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Trump Is Not What He Claimed To Be

By Jim Kirwan


The fake United States is but the latest version of the continuation
of the Ancient Roman Empire that lasted more than five centuries.


The United States created the District of Columbia, a ten square mile “city” built on the physical SWAMP that it still is today. The layout and design for the city of D.C. was constructed on Illuminati designs ­ the buildings and monuments were taken directly from ancient Rome, right down to the “fasces” that appear on either side of the congressional podium and on the back of the Truman Dime. This is how this government views the people.

(in ancient Rome) a bundle of rods with a projecting ax blade, carried by a lictor as a symbol of a magistrate's power, and used as an emblem of authority in Fascist Italy.”

Rome created may different types of government: Brutality, slavery and slaughter along with dozens of other forms of excesses were an integral part of what Rome gave to the rest of the world.

Some of its 'leaders' included Caesar, Caligula and Nero, among many others ­ but it's modern day equivalent that we still call the U.S., has been holding the rest of the world at gunpoint since the end of WWII ­ and we've been in near total denial since the unelected Harry Truman brought us Israel, the CIA and the United Nations ­ all three of which were constitutionally illegal but have gone beyond their criminal use-by dates.

Trump promised many things, but the impetus behind his words was the belief that he would not throw his supporters into the winds of chaos ­ without a fight, for the beliefs he promised all the rest of us—that he supposedly believed in.

So who is this man who claimed to want to save America,

or at least to Drain the Swamp, and arrest the foreign enemies of America

currently living in and on this land?


It turns out that Trump has been with the Clinton's since their illicit beginnings, or at least very close to that moment. So it's no surprise that Trump has chosen not to ”Lock-Hillary-Up”. Some of his family members

are tied to Israel by marriage, and the list of surprises continues. His demand that Russia return Crimea to Ukraine was as stupid as it was arrogant: And instead of taking America out of the UN, as promised, he's sending more weapons & troops to the Borders with Russia, while he seeks to expand the colossally incompetent NATO without public comment. Instead of getting a real and determined rebel ­ We apparently elected a new slave to Israel ­ which must now be addressed.

Listen to this short video from Hannity, another American-TV sell-out:

Netanyahu: US, Israel have 'grand mission' to confront Iran threat


A number of things were left out of this cheap diatribe, that no one needed to hear again.

'Poor defenseless Israel' that has stolen every weapon they've ever had, mostly from the US ­ while they have used phosphorus and Depleted Uranium along with cluster bombs to liquidate the Palestinians.

Israel is demanding the right to liquidate the people whose lands they illegally stole back in 1948, 69 years ago: And they're still at it.

Netanyahu cries about the threat to Israel ­ without mentioning the fact that it has been Israel over and over and over again that has attacked almost every other nation in the region, many of those other nations suffered more than one Israeli attack.

Yet all the while Iran has not attacked any other nation

for hundreds of years.

Israel meanwhile has a plan for the Greater State of Israel,

which Includes all or parts of these nations:

Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Egypt,

Lebanon, and Jordan ­ and that's just for openers.

Given this map which nation is the real nuclear THREAT to their neighbors or the world?

Incidentally Israel can't militarily fight beyond their borders, because they always get their cowardly asses kicked ­ royally ­ when they are not slaughtering unarmed civilians and children: That's why millions of Americans Die for Israel in every war they start.

Now Trump wants to defend Israel ­ which amounts to high-treason

If the planet came together and OUTLAWED Israel from the earth,the human race might still have a chance to survive.

The very least what we could easily do is to kick every hyphenated creature out of government throughout this country.

And issue a total blockade for a full year while we remove

all illegal aliens and give what we were giving to them,

to Americans instead.

Here's the full outline of what must happen ­ and it seems there is very little room for cowards like Trump who has already

surrendered to Israel, just one month into his fantasy-trip: Along with all
the rest of the outlaws that continue to rape and plunder the United States.

Shredding the Soros Clinton Purple Revolution

When I was researching the depth and breadth of the Roman Empire over the years, I was amazed at how efficiently they managed to do away with the criminals of their days and times.

But when we Iook at Soros, Kissinger, the whole Bush and Clinton clans, and hundreds more of these monsters ­ I had to wonder, how in the hell do we continue to avoid killing these evil creatures that are still holding the whole damned world hostage to their own filthy designs?

These creatures walk-among-us still ­ no matter how much they've stolen or how many billion they have tortured, murdered or destroyed? Think about it America because it's all over now if we don't decisively act ­ all that remains is for the public to actually terrorize those barbarians that have tried to steal the world for centuries ­ but that can only work if we want to be free!