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A Comment By Troublemaker Doyle

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - As I stated on the program, I had been called a 'troublemaker' at my local grocery store just for standing up to a young illegal and asking the $64.000 question, "How did you get food stamps?"

As I was entering my grocery store, I noticed a young man of about 30 years of age.  He was parking what appeared to be a very expensive pickup truck in a space across from where I parked my little micro Toyota Yaris.   He appeared to be either Mexican or Filipino.

After I finished my modest shopping, I got in line behind the illegal.  I only had a couple of things to buy but there was no way the illegal would allow me to go ahead of him.

While standing I noticed he had all sorts of meat, from lamb to porterhouse steaks and a very large order of groceries.

After the cashier totaled his food stash, low and behold what does this illegal pull out?  A food stamp card.  Food stamps now come by way of a card that looks like a credit card.  We wouldn't want to offend these people using food stamp coupons, so they give them a plastic card that looks like a credit card.

After waiting a long time for the cashier to check out the illegal, and with a long line behind us, the illegal's bill was $4 over his available food stamp funds.   So, the cashier had to either scan the illegal's order all over again and take out $4 worth of food...or take her own money out of her pocket and give it to the illegal crook in order to get him gone…so she could get the long line moving again.   She chose to simply give this 'person' $4 from her own purse to keep the line moving.

Well, I was red in the face with anger by this Irish, Italian and German American temper was boiling over.  I thought civility would show up...and I took a breath.  But the anger was not to be denied and came over me once again.  The long line of shoppers behind me were watching us.  People began to grin as they figured out there was some serious electricity in the air.  At that point, I looked this illegal in the eyes and I asked him in my very loud Irish voice for all to hear, "How did you get food stamps?"  I glanced over at the line and saw the smiles and grins on the faces of the other shoppers and that spurred me to add, "You're young, able-bodied and I really want to know how you got taxpayer-funded food stamps."  I guess I was really getting into gear as the customers were providing me with serious approval by their smiles and nods. I went on to tell the illegal that he had a very nice truck and it must have cost at least $60,000.  I told him that I, an American citizen, could only afford a tiny Toyota.

Well, the PERSON finally checked out…with the cashier's donation...and I went back to paying for my groceries.  Suddenly, I heard "Oh, it's you.  You're a troublemaker."  The voice was that of the store manager whom the illegal had gone off to complain to.   So, long story short, the old lady 'troublemaker' was told by the manager that as long as I continued to be a troublemaker "you should shop elsewhere."  

This event got me thinking that Trump is not going to stop these illegals and anchor babies and he is going to continue to give them food stamps, medicaid and medicare and welfare and subsidized housing and money to buy cars and pickup trucks.   So, maybe it's time that more American citizens take on the role of the 'troublemaker' and when an illegal uses food stamps or social service goodies, maybe it's time to ask them "So, how do you get welfare or food stamps."  You may be called a troublemaker by store managers and asked to shop elsewhere but at some point in time we have to make a little noise.

These PEOPLE, and I use the word 'people' loosely, need to be shamed.  Then, I would suggest you write to your Congressmen and Senators and complain.

It's time we start speaking up.  This is our country and these 'migrants' and illegals are all living on OUR money.  So, make some noise occasionally.  If we don't, who will?