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Triple Threat From Tijuana Sewage Spill

By Dr Patricia Doyle PhD

Hello Jeff - Obviously, Mexico does not care that the disease-infected pollution from the sewage pipe break in Tijuana that made its way to the US and Southern California.  They did not have the decency to warn the US about the spill.

Typhus, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B are just some of the diseases associated with the pollution due to the spill.

We are told that Texas now has cases of Typhus and the cause in Texas is (here we go again, cats, heat and poverty)  Not one word about the real culprit, illegals infected with the disease.  They carry Typhus in their blood and then fleas find a blood meal and become infected and spread across the southern part of the State of Texas.

Now SoCal has to worry about Typhus and other diseases due to the spill of raw sewage spewing from the broken pile in Tijuana.  Now So Cal and San Diego and various beach towns in Southern California have to worry about the sewage.

This problem with sewage from Mexico making its way to the Southern California towns and cities along the Pacific is more habitual and not an isolated case.

Thus far we have Armadillos causing Leprosy in Florida, dogs causing Chaghas in Texas, now cats get the blame for Typhus in Texas.  Combine that with poverty which has always existed in the border towns but new is the huge amount of illegals from Mexico and all over the world.  The CDC and WHO does not want to talk about the real cause of third world diseases hitting yhe US because the cause is obvious, illegals.  Chagas from Mexico and Latin America, Typhus from Mexico, Leprosy from Mexico, and Africa, India and the Caribbean, and TB from Africa, Mexico and elsewhere across the globe coming into the US via illegals.

We have all sorts of diseases that are sexually transmitted like HIV Aids, STDs and TB spreading by the rapists from Somalia and elsewhere in Africa and the Middle East and other illegals with tendencies to rape white women.

The government attempts to take the attention away from the illegals and savages coming into the US as refugees and migrants but blaming global warming (does not exist and is only a means to redistribute wealth from the fist world to the third world.) They also blame cats, and poverty.  I am not buying this lame excuse.

The first world is starting to see diseases that were once cured in the USf but now with the influx of savages and invaders are coming back to the US with a vengeance.


Triple Threat From Tijuana Sewage Spill

posted: Friday, March 10, 2017 1:03 pm

by Toni McGowan | 0 comments

In a scathing message Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina, reported “the largest spill of raw sewage into the Tijuana River in...over a decade and possibly longer.” While the sewage system has failed before, it has never been at this “scale and magnitude.” The March 1, 2017, Union Tribune (UT) reported “Mexican agencies gave no alert of the pipe repair to their US counterparts. That article hinted at Mexico intentionally causing the disastrous flow”... and “Mexican authorities have yet to give a full accounting.” “Lawmakers, regulators and environmental groups in San Diego...called on US federal officials to investigate.”

The pollution followed the usual silt flow path north to Imperial Beach, Coronado, and beyond. For 18-days guests at the prestigious Hotel Del Coronado and others were not warned of the contaminated water. Since the cover-up was exposed, people are still urged “to stay out of the water because toxins in the sewage can sicken or kill swimmers.” Marine life, sea birds, and sea mammals were found dead along the shoreline and are likely the victims of the poisonous waters.

First in the triple threat from raw sewage is National Security; specifically our Navy SEALs. The toxins in the water put at risk Special forces - who train in those waters and the beaches from Imperial Beach to Coronado. Adding to this risk are more personnel coming to the area with the new Naval Coastal (Warfare)’Campus underway. A former Frogman who trained in Coronado stated sewage was a problem even in the 1950s and ’60s. “Operating teams probably will not be affected as much as the training classes - particularly if there is a hell-week in progress. The Navy will likely move the training to Pendleton or some other site temporarily.” This calls into question the Navy’s decision to place the prestigious campus amid known recurrent pollution with no plan for mitigation.

Second in the triple threat is Public Health. There are risks to civilians, vacationers, and children, especially those who annually attend YMCA Camp Surf from a wide range of diseases. In the past, testing has shown typhus, hepatitis A and B, Flesh eating bacteria, and other dangerous pathogens in the waters of the otherwise pristine beaches of Coronado and Imperial Beach. Increase in Parvo cases for dogs have been unofficially reported by local residents on social media.

Third in the triple threat is the delicate environment. According to the Tijuana River Valley Regional Park, the river basin “is home to two dozen sensitive species, and more than 340 bird species have been spotted—more than two-thirds of the total species seen in the entire county!” Scientists also report new life forms and plant devouring pests evolving and breeding in and on the fecal matter of the wetlands. In 2015 an unexplained and rapid invasion of the hole-shot borer/fungus was discovered and it does not respond to insecticide, fungicide, or trapping. The pests have infected most of the willows, which in turn, threaten the endangered Least Bell’s Vireo bird. Avocado groves are at extreme risk of this pest.

Meticulously, Imperial Beach’s Mayor Dedina has in the past “documented illegal sewage flows and then got them shut down even when authorities denied they were occurring.” Dedina clarified the “difference between storm related runoff and the deliberate dumping of raw sewage.” And while there were heavy rains, this long-term spill appears to be dumping of raw sewage - with no thought to health and without agreed upon warnings.

The agency in charge of monitoring sewage spills on the US side of the border is the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) in San Diego, who belatedly reported that 143 million gallons of raw sewage from Tijuana poured into US waters from Feb. 6 through 23, 2017. “During this time - multiple queries were made to the IBWC and to authorities in Baja” due to smells noted by residents. “What was remarkable and exasperating and now possibly criminal, was the deafening silence from authorities on both sides of the border, despite the overwhelming evidence - that a major sewage spill was occurring’” stated Dedina.

In July 2016, Mayor Dedina had demanded Ed Drusina, Director of IBWC be fired; arguing Drusina “wasn’t doing his job to represent the interests of the residents of South San Diego.” Dedina’s concerns are amplified “with US-Mexico relations at a new low,” and he expressed further concern that sewage spill cover-ups could “be the new normal.” He joins with other lawmakers who are calling for a federal investigation to ensure the public can rely on communication safeguards between international agencies. It is time for a permanent solution to the devastation of sewage on all creatures who share this wonderful coastline.