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The U. N. Trojan Horse


Jim Kirwan



The UN has brought rack and ruin to the United States in every area of American Life.

The same has been true for every area of world conflict.

It's time to dissolve this Trojan Horse

And all of its creators forever.

The United Nations had a precursor,The League of Nations:That failed institution was created by Woodrow Wilson who signed away America's right to print our own money, in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Bank was illegally created. The League of Nations was dissolved because:


The exact same fate should befall “the current UN” because since its creation, The United Nations, has repeatedly failed in its duties consistently; ever since it was forced upon the peoples of the world. Everywhere the UN has gone, massive criminal activity has increased: Sexual slavery, the selling of body-parts, increases in the marketing of guns, drugs, and in all types of crime, not to mention global-trafficking in antiquities.

Everywhere the blue-helmets go, chaos always follows: The introduction of the UN anywhere has always spelled disaster for the people in any nation that has allowed these tyrants to enter, because the UN spells death for the people they are supposedly invited-in to protect. The last thing that any nation needs now is to involve the UN in the 5 year long global attack on Syria.

Irony of Ironies the same traitor that brought America the Federal Reserve was also the criminal that tried to force the world into the League of Nations: Woodrow Wilson was also the first U.S. President to call for

A New World Order”. Wilson's suggested method to introduce the NWO to the world was to be his “League of Nations”.

    On January 10, 1920, the League of Nations formally comes into being when the Covenant of the League of Nations, ratified by 42 nations in 1919, takes effect.”

The League of Nations:

Don't you wonder why 'nothing ever works' in the globally-structured world of not just the UN but all of their fake-institutions they have used to dominate the planet? All of them sound “international” and powerful, but they're all just criminals hiding inside all the various Trojan Horses that we have allowed them to create, to shred our lives and murder the global-populations in every area of human life. The answer is simple:

Nothing works because we've allowed them to take control over every facet of our lives, and just like ants we scurry about trying to stay out of the path of the globally directed sickle's that descend upon the human race each and every day.

Dissolving the United Nations seems like a great place to start.

In reality we have the power to evict the UN from the U.S.

Just as we have the power to shut down the Federal Reserve

or prosecute the traitors throughout this government...

So WHY have we done none of those things?


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