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Trumpeting For The Empire


By Jim Kirwan


The most dominate comments’ here, besides the self-flagellating Trump, are the clearly displayed symbols of the Empire.

The golden fringe on both flags speaks directly

To the total-control by the Empire of the City, the Vatican & the Pentagon via D.C.

Whoever misses that, misses everything important in this image.

Everything Trump says is easy, because he is not and has never ever been personally-responsible for anything he says. “The Donald’ is, in reality as common as dirt in all those circles where Vulture Capitalists have always rained supreme. Since most of the brain-dead public has never tried to deal with major criminals: Trump might seem to be that bit of “fresh air” that has been needed for oh-so-very long today. But Trumps’ current ‘popularity’ speaks directly to the naďve nature of the great unwashed in the middle-middle of this country that has already surrendered everything they actually think they still possess.

Donald Trump has not come to save anyone, he’s only here to keep the public distracted for just awhile longer, until whatever is coming can finally ‘have its’ day on the global stage’. “2016” will never arrive in the political sense ­ it might still appear but if that happens the last thing on anyone’s mind, by then, will be some ridiculous selection in what was Amerika in 2015.

Trump’s Russia-Friendly rhetoric might not be so Russia-friendly after all

In this world of the politically-totally-blind,

The one-eyed-man is King.

That’s how Donald Trump and his mega-sponsor Israel, wants the world to see him: But since everything about candidate Trump is as fake as his store-bought-hair and since he’ll never be selected for anything ‘political’ he can say whatever he likes.

The real losers in all of this are the supra-gullible-public that takes anything repeatedly said on the privately owned megaphone that’s used by the so-called “public-media” for whatever they say it is: Forgetting each and every time, just how many other times, that same ‘media’ has routinely lied to them so clearly since the end of the Vietnam War… But more recently from September 11, 2001 that will reach its fourteenth anniversary, just 20 days from today.

That’s fourteen years of total political-silence inside this country that attacked itself, with Israel’s help, in that global-changing event ­ and yet the public has been going straight downhill ever since that day.

Ironically, this nation, instead of moving to correct anything has instead chosen to take this nation back to the time before the wheel was invented—rather than to dare to face what we allowed to happen to this planet almost 14 years ago today.

What’s coming this September-October, to the people of the USA will be deserved: Because as cowards we shall all die hundreds of times over, instead of having the finality of that single death that comes to those that face their lives and flaws ­ and who will fight to defend themselves along with the rest of the human race. This ending is not something that anything resembling a Donald Trump has anything at all to say about ­ and that too is just another blatant fact of life.

If the public had any experience in actually dealing with the dark-side they would intrinsically know to avoid this particular pre-packaged plant that the Zionist Supremacy created to move their agenda even further along the road to total control over everything they have sought - for thousands of years already.

The real Trump changes hats every time he enters any bargaining position that is designed to result in the victory he’s seeking. Whatever he must say to ‘close the deal’ is fair, in what passes for his brain: And toward that end he will do “whatever it takes” to achieve the desired goal. He will tell any lie, embrace any policy regardless of any conflicting positions that he must use just to get that next big-win. In his feeble brain there is no conflict because nothing else has ever mattered, but when he represents the public, and not just his inflated self-image, there is massive trouble ahead if he should ever become anything more than just another glorified carpet-bagger, masquerading as a real-power-broker of any kind.

Trump stands only for the ultimate con, in each and every case: And then he calls his tactics justified, because for him the only thing that matters is the next ‘big win’, regardless of whatever he needs to do to make that happen. The public seldom sees all of the many times that negotiators routinely change hats, during any ‘serious discussion’.

A Deal-maker has no moral-authority. He recognizes no personal or social responsibilities at all, which he sees as ‘freeing himself’ to do whatever it takes: But in reality by freeing himself to flitter-freely between basically opposing policies in his attempt to reach the middle-middle of the great unwashed, who are literally starving for anything of any substance whatsoever: Trump becomes the ultimate total fraud.

If the public would do the deep background search that will not take long today, they would discover the ugly-truths behind his Zionist associated life, that goes all the way back thru his bumpy and distorted political-existence. This is from CNN.

Illuminati Exposed: Donald Trump admitting everything is a lie

Trumps Got a Trump Card

If the public continues to fail to hold any politician, to any of their lies, which they call ‘promises’

Then there can never be any question about

Why this fallen-Amerika

Will never-ever be able to change again…


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