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By Jim Kirwan

Amerika’s Caesar for the 21st Century

Donald Trump, is Amerika’s Netanyahu, the perfect answer to globally failing USI & Israeli War Polices. Congress, the US Courts the Department of Justice and the presidency have all been totally captured by Israel and AIPAC. The only thing left to do is to steal the pretend-presidency for Israel. The point is to make the public believe that this coming theft has anything to do with restoring America to a ‘greatness’ we failed to achieve.

Trumps Got a Trump Card

Trump is the perfect answer for outraged Amerikan voters ­ he’s an end-run around the constitution, and the totally disgraced Amerikan War Polices worldwide. Trumps’ victory could cover up the ugly death throes of the “Neocons” that are no longer ‘new’ and can no longer “con” anyone anymore. The Neocons are really just Medieval Pirates Inc. (MPI) but for the record they’ve never been “anything-new”.

Israel has stolen the entire congress and all but a handful of that traitorous body has been signed on to defend Israel over the United States ­ and now around the world anti-Semitism is becoming the new rallying cry. Israel needs something more to stay alive ­ so why not run Trump as the sectarian Amerikan stand in for Caesar or in the extreme case the new millennium’s ‘god’? If you don’t look at his family, his money, or his track record, then he sounds like the perfect ‘candidate’.

TRUMP is everything that’s been wrong with ‘America’ since before he was even born. He’s a shark, a vulture-capitalist, a rather poor ‘con’, a thief and a liar, but lots of people are: So that hardly matters anymore: Donald Trump’s just another member of the good-old-boys club, that same elitist Jewish-club that neither you or I will ever be members of.

Now he’s running for the already totally debased office of the presidency of the defeated United States of Israel.

The amazing part of his ‘hypocritical-candidacy’ is that in order to cover up all the continuing failures of Israel and USI, the only thing left for them to do now is to take over the United States from the inside, by convincing the turned off ‘public’ to “elect a Jew to the remaining fake-office of the U.S presidency: As the only solution for all the massive failures of the United States in every area of policy and life in the U.S. and the world today.

This is the perfect solution for the brain-dead Amerikan public to take, now that everything they refused to think about is coming true everywhere in the world of today.

The fake political parties in the US can’t attack Trump, because they all get their funding from the Zionists and yet Donald Trump as the stealth Zionist candidate, is slaughtering all the other fake-candidates because they can’t directly oppose Trump as the creature of Zionism which he has always been ­ some of the personal details of his background are in the video above by Brother Nathanael.

Trump really is the Amerikan Netanyahu ­ and that bit of overlooked bad-news is what is confounding both of the corrupted ‘parties’ that have never had any other policy than what AIPAC, the foreign agent of a foreign nation has demanded from everyone in politics - since AIPAC was founded in the late 1950’s.

It would be so easy to end the whole charade now if every candidate had to declare their funding before the fake-elections are actually held.

The only problem that Trump faces is that he launched his ‘campaign’ too early ­ so he runs the risk of being outed, in public, if a real candidate were to surface before the election cycle begins to get serious. But the Zionists have no real fear of that ever happening here ­ because they’ve been screwing America since before they were created by their own terrorist groups, who blackmailed their way into the Community of Nations ­ inside the equally corrupted UN which was also co-opted by global-Zionism, before the UN was finally officially created by dirty Harry Truman, another Zionist to the core in 1945. The UN has been a Trojan-Horse in global politics since 1942…


This process was officially begun in 1942:


“… President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill issue a declaration, signed by representatives of 26 countries, called the “United Nations.” The signatories of the declaration vowed to create an international postwar peacekeeping organization.

On December 22, 1941, Churchill arrived in Washington, D.C., for the Arcadia Conference, a discussion with President Roosevelt about a unified Anglo-American war strategy and a future peace. The attack on Pearl Harbor meant that the U.S. was involved in the war, and it was important for Great Britain and America to create and project a unified front against Axis powers. Toward that end, Churchill and Roosevelt created a combined general staff to coordinate military strategy against both Germany and Japan and to draft a plan for a future joint invasion of the Continent.

Among the most far-reaching achievements of the Arcadia Conference was the United Nations agreement. Led by the United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union, the signatories agreed to use all available resources to defeat the Axis powers. It was agreed that no single country would sue for a separate peace with Germany, Italy, or Japan-they would act in concert. Perhaps most important, the signatories promised to pursue the creation of a future international peacekeeping organization dedicated to ensuring “life, liberty, independence, and religious freedom, and to preserve the rights of man and justice.””


Zionism combined with USI has stood

For global mass murder, torture, blackmail and theft since they were hatched

Billions have died but they won’t stop until they are physically destroyed.

The ‘selection’ of Donald Trump is meant to extend their artificial life

Just long enough to finally kill the United States completely.




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