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Trump On The Dakota Pipelines

By Jim Kirwan


Donald Trump came into office with a clear preference regarding

what he would do

regarding the current pipeline resistance movement, in the Dakota's.

But this issue is far from simple ­ it's not about just oil & jobs

This is about people, safe drinking water, and the future.

Trump Authorizes Construction Of Controversial Pipelines -

First of all: At issue in the Dakota pipeline project - there are less than one hundred jobs at stake for the oil company and the oil that will be available, will not go to Americans but to foreign countries. This directly contradicts his pledge to always put American's and America First!

By taking this stance: Trump is not showing American's or the world, the real damages this pipeline will create for both the long and the sort-term that his decision will cause to the nation, to our water supply, and to the viability of all future actions when it comes to a short term corporate gain, versus the much greater and far more lasting damages that a one-sided choice against the nation, and the people who voted for him, will create. People believed that Trump was aware of the realities yet he continues to fly in the face of those that are opposed to his choices in this question, where Trump clearly supports these privately owned oil corporations ­ against the American public: Regardless of all the real and long term damages to the nation and our national water supply as the contamination this will create all the way down the Mississippi river, will vastly exceed not just in North & South Dakota, but throughout the entire nation.

Business” - and especially private-corporate-business has played a massive role in creating the Swamp that Donald says he is 'Determined to Drain'.

As the self-proclaimed 'Master of the Deal' perhaps this instance in Trumps very early political life might give him the opportunity to show the world that he is not just a business-man, but a creative and innovative political leader as well: By finding new ways to address both the private oil-companies and the very real needs of all the people in this country?

There's also a Flip-Side to this problem.

The far larger questions that are screaming to be investigated regarding corporate rights, versus the rights of all Americans to their legal property, under law ­ must revert to the Constitutional requirements created by the FAKE-BLM, the Criminal DOJ and the criminal Department of the Interior over the entire super-structure that was put in place by the UN, to steal most of the land in the Western United States, while disarming patriotic American citizens, and the Americans that live and work here.


The theft of American resources which the Clinton Cash Machine set up to sell our natural resources must be reversed and the creatures that did that must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the laws.

Clinton Cash

With this in mind, consider this:

Molyneux On The Madness

15min VIDEO

This current impasse, was meticulously planned and executed on the sole basis of illegal-profit-unhindered; by any of 'our-laws' and 'human-rights' to property, natural resources, or to any of the guarantees outlined in the U.S. Constitution, for “all U.S. Citizens”.

If Trump is to show the world that he will defend the millions that have been suffering from these pirates for many decades, not just the corporate overseas carpetbaggers, but rather from both local and the global thieves as well: Then 'the Donald' must bring his long-experienced expertise to these issues and find ways to restructure 'business-as usual-in-America' for the benefit of all Americans and not, as in this case: Just business-as-usual, for the transitory corporate outlaws that have been killing the planet at an astounding rate.

Time will no doubt make clear what kind of man Trump will show us

that he is, not just in the election wars, but in reality.

For my part I'm sticking with my own view:

Hang the Clintons!



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