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Trump Is Israel's Bitch

By Jim Kirwan


The USS Carl Vinson on its way to North Korea, is Trump just continuing WWII?

If one didn't know better it might easily seem that WWII never ended. Think about it. We have troops in almost all the nations of the world. And US troops never left the nations that we fought against, or with, during WWII.

So Why Are “We” virtually everywhere now?

Currently we have well over a thousand bases scattered all over the planet ­ and we still threaten nations that have never threatened or invaded us. We're still using the same types of weaponry that we used during WWII, to project “US military-power” into nations and places that no one has invited us into ­ the only difference between 1941 to 45 and now is that Israel (created by “us” in 1948), is now calling the global-shots across the world: To assist Israel with their creation of the Greater State of Israel ­ and the total destruction of the U.S. & Europe from within; by the Muslim hordes from the Seventh century, that are being used to soften up the entire West and the world for their own final solution for everyone who is not Ashkenazi or Muslim.

Netanyahu was ecstatic when Trump finally did his bidding for him and attacked Syria, just as Hillary did for Israel in Libya; before she began this seven year war on Syria—and Trump says “she's a lovely woman...”

Look at the states above that have been under constant attack by Israel since 1948 ­ when Israel first began to openly dream about

The GREATER State of Israel”?


Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia

Trump should be wearing the Star of David on his lapel, rather than the long-forgotten US Flag, as seen on TRUMP above.

Maybe it's time to re-read the events that happened just a few days ago?


With no evidence and no facts of any kind Trump

went off, within 48 hours, to PUNISH what ISRAEL CREATED

as one of the Greatest Lies in this Century

Without establishing any facts at all!

Here is the official version in several reports of all the lies
in the story about what Trump supposedly just did:

Russia warns of serious consequences from U.S. strike in Syria

And here's one response:

Trump Trumps Himself


Trump must be IMPEACHED now, before he starts WWIII!