side-show.

As a direct consequence of the current standoff, the Strategic Operations Command (SOC) has been enlisted to conduct night raids upon Americans, and air strikes not to talk with people, but to attack everyone in the 10 states, in preparation for the real invasion of America by Obamanation’s private army wearing US uniforms of one kind or another…

However there’s a huge unmentioned part to this equation as well. The above is only the second part of what’s about to happen. 1600 super-soldiers are no match for the armed American public which outnumbers the US Military by over 10,000 to one: That’s why the invitation for SOC to come into the United States as a hostile military force to attack the people was issued, not to the American public but to the “pretend-owners” of the cities, the towns counties and states, that have already been taken over with bribes and callous treason across this land.

Those traitors do not speak for Americans, anywhere

They never have and they never will if we stop them now…

Apparently the “thinking”, if anyone dares call it that, is that under the guise of a teaching exercise, the nation will be invaded, not directly by SOC, but by the military armed forces of Obama’s private Army whose leaders were trained in Israel. SOC will provide the high profile ‘invasion’ but the dirty work will be done by the thugs in uniform that have been using the entire population for target-practice for the last ten years. Those are the creatures that make up the third armed force that will be expected to arrest, torture and murder the Americans ­ these are the same people from this global-government that Americans are supposedly terrified of. But if they go ahead with this bogus attack, this time Americans will do more than just shoot back…

After all: All those armed Americans are the sole reason that Obamanation bought billions upon billions of bullets to kill all Americans three times over. It was also the reason every backwater as well as every city was given armored vehicles, tanks, drones and tons of heavy weapons, not to use against “the drug-gangs” as promised, but to use against the 10,000 to one odds, which the mercenaries will soon have to face if they proceed with this massive lie that JADE-Helm actually represents.

By the way all that ammunition will not remain in the possession of the traitors for long.

This was also the reason that Obama has spent the last two years firing every Captain, all the way up through Majors, Light Colonels and Bird Colonels and on and on, through the ranks of all the Generals and Admirals: To purge every military commander he could find that might resist this blatant takeover of the American nation. But he’s still not sure that he got them all ­ the only way he’ll know for certain is if and when actual troops rebel and take sides with the American population against the traitors that have ordered this new and very real invasion of the United States of America.

What could (SOC) Special Operations Command possibly mean within their insignia of "MASTERING THE HUMAN DOMAIN"? According to an unclassified document written by Lieutenant Colonel Mitchell D. Franks of the United States Army” titled "USAWC "Civilian Research Project" ref: pg. 15”

That was their excuse for wasting tens of billions more dollars on the Jade Helms thing, for a bogus exercise that’s nothing but a masquerade.

Major General Sacolick and Brigadier General Grigsby address how viewing this challenge through the lens of the human domain will contribute to answering the Chairman’s question, “the human domain is the totality of the physical, cultural and social environments that influence human behavior to the extent that success of any military operation or campaign depends on the application of unique capabilities that are designed to fight and win population-centric conflicts. It is a critical and complementary concept to the recognized domains of land, air, maritime, space and cyberspace.”

Kirwan: This is total crap from the US War Department that will fool no one.

This concept and the addition of a human domain are important because the other domains insufficiently address the human dimension of conflict, although it is deemed a critical component to land power.

Further, the addition of a human domain, similar to a 7th war fighting function, will ensure that, “we’re providing a framework to support and employ the complementary capabilities of special operations and conventional forces.”

And against who will SOC use this newly acquired intelligence?

These creatures don’t live in the real world or the military world: They occupy an artificial world that cannot win anything when and where it counts!

JADE HELM 15 is REAL & Here's the Proof
http://freedomoutpost.com/2015/03/jade-helm-15-is-real-heres-the-proof/ http://rt.com/usa/245493-fema-alert-television-emergency/

Congress Openly Attacks America


What is considered "Unconventional Warfare" by the United States Army, especially involving Special Forces? According to U.S. Army TC 18-01 Special Forces Unconventional Warfare it is to follow the "President's National Security Strategy". ref: 1-2 Which strategy would that be? Escorting criminals across country and dropping them off across the nation, or targeting American citizens that are standing up against President Obama's tyrannical and unlawful actions?”

Then There’s This:

Emergency alert’ sparks panic among TV viewers across US

A test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) began shortly before noon on Monday and was seen by millions of television viewers in Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington, DC, Infowars reported.»

READ MORE: March to martial law? Undercover Special Forces to sweep US Southwest...

K: Nothing like panic in eleven states, just to remind the public that “they” can hit you anywhere or anytime they feel like it ­ think about that! Then ask yourselves why was New York omitted from that list?


But also think about how callously this was done. Government here was supposed to protect the population from everything (since 911) yet they cannot prevent anything. Beyond that you need to remember the attacks on the electric grid at the Mexican border, the mysterious power outages across the grid nationally, not to mention the weather manipulation or the failure by the government to even measure nuclear radiation on top of the poisoning of our water food and air, as well as the soil.

Is this a government that gives a damn? Yes it is: They obviously want you and your families DEAD, by “Any Means Necessary” and ASAP or the sooner they can affect that outcome the better for them…

It’s way past time that armed Americans began to confront these global-criminals that have had their way with us for the last fifteen years—while we have done absolutely nothing about any of that…

It’s time to fight them on all of this and put an end to these continuing threats, permanently!



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