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Triumph Of Double Speak

By Jim Kirwan


When the New Millennium was planned it was created to be the crowning achievement of tyranny and treason over all of humanity: Not just in the USA but throughout the world.

What we are seeing with the empty-release of the totally redacted non-report on the CIA’s part in “torture” that was blatant from 2003 until this moment. This farce is the government’s idea of “dealing with” some of the most grievous crimes committed in history, in order to try to move forward without charging anyone with any of the global-crimes that were created to finish the destruction of human society worldwide.

This week we are being shown the death of words and the language itself when it comes to “fake-justifications” for the decades of global-crimes that will never go away until those responsible for these global-barbarities are tried and punished publicly for trying to kill or steal the entire planet. This supposed “report” is the height of arrogance which surrounds the idea that anyone could ever believe this blatant attempt to deceive what remains of the world today.

U.S. of Torture

Filthy Harry Truman who created the CIA along with the UN and Israel’s phony papers to join the community of nations which gave Israel entre to everything illegal in this nation, since Wilson illegally gave away the American right to print our own money to the Rothschild’s and their criminal banking system, just over one hundred years ago in 1913.

The arrival of the New Millennium was supposed to be the crowning achievement over all those previous contributing crimes from 1913 forward, that was supposed to have ended already in the total surrender of the entire world at the feet of these unworldly monsters that are claiming to be both “The Exceptional People”, in the case of Israel: And “The Exceptional Nation” in the case of the now defeated USA.

Yet even after all these years: U.S. Inc. has still not succeeded in finishing off their organized murder of the people of the old United States? Something continues to go wrong with their plans: Because by now most of us should all be dead and the filth who claim to own us should be reigning in their self-professed victories over all of us, instead of hiding behind the threadbare curtains and trying to figure out what the hell to do next?

We know the public is fearful of what’s coming: What too many have overlooked is that those who want to murder the public are also gutless in the extreme. But they know the truth that the public remains unaware of. That’s that they don’t have the numbers or the trained ‘troops’ to do what they keep on promising to do to the public. They can indeed make examples of us; one city at a time but if the mood of the public spreads they will be as helpless as bumble-bees trapped in a jar just waiting for their air to run out.

Moreover, the Barbarians have made several of the ultimate mistakes according to Sun Tzu. The 8,000 year old expert on war recommends that no attacking force should ever completely surround their enemy ­ because with “nothing left to lose” any enemy will fight much harder than if they had been left a way to just escape. And of course Sun Tzu condemns entirely the idea of believing in your own PR ­ something which these bumbling fools have been doing since day one!

Remember this was never about “capturing people” or defeating anyone: This is and always was about exterminating over 95% of the planet. Because the global public still doesn’t understand this clearly, we’re all about to sink in the quicksand unless we free ourselves from this global tar-baby and end the lives of those that designed this nightmare from the beginning…

If the mercenaries continue to do what they’ve been doing it’s likely that we’ll all have to fight along with those who will be voting from the rooftops. If that starts, it will only be a short time before ammunition (all those billions of rounds of hollow-point bullets) and the real power in the coming war switches sides to bring it all to an abrupt end; inside what will by then be a war-torn Disunited States in permanent Denial.

The real problem is that once the public has to turn to their own weapons, the multiple millions of those weapons - then those weapons cannot be put down until the war is over: No one will win anything if that happens, which is why “REAL ARRESTS & PROSECUTIONS” are really the only way out of this; if anyone wants to have a world to continue to live in any longer.

When it comes to the misuse of words themselves to capture that which is otherwise unattainable; the creatures running Kiev have come up with their own term for what is being done. “Lus-tra-tion” at 4min 35 sec to 6 min.

This term is meant to cleanse a new regime from the remnants of the past”

Look at what Ukraine has done, then ask yourself

Why have we not already done the same to our criminal politicians?

Congress only has an 8% approval rate why not throw them in the trash?

It is also worth remembering that the ‘storied future’ that so many of the criminals that have occupied the White House since I was old enough to be involved, almost always concentrate on “The Future” as if it were somehow magic or imbued with special powers to save the world and make everything “alright” again? What utter garbage. All that anyone needs to remember is that “today” was Yesterday’s “tomorrow”. And incidentally now that we’re talking about having quadrillions more laid upon our already broken backs, because we still refuse to blame those who created these crimes that will not go away until we arrest the creatures that created those fake-debts and all that bogus money… no wonder everything only gets worse and worse and yes even worse!

How can the world go anywhere when nothing that anyone says anymore actually means anything at all?

It’s almost time to say good-night Amerika…


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