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Can Trump Save America
From Third World Hell?

By Rex MacInnes


No public figure has caused as much uproar as the presidential candidate Donald Trump. People either love him or hate him, or at least think he is the best man for the job. Despite the occasional gaffe or “over the top” statement Trump has smashed through the taboo of political correctness and allowed a flourishing debate on urgent issues to occur-- including immigration, economics, foreign policy and most recently the controversy of abortion.

After decades of communist subversion being inflicted upon the White Middle Class (WMC) and the forcing of mass immigration upon the population against their will beginning in 1965-- the WMC's prospects and demographics are rapidly worsening. Only a few decades ago white Europeans comprised over 90 percent of the American population. Today that number is around 63 percent with the same demographic crisis occurring in Europe.

Trump's bold policy initiatives have given inspiration to the WMC to take action. This may be the last chance before America balkanizes into third world disaster zones-- a combination of poverty amidst open borders, high-tech police state and communist dungeon.

White western Christian civilization is under threat due to excessive numbers of abortions, lack of child bearing among white couples and high rates of early death and suicide due to poverty and despair within economically crumbling white communities. Interestingly, Trump recently said that if abortions were banned women should be punished if they carry it out where it is illegal, but later changed his wording to punish the doctor, not the woman.

The ever provocative Brother Nathanael produced this bone-chilling video which summarizes white America's dire situation:

A Knock At Midnight

Here's a picture of my great great grandfather, who was a philosopher, writer, teacher of Latin and school superintendent. If I could travel back to the 19th century to meet him I wonder what the learned and dapper gent might have to say when I told him what America had become.


Damn History

Those who forget history are damned to repeat its mistakes. Today the WMC is so desperate that some have forgotten their history lessons and are attracted to the socialist Bernie Sanders. Sanders is a strong critic of Wall Street corruption and an alternative to the serial criminal Hillary Clinton. His followers, many of whom are ill-informed or easily roused Soros-funded rabble, and who hold a visceral hatred of Trump for being a “fascist,” are instead promised by Bernie government assistance for education and jobs. It sounds reasonable however well-intended socialist economics equals inept welfare state policies. Have a look at the failed eastern European and Soviet system.

A philosopher of morality and a prolific video-maker, Stefan Molyneux exposes the Lies Of The Left in these entertaining analyses. Pour a cup of rooibos tea and sit back and have your mind stimulated:

The Truth About Bernie Sanders

Criticism: The Truth About Bernie

The Failure of The Regressive Left

Molyneux notes that the Left gave up trying to sell their discredited ideology to the public in the 1960s after the failed Soviet experiment could no longer be hidden. The Left instead moved toward increasing immigration to bring in new voters (ie., “workers of the world unite-- in America”). High taxes and a socially engineered life style to decrease birth rates led to a shortage in the work force. The Democrats have used immigration, as we also see in western European countries such as Belgium and Germany, in order to make up for the diminishing white labor force and to create an ever expanding voter base (ie., an underclass of unemployed welfare dependents with lowering IQs).

The Brussels Bombing, Vibrant DIVERSITY & Why TRUMP CAN WIN

Google Gulag

Socialists like Bernie Sanders fail to mention that communism never worked out very well, and other than the genocidal Mongol reign of Genghis Khan, was the most brutal totalitarian system in history. Alexander Solzhenitsyn documented the tragic phase in Russian history and became the greatest political writer of the 20th century for four reasons: the monumental importance and scale of the topic; his rich, original literary style; the vast number of substantive sources he assembled and analyzed in a scholarly manner; and the sheer volume of his works.

Aleksandre I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago, 1918 - 1956 (Westview Press, 1998).

Not only did Solzhenitsyn expose the horrific crimes of the Soviets and attempts to socially engineer “a new man” by crushing Christian culture, but until recently his book exposing the Jewish role in Bolshevism was not translated into English. I highly recommend this chapter which can be read online to understand the history and extent of the Jewish-led mass slaughter that took place against tens of millions of white Christians:

Solzhenitsyn: 200 Years Together

In addition, David Duke's The Secret Behind Communism (Free Speech Press, 2013) is a pithy, readable and fact filled book on the same topic. Most people do not know that the Jew, Genrikh Yagoda, was responsible for 10 million deaths, far more than was attributed to Hitler's supposed “gassing of the Jews.”

George Orwell's book 1984 (published in 1949), famous for the phrase “war is peace,” is still one of the most relevant explanations of the “double think” that pervades modern politically correct society. It is also a literary high mark and should be read by every high school and university student to help them comprehend the crass double standards regarding freedom of expression and thought. For example, “Black Lives Matter” but white ones (or Asian ones) don't?

The so-called “Frankfort School” was organized after WWII in reaction to the Jewish experience during the war. The Jews wanted to teach the gentiles a lesson and so they undertook the project of demonizing all foundational values of European society. By projecting their own psychoses onto gentile society, they taught the West that it was inherently evil (when in fact it was the perverted Judaic culture that had a few screws loose). This chapter from the book The Culture Of Critique is from our most important scholar, Kevin MacDonald, to address the question of the adversarial role of Jews in Western history:

The Frankfurt School of Social Research and the Pathologization of Gentile Group Allegiances'kevin+macdonald+the+frankfort+school'

Who? Huh?

Americans have been so misled over the decades by the Jewish controlled media that they are ignorant of how they are being manipulated. However, thanks to the internet a growing number of people are being educated, and this has prompted calls for censorship in the media and on the internet. The media is owned by Jews and non-Jewish Zionists (such as Rupert Murdoch), staffed with Jewish editors, journalists, TV anchors and radio talk show hosts. Many Jews have a hidden and hostile agenda toward the American white middle class. They comprise 2 percent of the population but are vastly over-represented in media production:

Fact Sheet: Jews Control America

'The Chosen': Getting In

Who runs Hollywood? C'mon

Neal Gabler: Hollywood - A [Jewish] Empire Of Their Own

Flash forward to the present day, “protestors” are paid 15 dollars an hour by various Leftist organizations associated with George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to disrupt Trump campaign rallies.

Craigslist Ad Offers $15 an Hour for Anti-Trump Protesters

Violence that has taken place in Chicago and Wisconsin was caused by outside agitators who do not understand that the US constitution guarantees the right of assembly. If the Bernie supporters hate Trump so much, why don't they go to a Bernie rally and show their support for him (by cheering and waving hammer and sickle flags) instead of violating other people's right to peacefully assemble? Communist subversion does not adhere to constitutional principles as was the case in the Bolshevik revolution which relied on bloody “might makes right” extremism.

Trump Giving Voice To WAR (the White Advocacy Right movement)

Fortunately, not all Leftists and liberals are hopelessly dumb, recently the liberal political activist Susan Sarandon said she would consider voting for Trump over Hillary. Also, Bull Durham is still a great baseball movie.

Trump has substantive plans to bring back manufacturing jobs for the long term rebuilding of the industrial economy. It took decades to dismantle it and will take a long time to revive it, but Trump notes that Americans have a lot of ingenuity that is just waiting to be tapped into and exploited. He has said that not only can America be made great again, but it could be better than ever. If Trump fulfills only 10 percent of his promises it will be a vast improvement over the disastrous presidency of Obama led America down the road to economic ruin while turning the world into a more violent place. Trump recently referred to Obama as a “grossly incompetent” leader.

No one since JFK has had the brass to talk about reigning in America's bloated, wasteful, wanton and destructive military empire like Trump has. He wants to remake or abolish NATO and thinks the global US military empire is unaffordable:

Trump details ‘America first’ foreign policy views, threatening to withdraw troops from Japan, South Korea

Compared to Trump, what has Hillary given us during her term as Secretary of State? She destroyed sovereign nations, stirred up a hornet's nest in the Middle East and killed and maimed hundreds of thousands innocent people. One wonders who controls Hillary besides Goldman Sachs?

“Pluto-Zionists comprise the leading financial backers of Clinton. Her million-dollar backers, among the most powerful financiers and media moguls in America, include: George Soros ($6 million), Marc Benioff, Roger Altman, Steven Spielberg, Haim and Cheryl Saban ($3 million and counting), Jeffrey Katzenberg, Donald Sussman, Herb Sandler, Jay and Mark Pritzker, S. Daniel Abraham ($1 million), Bernard Schwartz, Marc Lasry, Paul Singer, David Geffen, Fred Eychaner, Norman Braman and Bernie Marcus. Waiting in the wings are the Republican billionaire ‘king-makers’, Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, the Koch brothers as well as the ‘liberal’ multi-billionaire, Michael Bloomberg who had contributed $11 million in 2012 elections. These erstwhile Republican funders are increasing frightened by the anti-‘free trade and anti-intervention’ rhetoric of their party’s front-runner, Donald Trump, and are approaching the solidly pro-Israel, pro-war and pro-Wall Street candidate, Madame Clinton.”

Pluto - Zionists Support for Hillary Clinton

More Wars for Israel or WAR?

As Dr. Kevin MacDonald stated recently, it was unfortunate that Trump had to pander at the AIPAC (America Israel Political Affairs Committee) conference but political candidates “have to pick their battles” and Trump has chosen the right ones to focus on: immigration, economy and foreign policy.

3-29-16 Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald - Why the Jewish Ruling Elite Hate Trump

With any of the other candidates we can be sure that there will be endless wars for Israel, but with Trump there is a tremendous possibility for positive changes in our future if everyone does their part.

WAR (the White Advocacy Right) has finally found its hero in the highly intelligent (occasionally “over the top”), articulate, charismatic and energetic Donald Trump.


* Rex MacInnes is the chairman of the group WAR - the White Advocacy Right


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