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Trump Resigns The Presidency

By Jim Kirwan


Donald J. Trump just SURRENDERED the Office of the Presidency
to the latest unconstitutional-department of the Deep State,
thus ending the Constitutional Office of the President.

When Trump surrendered “his office” to the unconstitutional-congress, that for the last fifty years has represented privately owned global corporations and never to the people of the United States: Trump just surrendered the Executive Branch, to over 500 traitors, that only answer to Israel. This is blatant Treason against the Constitution and the people that elected both Trump & the corrupted 500 plus members of the House & the Senate. This number includes all but five people, that voted against this crime.

Beyond this shattering of the U.S. Constitution, by illegally eliminating the Executive Branch of the Government; Trump has virtually surrendered the entire executive branch of government. The USI has created a defacto Forth branch illegally “managed” fraud in corroboration with black-ops and rogue elements of all the government's co-opted armed forces directed by Mossad and virtually every other agency ­ each with their own private agenda's: None of which have anything but contempt for the people of this once-proud nation,

What Trump just did will allow the Smithsonian to take physical charge of the White House (they could encase the Oval Office behind bullet-proof glass) along with all our once valuable documents that pertain to that time when this sink-hole actually had its own real government, prior to 1913.


We could also give the Congressional buildings that once housed the American Senate and the House of Representatives to the public they refused to serve as a museum, where the public could observe what was once the American Government: Except that with the new policies arrived at by the traitors, go into effect, the aftermath in D.C. might look a lot more like the above than it does now.

If this place ever manages to be reborn, its leaders ought to have served in the military, unlike most of the cowards and draft-dodgers that came after JFK.

I never thought I'd live to see this nation completely fall apart. Yet that appears to be something that must happen if the earth is to survive. Then there's the arrival of the October collapse that will be unavoidable, if we're all not just melted nuclear waste that will no doubt be part of the next extinction-event in the long and troubled history of this planet?

With the kind of scum that surrounds Trump, it's amazing that he hasn't had the black hood pulled over his head ­ YET. I can hardly wait to see how the congress manages to negotiate with 535 idiots-in-charge and no executive branch to speak for this supposed-nation that is no longer ours? No more Secretary of State, or any Ambassadors, because those were functions of the now extinct Executive Branch: And how will the Judicial Branch function in a place without a president or an Executive Branch ­ just the 535 Club that will spend its days fighting over the spoils of global piracy? I guess that no public voice is needed, now that we have no more laws of any kind to bother with.

And since lies are no longer crimes: Why would anyone bother with the “Department of Just-Us” since that's just another division of the Executive Branch ­ WOW, it looks like Congress made some really great moves, to speed our criminal ways of Filthy-Business toward the massive collapse that's just across the board? I guess this is what happens when “the business” of America is Business and nothing else counts for anything.

We've been lucky so far, we haven't yet been nuked or starved, murdered, tortured or blatantly enslaved by the filth that's running Israel, not to mention the cowards that have been so busy surrendering the EU and the US to rabidly-primitive-savages, that just can't wait to rape and murder the whole damned world.

So many traitors to life and love,

and so little time...