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Trouble Bubbles Out Of The NXIVM Witches Brew

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

Guilty pleas by heiress Clare Bronfman, actress Allison Mack and other female leaders of the NXIVM personal-development group provide the easiest tactical retreat for elite Canadian, British and American Jewish tycoons to prevent exposure of their ultimate loyalty to the Order of Illuminati, the top tier of Satanism. Although they aspired to be as deviously clever as Lucifer, the Bronfman sisters and sidekick MK-ULTRA psychologist Nancy Salzman, and warlock Keith Raniere, are by now shown to be contemptible fools, mere children playing with matches in a posh Sarasota enclave, while more determined Satanic forces are blowing up and burning down churches in Sri Lanka and France.

Their childish dabbling in sadomasochism exposes the idiocy of the "Globalist" ruling elite, the whacked Bronfman, Rothschild and Soros clans who disdain the morals, ethics and religiosity of a Christendom that they ruthlessly exploit with usury, corruption, theft, media lies and militarist violence. NXIVM got away much too easily, with mere millions of dollars in fines (a drop in their whale-sized buckets of ill-gotten lucre).

The lesson from this comic episode is clear: The vast majority of humans relegated to the status of "deplorables" and "cattle" need to wake up from the toxic mantra of guilt for "diaspora", "bigotry", "genocide" the rest of the deceptions from these minions of Lucifer who have suffered only luxury, gluttony, licentiousness and smug self-satisfaction. Their rotted souls need exactly what they've been dishing out to their sex slaves: a sound thrashing and imprisonment.

Strike Three

The multiple scandals gripping NXIVM have proven the Bronfman dynasty to be no exception to the Third Generation Rule of decline and fall of great families. The Seagram's heiresses Clare and Sara managed to squander millions of dollars on the Executive Success Program (ESP) run by a self-proclaimed "genius" named Keith Raniere, a updated version of Rasputin who used his charisma and lies to sexually violate and physically punish his female followers deemed by his experimental apparatus to be "Luciferian", during a "psychological test" based on watching grotesque snuff videos. (Normative psychology aims to rescue fantasists engrossed in sexual deviance whereas Raniere lured his unsuspecting wards deeper into perversion.) On second thought, I now upgrade the recommended sentence: Put him on the chair or life on a chain gang in Sweet Home Alabama.

The wealthy sisters also subsidized Raniere's other addiction, day trading stocks on the New York Exchange, which led to millions in losses, which they somehow tolerated as fools easily parted from their money. His bogus claim to have the highest IQ of any living person proves Raniere (code name Vanguard) to be a blatant charlatan, having been admitted on a tuition basis to RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) rather than top-tier MIT or CalTech on full scholarship. The under-achieving Clare and Sara were obviously clueless as to how the real world operates and instead spread their lucre as bait to attract media idols Kristen Kruek (Lana Lane) and Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan) from the cast of "Smallville", the Burnaby-Vancouver-based TV series about teenage heartthrob Clark Kent aka the juvenile Superman. The demented Raniere ordered his sex slaves to branded like cattle with a cauterizing pen with the initials KR (his herd of heteros) or AM (lesbian slaves of Allison Mack).

As in a DC comic book, the NXIVM story has its share of cunning villains like Frank Parlato, the Buffalo mobster and embezzler who morphed into the media mogul who "exposed" NXIVM after welching the Bronfman sisters of a cool million dollars. Earlier this decade, a grand jury indicted him on 19 counts of fraud and embezzlement, but curiously state prosecutors dropped all charges against him apparently in exchange for his scandal rag, the Niagara Reporter, running the media campaign against the Bronfman sisters. All subsequent reporting by the New York Times, Albany Times Union, Rolling Stone, Vogue and so on are based on the "scoops" fed to Parlato by state and federal prosecutors in a state-sponsored hate campaign resembling the worst of Stasi East Germany. As proven in the phony Russiagate scam, New York law is a criminal enterprise.

Another creepy vine entangling NXIVM is the clinical psychologist Nancy Salzman, cult code name Prefect, who applied neurolinguistic programming (NLP) techniques for hidden persuasion and self-incrimination through manipulative questioning techniques. The creation of NLP owes as much to Madison Avenue ad agencies as it does to mind-control from MK-ULTRA/Tavistock. Salzman and her cult daughter were closest allies of the senator from New York Kirsten Gillibrand, an opportunistic Blue Dog Dem who converted to Hillaryism. A worm is defined as a soft-bodied cold-blooded creature without a backbone, and so these cult hangers-on are big juicy nightcrawlers.

Inventing a Luciferian Detector

Federal prosecutors have failed to disclose whether Dr. Salzman administered depressant drugs to help Raniere violate his passive "voluntary" sex slaves. To advance his sadistic research, Raniere (aka "Vanguard") in 2013 patented a device to measure the sensory responses (eyes and eyes) to detect "Luciferians", which he defined as personalities prone to enjoyment in watching scenes of pain and death. His project, however, was not to liberate psychiatric victims of MK-ULTRA but toward the opposite purpose of identifying women prone to passivity toward sexual abuse, for his own demented pleasure being a passive-aggressive sadist unable to seduce a normal woman under ordinary circumstances. Toward his own purpose of self-gratification, Mr. Hi-IQ had his gullible female followers watch screenings of violent rape scenes, snuff movies and the gratuitous violence of a prisoner eating his own brain. Let's hope this background information filters out to his cellmates after the court sends him to prison, so that his own psychiatric responses to sadistic treatment can be tested by the head-doctors with MS 13 and my fave Mongols MC.

NXIVM is a cautionary tale of how heirs and heiresses squander their fortunes without a wit of concern of the core values that guided their predecessors. Edgar Bronfman Sr., the father of the delinquent sisters, humored his daughters by paying $1 million for a week-long ESP training course, which as chairman of the board of the Seagram's whiskey empire he needed like a Gen. George Patton going to a Cub Scout camp. After the session, he told Fortune maganize that NXIVM "is a cult", which upset his adorable girls who were seeking a massive injection of cash from Daddy.

Behind the Speakeasy Door

For teetotallers, especially practicing Muslims and puritannical Protestants, any word of praise for the Prohibition-defying Brofmans is going to be hard to swallow, so forgive my worldly indiscretion. The first two generations of that esteemed Canadian clan made their fortune by catering to sin, but spent it generously toward the protection of their Jewish people in diaspora, resulting in the creation of the State of Israel. Samuel Brofman, the pioneering whiskey-man, established the Canadian Jewish Congress, the powerhouse in alliance with Japanese militarism (discussed below) that laid the foundations for modern Israel, and his son Edgar Sr., who as president of the World Jewish Congress enabled the emigration of Soviet Jewry in the 1980s, which helped to precipitate the collapse of the Soviet Union. They were movers and shakers of the first order, for sure.

By contrast, the half-brother of the NXIVM sisters, Edgar Bronfman Jr. destroyed the House of Bronfman by trading off Seagrams to the French scam called Vivendi, in hopes that he'd run the conglomerates music division, and after that disaster took over as head of Warner Music before setting up his own down-sized studio Waverley Capital. His personal swerve away from Jewish wealth and Yiddish heritage was due to his fascination with all things of African origin, including dusky-complexioned women, hip hop and related spirituality known as Voodoo. Edgar Jr. is the Eric Burden of the recording industry. (Don't get me wrong folks, The Animals are one of my favorites and part of my childhood was spent in South Central LA and Eric does not behead chickens.) So Junior's venture into the dark side of the industry has much to do with the disturbing issues that I previously probed in the strange case of Jussie Smollett, who got his release in exchange for secret testimony. Whatever the case, that's enough reason to Edgar Bronfman Jr. to steer clear of his sisters' misfortunes, killing off what little was left of family solidarity.

Sarastota Socialites

The cop-out for Third-Gen losers is to blame the parents, and in this case the daughters have some justification in demanding Daddy Edgar compensate them for a lost childhood in Kenya. As his second marriage hit the rocks, Edgar Sr. strayed off to Marbella in search of a fiery Spanish flamenco dancer but instead ran into an irresistibly charming British bird named Rita Webb, who was the carefree daughter of the Essex-rooted owner of Ye Olde Nosebag pub. Lovely Rita was neither a meter maid or an introverted Jewish girl.

The interests of a whiskey distiller and a publican are a mismatch, being natural enemies businesswise (over wholesale prices), so a divorce was inevitable. Surprisingly the couple remarried but then split again, with Rita taking the posh name "Georgina" and running off to Kenya with her girls in hot pursuit of the Darwinian paleontologist Richard Leakey, again another non-Christian suspect. The girls were sent off to a upper-class school in England, where Clare was taunted for being Jewish by a classmate, who was dispatched to a lesser school by her enraged mother (who had converted to Judaism to wed Edgar Bronfman), who knew how to settle barroom brawls. Meanwhile Mommy had a fling with Italian documentary filmmaker Lorenzo Ricciardi, who attempted but failed to murder her. Later Rita-Georgina settled down with British old-boy actor Nigel Havers. With a mom like that, no wonder the girls have issues.

As orphans of the "swinging ‘70s', is it any wonder that Clare and elder sister Sara sought out a quiet hideaway near Sarasota Springs, especially since the Clare was an avid equestrian (apparently influenced by the horse-riding Kenyan Leakey)? Contrary to the impression that the racetrack and nearby Borscht Belt resorts are upstate, Sarasota County adjoins Pennsylvania in southwestern New York State, not far from state capital Albany.

Unfortunately, the upscale Clifton Park neighborhood was a haven for wealthy Jewish women recruited by the late Pam Cafritz into Raniere's marketing group called Consumers Byline and then J-ness the forerunning of NXIVM-ESP-DOS, which was initially intended to be a sorority for Jewish women past their prime. Cafritz, a graduate of Smith College who had a strong interest in group dynamics, was the daughter of Washington socialites Bill and Buffy Cafritz. William Cafritz, son of a coal-mining and fuel delivery tycoon, sponsored lavish parties for bigwigs in the Democratic Party.

The Pizzagate Line-up and Charlie Manson

Besides Pamela, Bill and Buffy raised an adoptive son named Charles "Sandy" Wilkes (a bloodline that flows down from Capt. Charles Wilkes and John Wilkes Booth), who serves as chairman of The Washington Children's Foundation (TWCF), which funds a psychatric hospital for orphans (established by First Lady Dolly Madison to treat child victims of the War of 1812).

TWCF orphanage secretary is the African-American attorney Walter Owen Pryor who is a principle (investor) in the Podesta Group and confidant of Barack Obama. Here again is another disturbingly predictable link with Pizzagate. The Cafritz Family Foundation was a donor to Jimmy Alefantis's pet project Transformer Gallery, a center for the sordid sort of performance "art" pioneered by celebrity spirit-cooking chef Marina Abramovic. Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble for unfortunate orphans . . . . Hey guess what's on for dinner, kids?

The Cafritz office building in the capital has in the past hosted a data center for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), which of course is closely connected with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and Mossad. Another family member, the daughter-in-law of Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz, nee Charlene Lawley became part of the Charlie Manson family following her introduction to Cass Elliot of the Mamas and Papas and Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. With her divorce settlement from hubby Carter Cafritz, a DC political influencer, she purchased a Cadillac for Manson and also filmed The Family at their ranch. By the time of the Sharon Tate murder, Charlene Lawley Cafritz disappeared, officially presumed dead despite the lack of funeral or headstone, probably back into the ranks of Defense Intelligence.

Was Charlie Manson's Family a means by which Satanic elements in military intelligence kept track of their errant children involved in drugs, sex and rock'n'roll? It is well-established by now that the ‘60s West Coast music scene was overwhelmingly packed with military brats, many of them involved in intelligence and dabbling in Satanism as later openly practiced at the Temple of Set founded by Lt. Col. Michael Aquino. A psy-ops officer in the Vietnam War, Aquino is associated with the SOGs (special operation groups) involved in the Tailgate scandal linked to assassinating American captives in Laos and the ritual sacrifice of Filipina and Okinawan girls at a cult temple at Olongopo US Naval Base. This secret society of naval personnel pledged revenge against the anti-cult whistlebower officer at Subic Bay John Ramsey, the father of Jon Benet Ramsey. These events were all happening during the height of the MK-ULTRA mind-control regime and the impacts resonate to this day in Pizzagate, which is yet reach closure while John Podesta transported up to 100 ISIS fanatics from the fake-shooting at the Christchurch mosque to Paris and Colombo, Sri Lanka, with other targets still in planning.

Soros-Halperin Links

The political background to the Cafritz clan's activities in service to the Democratic Party and the Pentagon indicates that J-ness/NXIVM was a product of a hidden agenda. J-ness (Jewishness), part of the liberal Zionist rivalry with the neocon hawks at the Pentagon, was aimed at assertiveness training for Jewish women in support of the Israeli Labour Party and US Democrats on Israel policy and the bogus Middle East peace initiative in cooperation with J-Street, the liberal Jew lobby run by Morton Halperin with funding from George Soros. Pam Cafritz, a tall and outspoken woman, was the natural choice for running a boot camp to teach introverted mousy Jewish ladies how to speak out in favor of neoliberalism at home and abroad, in short, a liberal Zionist women's front.

Israel demands its share of American taxpayers money for military purposes, as facilitated by the goyim super-liberal phony peaceniks like Dianne Feinstein, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and now AOC (USAF-NASA agent in place) and Tulsi Gabbard (Central Command-Army yes-sir cadet). So it is no odd coincidence that Pamela's father Carter Cafritz, Charlenes Lawley's ex, serves as an adviser to the CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies), a defense-and-diplomacy think tank chaired by Henry Kissinger. Lester Crown, son of Henry (Hillary Rodham's initial funder), on the CSIS board of directors.

With "left" war-mongers like these hypocrites, why should anyone fear the populist right? Well for one, Kristen Gilliman, the US Senator based in the Greater Albany region, who swerved from a conservative Blue Dog Democrat position to the neoliberalism espoused by former NY Sen. Hillary Clinton and her hubby's cash-rich Clinton Foundation based in Harlem. Gillibrand should be the brand-name of a vacuum cleaner since her sole purpose up in dismal Troy was to suck up money from the Bronfman sisters and the rest of their sorority-coven. Many New York state politicians took ESP training, though the underlying motive was gaining fistfuls of the Bronfman caash.

Murder by Other Means

In 2016, Pam Cafritz died reportedly of cancer, the exact locus of which is disputed by her friends who indicated colon cancer and her sex-master Keith Raniere who claims inter-ocular "eye cancer". The creep Raniere is trying to excuse his sick sexual abuse by attributing her death to a "Luciferian" personality (of visual fixation on violent pornography). Sinfulness causes cancer, and this is coming from "the man with the world's highest IQ."

In either case, Raniere bears major responsibility for the death of several NXIVM members due to his regimen for sex slaves (though not applied to his own fat ass) of all-weather running 17 kilomcters a day on a daily diet of less than 800 calories and forcing coffee enemas on his wards. Her photo just prior to dying resembles one of those long-neck aliens from Star Wars called the Kaminoans. One of the criteria for determining a dangerous cult is persistent harm to followers and so Ranier should be sentenced to hard-labor and nightly enemas from a chain gang in Sweet Home Alabama.

The alleged abuses by NXIVM executives against less-motivated members has exposed a total inability to reinstill core values into the grandchildren generation in supporting the legacy project known as the World Jewish Congress, a former dynamo of liberal Zionism that created the State of Israel. The WJC has long since been bypassed by the "nudnik" (nerdy and stupid) religious zealots of Lithuanian Lubavitcher and Soviet-era Jewry that dominate the far-right settler poltiics of the present Jewish state.

The loss of idealism among Jews is no different from the narcissism of the goyim selfie generation wandering down the hall of mirrors of Instagram and Facebook. The kibbutzes of Israel are miseryville compared with Vermont that produces Ben and Jerry's and Bernie Sanders, or living inside the gated Jewish settlements in posh upstate New York. Elite American Jews have gone to seed in semi-retiredment with contempt for the uncouth neocons and Net-yahoos who interact with the vapid Kushners. Save your pity for the deserving, this is how spoiled kinder end up from coast to coast.

Distilling High-Proof Evil

The Bronfman clan is still condemned by the Protestant faithful for gainful violation of the 18th Amendment of the US Constitution from its passage in 1920 until it was rescinded in 1933, being impossible enforce against the Niagara Falls of bootleg flowing down from Canada. The Roaring Twenties was a colorful era of speakeasies, illegal gambling, prostitution and gang warfare, which ruined the moral character of workingmen and the upper middle class more than legal alcohol could have ever achieved. Prohibition raised the ethical issue of which to blame: the sin or the sinner, the whore or the john, the shill or the "sure winner" who loses the farm?

In short, the Bronfmans can never get a fair hearing in the US court of public opinion, being associated with and blamed for the greatest fun in American history. The Bronfmans are Satan's minions, or so the teetottalers would have us believe for all the wrong reasons. Overlooked is the good side to evil when making a deal with the Devil. So raise a shot-glass to the whiskey man in person, high priest of their Satanic Majesties.

Sammy B. In Person

My recollection of Samuel Bronfman was of a rail-thin man in a tailored silver-gray silk suit who stopped midway across the steppingstones to take in the shimmering reflections off the pond at the Heian Shrine in Kyoto. Kawasaki Aircraft had asked my mother, the only person in town with sufficient English fluency and high-society status to host the most honorable Bronfmans, loyalists of the Rising Sun. Later at dinner with his wife Sadie, of delicate tempura seasoned with seasalt rather than sauce, the Canadian tycoon eschewed alcohol, nothing more than a sip of Fushimi sake from a tiny cup, being a taster by profession and not a swiller like his customers in the Lower 48.

Though as a gentleman, he insisted on taking the tab, an impossibility in so discrete an establishment, in a rare lapse Bronfman gave up and accepted the hospitality from my mother who showed the elderly couple around the old capital following his meeting with the Jewish elders of Kobe, who had acted as liaison between the wartime Japanese militarists and a desperate Zionist movement. Of course, he realized that the bill was picked up by Kawasaki, the wartime partners of Dornier and Daimler-Benz, whose fearsome Type-5 fighters shot down hordes of American planes, and inventor of the world's first nuclear-powered bomber.

Even though his booze-smuggling trade had put him in partnership during Prohibition with Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky, Sam Bronfman was at heart an old-school gentleman of quiet demeanor, the quiet man behind the bar whose greatest gift of all was to finance the cruise ship for Jewry floated out on a sea of whiskey to former Palestine. There was nothing boastful or self-aggrandizing about him. Bronfman was content to be a servant of his people in diaspora, out in the faraway Canadian wilderness. His dark business dealings with America's most heinous gangsters was matched by Bronfman's readiness to forge a clandestine alliance with the Japanese-led Greater East Asia Co-prosperity sphere at a time when no civilized Western nation would accept Jewish refugees from Nazi-dominated Europe, especially the WASP establishment in Great Britain and the United States.

In exchange for Japanese military-intelligence agent Chiune Sugihara, under cover as a diplomat, providing visas to occupied Manchuria for Jews from Lithuania (including the Lubavitcher elite rabbis), Bronfman made arrangements with FDR's Treasury Secretary Henry Morganthau Jr. to forestall American naval intervention against Japanese territorial expansionism in China and Southeast Asia. In a show of loyalty of the Zionist cause to Imperial Japan, younger Jewish exiles in Harbin, Shanghai and Kobe enlisted in the Betar, a Zionist youth militia, to receive guerrilla warfare training from Japanese soldiers in gunnery and explosives,-handling.

A clandestine operation smuggled the vanguard of the Stern Gang (who would emerge as the Irgun guerrilla movement), into the British Palestine Mandate to launch attacks in June 1941 (five months before Pearl Harbor) against the stunned Royal Army, which culminated in the bombing of the officers quarters at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. The sabotage campaign was intended to tie up British forces in the Near East, preventing dispatch through Suez Canal of sufficient manpower to prevent the fall of Hong Kong and Malaya, with its huge Royal Navy base in Singapore, to the Japanese offensive in December 1941.

After brilliant initial victories, the Japanese suffered major defeats at Midway and the Coral Sea, and attrition campaigns ending in US Marines performing summary mass executions of prisoners, as depicted in Raoul Walsh-Norman Mailer "The Naked and the Dead". To Commander Hideki Tojo, Bronfman conveyed Morganthau's assurances that the White House would accept a truce rather impose a surrender ultimatum, according the private secretary of Foreign Minister Yosuke Matsuoka, as told to me in an interview. But then Roosevelt died.

Truman's Honest Treachery

It was President Harry Truman who broke the secret Zionist-Japanese agreement, and rather emphatically by ordering the atom-bombings, but he was unable to completely break the hidden relationship when Eleanor Roosevelt's closest confidant was Morganthau, nor could chipper Harry stop the 1952 San Francisco Treaty (which created the UN) from restoring the Zionist alliance with Japan. Samuel Bronfman did not go to the gallows for treason, but instead was rewarded by Eleanor-Morganthau and Josef Stalin for providing intelligence on enemy state Japan and was rewarded with the creation of Israel in 1949. In his secret dealings with gangsters like Capone and the war criminal Tojo, Samuel Bronfman showed nerves of steel. It was Bronfman and not the British stooge Rothschilds who had the chutzpah to finance the Irgun rebels and the cunning to create Israel.

Long after Bronfman made his deal with those Mephistos to win the gold ring, the Devil has now come asking for his due in the ruination of everything the ruination of all achieved: his grandchildren shamed, the family fortune dissipated, his beloved dream of Israel now an insane asylum for Hassidic maniacs on par with their jihadist foes, and North American Jews more devoted to #MeToo sexual affairs and occultism than to any semblance of religious heritage. Ambition has proven to be the seed of destruction.


The fall from a real hero (or arch-villain to his foes and victims) into the fantasy realm of fake superheroes is shown in Burnaby, British Columbia, the main recruitment center for NXIVM and the location (standing in for Kansas) of "Smallville", the adoptive hometown of the lad from Planet Krypton named Kal-El. The DC comic book writer Jerry Siegel based that fictive name on his Lithuanian Jewish mother's maiden name Khaikel. As an alternative to the hidden name of God, "El" was the common (or corrupted) word for identification of the divinity, shared with the idolotrous Akkadians and Phoenicians. This corruption by the worldly (albeit another planet) enabled the creation of the Superman myth, and it accounts for the heretical tone and dark mood that pervades Smallville as a teenage Sodom and Gomorrah of troubled emotions and sexual guilt.

In this perspective, the temptresses Kristen Kruek (Lana Lane) and Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan) take on a darker role in the seducation of the Judeo-Protestant youth Clark Kent. More than 1,600 residents of Vancouver participated in NXIVM seminars, a talent pool from which dozens of women were selected to join the cult's inner circle. It turns out that Vancouver has been a vortex for self-help groups that spun off from Scientology, teaching similar rationalistic approaches to overcoming negative emotional impediments to personal fulfillment. Raniere's doctrine of rational inquiry is likewise nothing original but a blatant copyright violation of Ron Hubbard methology.

Burnaby-Vancouver-Victoria apparently holds the key to the mystery behind the demise of NXIVM, not for its copycat Scientology method but for Raniere's dabbling in occult practices, as shown in his patented "Luciferian Detector", a means to identify potential sex slaves. The cold clinical device would be considered an affront to the lesbian wiccans of the "Satanic Capital of the World", the city of Victoria just across the Georgia Strait from the docks of Vancouver. The "Executive Success" promised by NXIVM, however, was effective as a lure, since the objective of most Satanists is to get rich, and some 1,600 locals pay huge fees for EST training

Satan's Throne

The Luciferian roots in the Pacific Northwest (also called Southwestern Canada) goes back to Royal Navy Captain Charles Wilkes, a sadistic imperialist and top degree holder in a darkside British Masonic Lodge who inspired the character Captain Ahab in Melville's Moby Dick. He was the grand-nephew of John Wilkes, Lord Mayor of the City of London, who was son of Israel, a distiller, and also a member of the Hellfire Club, a social group devoted to libertine sexualperversion, closely connected with the Rothschild secret society the Order of Illuminati. The legacy then is of a secretive and highly structured heirarchy of Satanists among Anglo-American-Jewish elitists.

Although he was only briefly in the PacNW, Wilkes cast a long shadow over the regions. The Seattle-Vancouver region was the favored location for occult films and shows like Twilight, Twin Peaks, iZombie, Night Stalker, Night Strangler, ad nauseum, for a good reason, its wealth of occult sites including Marrowstone Island (birthplace of the novel Twilight) and the Satanic ritual platforms at old Fort Worden. Let's not leave out Portland, Oregon, the bedroom community for night stranglers.

In contrast to the athletic eager-beaver Cafritz who naively forked over sex partners to Raniere, Allison Mack played a more dubious role, as shown in her drawing of Raniere as Jabba the Hutt and herself as a captive Princess Leia Organa. In one recalls beyond the disgustingly perverse licking in that Star Wars episode, the princess manages to wrap her chain around his fat neck and strangles to death that slimey crime lord. Leia goes from sex slave to assassin Valkyree, nice work for a girl whose father is a world-class opera tenor.

Now those who have viewed the phone video of Keith Raniere's arrest by Mexican police in Puerto Vallarta, Allison chases the police car speeding away as if she was Chloe Sullivan rescuing her boyfriend. How among the cult followers had the presence of mind to video this drama? It also turns out that Allison Mack was then married to a boyish lesbian named Nicki Clyne, who had bit roles in Smallville.

"Smallville" was a production of Warner Brothers Studio, and it so happens that at the same time Warner Music was owned and managed by one Edgar Bronfman Jr. Was Allison sent in by the CIA and MI-6 to "protect" the elite children of Mexican presidents, including Carlos Salinas and a niece of Vicente Fox, from the clutches of Raniere? The NXIVM connections indicates more of the political elite in Mexico have Jewish bloodlines and secret faith than reported. Or was the actual motive sibling rivalry between Edgar Jr. and his half-sisters over the declining Bronfman fortunes frittered away by the foolhardy schemes of both sides of the family? And did this conflict reflect a struggle between the Satanism of the music and film industry versus the rational inquiry of NXVIM? If that's the case, let there be a pox on both these houses. The Bronfmans have had their day, so let's be done with them. End of Story.

Decoding NXIVM

The esoterica of the Kabbalah (to which an outsider has only limited access) points to the following interpretation, that on my part can only be at some distance. Though lacking an official codebook, let me try to crack this cipher.

XIV compromises the Latin-Roman number 14. The symbology arises from the 28-day lunar month, during its waxing the full Moon appears on the 14th night, the nearly magical moment of high tides, ovulation and the powerful emotional tug that promotes sexual union and procreation, all being consonant with a girl becoming an adult at the turning point of adolescence, the time to enter a sorority to learn the secrets of womanhood.

N is the 14th letter of both the Hebrew (pronounced nun) and English alphabets, which signifies the the expanding womb or belly in pregnancy, in Hebrew meaning a fish (the denizen of water, for instance, an embryo or an initiate yet to attain knowledge of the world), and the related journey of trials and tribulations toward the vaginal canal and the birth ordeal, and thus representative of the historical experience of the Jewish people from Genesis through to the Egyptian sojourn and the Exodus to the wilderness, those challenging decades before the death of Moses and Joshua's triumphant conquest of the Land of Milk and Honey. These growth pains also are related to a girl's transition through puberty into early adulthood with its challenges of menstrual maturity and discovery of female sexuality culminating in the fearsome and much desired trauma of loss of virginity.

How am I doing so far in making sense of this puzzle? On the other side of the lunar cycle and life experience comes M, standing for the waning of the Moon, the movement from fullness toward extinction, which in human life is equated with Death. At the 13th letter of both the Hebrew (meme) and English alphabets, its movement is therefore a cyclical return back toward the starting point, in the cycle of life, from the height of our powers back toward eventual helplessness due to infirmities and weakness, yet with the benefit of experience, knowledge and wisdom that enables acceptance of loss and the passing on of heritage. The passage of return brings us back to water of oceanic beginnings, union with the underworld, reentry into the labyrinth of the Cosmos from which we arose.

N also stands for November and M for May, indicating the half-year circle from the decay of autumn though the Winter Solstice into a new spring, a time of rebirth, merriment and sexual intercourse as symbolized by the Maypole. For the middle-aged women of J-ness/NXIVM, these letters promise rejuvenation and a second chance at youth, which unfortunately put them into the clutches of the maniacal satyr Keith Raniere. Never has there been a better argument for chemical castration.