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Amerika's Trojan Horse

By Jim Kirwan


Amerika has had a Trojan Horse inside the United States since just before the creation of Israel ­ both of which were brought into us by Dirty-Harry-Truman. Our Trojan-Horse arrived shortly after Israel, the CIA and the National-Defense Council were created, and almost no-one paid any attention until it rebranded itself as AGENDA-21.

Of course there were literally hundreds of clues, hints and massive international-crimes, rapes, torture and murders in broad-daylight were being committed by thugs in their little-blue helmets, all over the world. But until Bosnia was able to unmask what the U.N. was really all about; the world just put up with it as just another overreach of the global-imperial-elite.

Then when Bush 41 pre-maturely “recognized” several break-away republics after the death of Tito and Czechoslovakia ­ Clinton continued the Bush 41 crimes: Bringing in NATO to bomb whatever remained back to the Stoneage. The “ruins” were then “managed” by the UN. The world then discovered that sex-trafficking and drugs were being run on a massive scale inside Bosnia. The entire criminal-episode was privatized and protected by the U.N. By that time we should have demanded global-investigations ­ but the only global-organization responsible for these global-crimes was again the same organization that had committed the crimes which needed to be investigated.

By the time of the illegal-pre-emptive strike against Iraq, by Bush 43, the UN had already dropped the global-ball a number of times, and by-then has lost credibility on the global-stage. Also by then the UN censorship of Israeli-crimes in Palestine and elsewhere were always ignored and still the rest of the world did nothing.

So why do we have a global-organization to prevent crimes as well as to censor nations that violate international-laws: If every time Israel breaks every one of those agreements, nothing is ever done to Israel for her lawless international behavior! The War-on-Iraq went forward, based on WMD’s that finally had to be revealed as non-existent in Iraq: Yet again there was no demand from the United Nations to stop the war and withdraw the troops—because there was no reason at all for that war to have been started, much less to keep on fighting, as if no ruling on WMD’s had ever occurred!

The United Nations is a globally-criminal-organization

Desperately in need of dissolution

By 2006, Israel decided that she wanted to take over all of Lebanon; so she attacked Lebanon again. The first time Israel had attacked Lebanon she leveled Beirut from the air. In 2006 she assembled her tanks and planes to just overrun all opposition and take Lebanon, as part of her biblical-birthright to the entire Greater State of Israel.

Hezbollah was formed for the protection of Lebanon after that first attack. That’s why Hezbollah fought back in 2006, and held Israel to within five miles of the border. Again the world appealed to the U.N. to stop the carnage and the illegal attack upon Lebanon a sovereign-nation that had not attacked Israel. The U.N. remained silent expecting Israel to finish that war and thereby not make any further decisions a requirement. But Israel FAILED, again.

After Israel was stopped dead in her tracks, Israel demanded another 30 days to finish off their illegal attack on Lebanon: Again the criminally-culpable UN caved-in and let Israel stumble around until it was clear to the world that Israel had had their miserable asses handed to them by Hezbollah. (1)

The above was the historical-overview until a few years ago when AGENDA 21 was unleashed upon the United States by Bush, the U.N. and the Old World Order that calls itself the New World Order.

"Agenda 21 is the 1992 United Nations real declaration on the environment and development. It is the agenda for the twenty-first century for a 'Brave New World' where everything that you've cherished and held true will no longer exist.

Agenda 21 defines itself as 'the comprehensive plan of action' to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations systems. It also elevates nature above man and it contains something called the Precautionary Principle ­ where basically you're guilty until proven innocent. Sustainable Development is the philosophy designed to bring human beings across the globe under the full control of a narrow human-elite. It's a forty chapter document to basically control the world. It's based entirely on social control mechanisms." (This was what George H. W. Bush had in mind when he introduced the need for a New World Order on September 11, 1990)” (2)

The question before the world right now is why the hell should we continue to tolerate this criminal-organization that has been a colossal-failure in every area and in every sense of any term that might relate to a global-anything! The U.N. is not a nation-state it’s a building sitting in New York City and it’s nothing but a figment of the imagination of people who live by paper-rules and fake-regulations.

The UN has no money of its’ own, except what they’ve been able to steal from others. For decades the US didn’t bother paying our annual dues, because the USA was convinced that the UN was a joke. It began with the Korean War, which is still unfinished: So how could anyone take them seriously? From Korea to the present crisis the UN is just another heap of useless-diplomatic-trash that should be dropped into the nearest high-security-incinerator where all obsolete diplomatic-communications are most often destroyed.

Today there’s another nation that’s being threatened with a Trojan Horse of our design. That nation is Iran. Iran is another sovereign-nation that has been viciously-screwed by the U.N. thru a series of sanctions: THIRTY-YEARS of sanctions to be precise. If the name of the “United Nations” was real, they would have halted these sanctions as defacto ACTS of WAR against Iran. But since the UN is nothing but a slave-actor on a third-rate stage-set that serves USI & Israel ­ absolutely nothing at all was done ­ or will ever be done to protect the Iranian Nation that is still under attack by the West.

'After many years of failure and damaged by 10 years of war, the Greeks build a giant wooden horse and weave planks of fir over its ribs...They pretend it’s a religious offering to their gods and this rumor spreads...But inside the horse, the Greeks have secretly hidden a select group of armed warriors...Then Laocoon, the priest of Troy, rushes down eagerly from the heights of the citadel to confront and warn the people of Troy, shouting--

‘O unhappy citizens, what madness is this? Do you think the enemy has sailed away? Do you think any Greek gift is free of treachery? Either there are Greeks hiding inside the horse, or the horse has been built as a machine to destroy our walls or spy on our homes...In any case, it hides within it some trick to be used against us...People of Troy, do not trust this horse. Whatever it is, I’m afraid of Greeks, even those bearing gifts...’

--from “The Aeneid” by the Latin poet Virgil…

Despite all the political kissy-face and eye-batting taking place these days on the part of the Obama administration towards the Islamic Republic of Iran, beginning first with the phone call from the White House to newly elected President Dr. Hassan Rouhani, followed by talk of sanctions being lifted and then the recent deal signed between Iran and the P5+1, let the world be clear nevertheless in understanding that America, the West and all the other tentacled heads making up the Zionist Hydra are fully intent upon seeing Iran destroyed, brick by brick and bone by bone.

There has been no 'conversion' as far as America is concerned...She has not 'seen the light', recognized the error of her ways and had her 'coming to Jesus' moment...She is not falling on her knees before Iran, beating her breast penitently while begging forgiveness for her many, many sins...

Nor has she (or the Zionist interests firmly in control of her) been defeated, as her subordinate posturing to Iran would seem to suggest.

Quite the contrary. The entire spectacle now on display before 12 billion eyes on planet earth is nothing more than a ruse of sorts, a type of political shape-shifting no different in essence than the wolf dressing up as grandma in the children's story in order to make dinner a much easier task.

No, despite the very diplomatic language and Oscar-winning performances presently on display from Obama & Co, the fact nevertheless is that they do not see Iran as a sovereign country to be respected and treated accordingly.

Rather, what they see in Iran is a fortified city - much like Troy in Virgil's Aeneid - that has thus far successfully resisted all the invasive maneuvers the West has deployed against her for over 3 decades. The result of this is that Iran is no closer to becoming yet another Middle Eastern country firmly under the control of Zionist political/financial and military interests than the Moon stands the chance of becoming Mars.

Much like the Greeks in the epic poem where the protracted siege against Troy has taken a heavy toll in terms of money, men and material - but more importantly, in terms of international prestige - so too has Iran made a monkey out of the United States, Israel and the West by refusing to go the way of other nations who have cut deals with this multi-headed monster headquartered in Washington D.C. and Tel Aviv and in the process, cut their own throats.

And it is for this reason then that the American/Zionist version of the Trojan Horse has been placed at the gates of Tehran in the form of rapprochement and detente. Feigning defeat, the entire drama is as much a Hollywood production as Obama's Nobel Peace Prize of years past, a mere exercise in deception and done entirely in the interests of having Iran open the gates to her well-protected city so that - as in the Aeneid - a nighttime invasion may take place.

The world - and especially Iran - should not make the mistake of thinking there is any substantive difference between the mass murderer George W. Bush and the mass murderer Barack Obama. Just because Obama has not employed the same strategies as his predecessor (per se) does not mean he does not possess the same proclivities for shedding innocent blood, because he certainly does.

The only difference between what the powers-that-be have planned for Iran vs. what they have already done in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya is scale. Rather than the apocalyptic 'shock and awe' inflicted by the madman George W. Bush, where ancient cities were subjected to the hellfire of American munitions, bunker buster bombs and the like, the destruction planned for Iran will be slow, insidious and imperceptible, similar in many respects to being poisoned to death slowly.Mark Glenn’s article on Press TV (3)

The article continues to point out that Israel & the US will probably try to tempt Iranians by offering the Persians the same ‘temptations’ which westerners would snatch in a heart-beat (as apparently Netanyahu & Obama believe that Iranians will dump their own past) and simply lung to grab the western-imitation-of-life which Amerikan’s could never refuse.

Iranians have lost millions of family members in the wars the west has waged against Iran since the 1960’s. The graves of those dead are in Iran and they are aware of their history; regarding the US and the WEST, as well as Israel. I know a number of Iranians that have explained carefully to me, as if I were a child, that Iran is not “like” other countries in the region, or for that matter the world. Therefore despite this seemingly perfectly contrived plot by Netanyahu (as of course he and his outlaws) would go for the bait without even blinking: The same cannot be said about the Persians.

Only time will tell

I believe that Iran will remain steadily committed

To their own real interests - regardless of whatever plots

The Dark-Forces of the Region

Might be trying to lay before them.

Amerika needs to deal with our own Trojan-Horses. We need to dissolve the Disunited Nations and scatter their delegates to the six directions from which they came! That’s a requirement for living if we are to survive the coming atrocities which have been planned by everyone involved in the U.N. since the day it was conceived!

1) Who Will Stop the Countdown

2) The Ninth Wave ­ Agenda 21

3) U.S. Trojan Horse at the Gates of Tehran



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