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The Troika & Tar Baby


By Jim Kirwan


To steal the wealth of the world the Troika of International Vulture Capitalism has attempted to ‘restructure reality’ through the European Central Bank (ECB), the European Commission (EC), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF); augmented by NATO and the UN, overseen by Israel and enabled by USI. What is happening now instead of dealing with the problems, is that in several regions of the planet a giant Tar-Baby has been created that has entangled politics, economics and global-war-crimes in ways that cannot be dealt with: Without a total restructuring of the flawed and dying monetary system of the world.

Regardless of the theater of operations, the common denominators’ globally begin with the flawed assumption that the world “needs” the globally-criminal banks that created this massively illegal global debt in the first place.

The truth is that no nation on earth “NEEDS” these criminal banks or the Troika for anything except to use them for target practice.

All of this latest round began with the hijacking of the public to bail out the banks that have been playing roulette with other people’s money since the beginning: And since this false flag began, the banks around the planet have continued to plunder their customers and the nations of the world, to cover their flagrant abuses of all that money that was never theirs in the first place.

The current flash point is happening in Greece with the EU, NATO and the Troika that are demanding repayment of the artificially imposed debts that were not valid because “Austerity” has never been an effective way to convert any endangered economy into a viable state: And that, after all is said and done, is what is at issue especially within the EU.

Yesterday Paul Craig Roberts was asked about all this and what he would do if he were a financial advisor in Greece, to the newly elected government there. His response to this query begins at 4min into the video.

“… You know I was intrigued by the report that the Russian government had offered financing to Greece. So if I was the Greek Finance Minister, prime minister I’d be tempted to just default on the Debt and line up with Russia. Because if you ‘defaulted’ you would be ‘debt free’ you would have a ‘perfect credit rating and therefore you could borrow from the Russians and that would begin the unwinding of the EU. Because Italy would follow, Spain would follow, so Russia has a chance to unwind the EU.

RT: How realistic is that scenario? And if it does happen is Russia in any position to be handing out money to countries defaulting on their debt right now?

PCR: “Oh sure. Sure. And if they aren’t their strategic partner China is. And the BRIC bank: You know they’ve set up this bank that allegedly has a hundred billion dollars. So I do think if the BRIC’S wanted to reduce the pressure on them, from the United States and the American puppet states in Europe they could do that; it would be a brilliant stroke to acquire Greece, because as I said Italy and Spain would follow.

And of course the EU is under other pressure because of the very hostile American moves against Russia. This now worries Germany and now France (as they) see they’re being pushed into confrontation that doesn’t benefit them, but they don’t want, so you really have the EU under two pressures.

One the refusal to make any ‘reasonable deal’ with the indebted countries and second they are pressed by Washington into hostile actions against Russia that’s against their interests. So the whole system is under tremendous pressure right now…

RT: …Paul if you were negotiating for the Greek government right now what would you do?

JPR: “Well I’m much more radical than they are. I would call up Putin and say: ‘Is that loan offer real?’ And if he said ‘yes’ then I would call up the creditors and say ‘we default and we’re not paying a cent.’ ~ Then I’d reopen the Greek central Bank and start issuing Greek currency…”

US port strikes continue, Paul Craig Roberts on Greece

The first story in this video lays out the strike at the US Ports on the West Coast; the effects of which are already hitting home in us grocery stores.

The real story behind the seemingly intractable crisis in Greece, is not about Greece it’s about the potential unwinding of the entire EU which would be absolute poetic justice, given that the Troika and the West has created this entire nightmare to destroy the EU, while they cripple Russia to the breaking point at the same time. Because if the end result of all this blackmail ends up strangling the very creatures that set out to shut down all opposition to the hegemony of US interests worldwide—then that blow would be something from which the fake-West can never recover from…


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