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Trump Needs Lessons In Basic Economics

By Jim Kirwan


The current flood at the borders of this nation can be managed in a simple and equitable way, that will put an immediate end these mindless and illegal demonstrations.

For Instance: Every person carrying a sign that's demanding open admission to the United States for people without documents needs to have an open conversation with Immigration. The person carrying the sign, in each case, must be willing to post a CASH BOND and sign up to SPONSOR ONE IMMIGRANT for ten years.

During that time the refugee must be housed in the sponsors home, and if any crimes are committed that involve loss to anyone, then the sponsor will be legally liable for all damages created by their personally-sponsored-refugee. This way all the Americans that want to let these undocumented creatures into the country' will be legally-responsible for any actions committed under the terms of their legal sponsorship of their refugee. which they have signed up to sponsor.

A cash bond will be posted and could vary by the age of the person being sponsored, children to the age of ten might be as low as $10,000. Teenagers could go for $25,000, and everyone else might get in for say $50,000.

The conditions of the sponsorship should have a quarterly review by customs agents, to insure that everything is working smoothly. And some target date should be negotiated to insure that the sponsored individual can be released as and when conditions warrant.

The commission of any crime by the sponsored individual will be assessed for culpability and all costs for everything this process requires, will be paid for out-of-pocket by the Sponsor. In the case of murder or any capital crime both the sponsor and the refugee will be deported, upon the conviction of anyone found guilty of a major crime.

This will alter every aspect of these outrageous demands, because unless the refugee can prove they want to be a U.S. Citizen, by learning English within the first six months, and by his or her willingness to abide by all US laws, including the US Constitution, then they are not eligible to have a sponsor in the first place.

If Trump were serious about any of this he would have come up with something along these lines long, long ago. The entire planet does not have the right to come to any other country, just because they want a free ride. Read the Mexican constitution about illegal immigrants down there, and see what Mexico would do if Americans begin putting American flags on public buildings in Mexico or try crashing into Mexico without permission and see how you're treated?

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