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Trump Cannot Waste Any More Time

By Jim Kirwan


We're all living in a contorted multidimensional nightmare

from which all of us must escape

We are just one day past the Fifty-Third Anniversary of the Murder of JFK.

That was a president that understood the value of time, and if he was the current President-Elect, he would have chosen to give the public a much different presentation than Trump has done in recent days.

We're already fifteen days past Trumps Victory, and so far Trump's most ardent voters have not heard conclusively about how and when he will fulfill the most pivotal issues that got Trump elected. Throughout the campaign the one cry that thundered out in almost every gathering, was that simple phrase: “Lock Her Up!” - and Trump promised, that if he got elected Hillary Clinton would go to jail, (along with all the other criminals that created her). But so far Trump appears to be just another politician full of hot air ­ which is not what Americans' are dying to see happen again, right now.

In my disgust with Trump's current silence - I watched Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States. It's not perfect, but there's is so much more information that most Americans' still have absolutely no idea of - especially now when we're right at the end of time itself, it needs to be understood. The extended film is free on Netflix

Jon Rappoport has been coming down very clearly of late

on what's going on, or not, with Trump

Donald Trump achieved two great things in his presidential campaign: he stopped Hillary Clinton from occupying the White House, and he ran against the media by attacking them mercilessly. Everything else is up for grabs. We will see.

Already, he has made some “errors.” The appointment of Mike Pompeo as CIA director is a bad move. Pompeo, as a congressman, introduced the Dark Act, which now prevents the states from requiring GMO labels on food. And he favors the death sentence for Edward Snowden.

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Trump will not attempt to prosecute Hillary Clinton. This is on the level of lowering the window shades for a vampire as dawn breaks. Hillary was certainly guilty in the email case, and the Clinton Foundation is a pay-for-play money laundering operation of global proportions—a private and parallel State Department, in which cash is the only standard for “diplomacy.” And these charges are mere low-hanging fruit on the Clinton crime family tree. Pursuing justice is supposed to be a Trump hallmark.”

Trump won’t prosecute Hillary: politics in the Matrix


Beyond the petty and the mundane things that Hillary did to get this far, there is a massive black-world, far beyond what most of us can see. That is what she and of all of the rest of them must be prosecuted for, in addition to all the surface-murders, the collusion and the massively criminal actions that she's been engineering and participating in for the last forty years. None of this can be allowed to be ignored or dropped ­ because that's what's happened each and every time, in the past, which is why she thought she could actually get away with trying to steal the White House on her third try.

There are many levels to these other-worldly creatures. They live among a cast of hundreds, that have been living these prolifically insane series of sexual-perversions and demonic practices that have grown to the point that most of the global-political powers of this earth are now involved in all of this ­ and they've gotten away with it because their followers are global and their influence is almost beyond belief.

This is why they've all gotten away with this for decades!

They have condensed their crimes into passionate rituals that are so far removed from what most people have ever been exposed to ­ that they are simply never prosecuted. Occult Satanic, Ritual Abuse, and domination of the planet ­ which is at the bottom of this entire series of Hillary's Crimes.

This goes back thousands of years to the dark-ancient-races and how their ancestors dealt with death and with many of the sexual and psychological obsessions that have survived into the Twenty-First Century.


All civilizations are founded on human Sacrifice

And they have studied and imitated the ancient rituals

connected with sex & death for centuries

When a person is killed in hyper-intense-fear, developed over the decades to reach this point in the gore of a satanic death ritual ­ that knows no equal, the effect on the murderers is unmatched.

The rush of sex alone tends to pale alongside the death of this rush, that this level of torture adds,
to the slaughter of innocent life - ergo

The ultimate power, gained through these rituals

results in the most obsessive evil experience possible.

At the end, the 'powers gained' become the ultimate addiction

from which none of these addicts can ever find relief.

FEAR feeds all of this, but what these addicts are really after,

is the total extermination of genuine love.

What each of us has to realize is that this obsessive-cult is now out there in every town, every village, and this addiction is everywhere,

it's in what we see what we watch & what we hear

in this pathetic world that we've allowed this to grow unfettered,

in the evils that now surround almost our every act,

This circumstance is hideous because by participating in these acts,

the addicts are able to defile all purity.

If Hillary is prosecuted then these major crimes will come out

And the outrage will insist that this aspect of her crimes and the whole cabal will be punished in the end.

The story above has been thoroughly researched by

Linda Stone

Jeff Rense & Linda Stone - Did The Cult Give Trump A 'Briefing'?




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