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The Trial Of Israel?

By Jim Kirwan

The world has continued to fail to put USI or Israel

on Trial for their global-crimes against humanity.


If such a global event were to ever happen, then here are more unresolved global war crimes that need to be added to those mentioned yesterday…

Calculating the Impossible

A reader writes:

Don’t forget the Young (Jew)Turks genocide of the (Orthodox) Armenians. (1.5 million Massacred in 1915)

Of course, one should also include the entire apparatus of the Corporations and their continual manufacturing of death for money, let alone the job problems for every single worker. Workers are just slaves to them.” (Sub-humans are what workers have become world-wide).

Then ask yourself why there is no draft? Well that would include Jews again and most had to find various ways out, the last time Religious, Medical School, Government and educational deferments, etc were used…


The Day The U.S. Died!

So I tend to think their numbers are underrepresented among front line troops (totally unlike the situation during WWII). As we see in Gaza they are quite human and are killed at quite a rate above what they expected. I’m sure they are reevaluating the whole thing this weekend…

They KNOW where all the tunnels are and it scared them, but then it became an excuse to just go on killing school kids and hospitals water and food etc. It’s so bad, they are even allowing some supplies in, in some sort of weird sicko media ploy, "Look we are not so bad afterall "? Ya got to be kidding me!

This has been a death camp for 50 years! Nothing can hide that fact. It all looks so desperate, what are they not telling us about their doomed Zion?

I think it’s the fact that they are not reproducing and falling further and further behind racially.” (In today’s world the Palestinians outnumber Jews throughout Palestine 3 to 1)

Kids are literally overrunning most countries now, it’s become a pandemic of kids: Yet one hardly sees one kid in Israel today, (maybe) they abort their own in some sort of child sacrifice?

What? Some sort of fetal stem cell longevity scenario to overcome incestuous genetic failures? Tay-Sacks disease or some other genetic failure of their race? Something deep is going down.” Semper Fi

Brzezinski’s Plan to stop the carnage in Gaza

The UN was born in 1945; the papers were signed in the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco. Three years further on, Truman proposed the admission of "Israel" a then non-existent state, to join the UN. Since that day the United Nations has done absolutely NOTHING TO HINDER the Global Zionist designs.

Consequently, Brzezinski’s suggestions herein do not go far enough to end the slaughter of the Palestinians. Simply admitting Palestine to a supposed world-body is meaningless, when that body has never shown any spine at all, in anything that in any way might ever interfere with Israel's plans for the world.

The War in Lebanon in 2006 furnished clear and unambiguous proof of all that I just said - and if anything - the UN is even more cowardly today than they were in 2006.

There is no point in having a "UN" when they have claimed the right to control all the weapons in the world: While also claiming the right to total-control over all US border polices while introducing and expanding the massive influx of illegal immigrants that come thru the same borders they are now claiming the right to control.

The UN is also the author of this continuing global crime against humanity which is called AGENDA 21. In light of all of this, which includes the UN’s massive FAILURE TO ACT to protect human life anywhere on this planet - (they just announced that NATO has been made the official-military arm of the UN).

Regardless of everything they haven't done - and all their empty rhetoric, not only has the UN never chosen to ever act against the most vicious nations on earth - but they have still not chosen to come between Israel and her desire to genocide the 1.8 million Palestinians and the 1.4 million Ukrainians.

"Admitting Palestine to the UN" is a gross insult in light of everything that’s becoming clear now ­ including the fact that it has been the UN all along who has been RESPONSIBLE FOR THE 66 YEARS of torture, murder and imprisonment of the same people which the UN still refuses to protect from death or to even investigate their plight, at the hands of the Beasts of Zion!

If anyone wanted to send a message to Israel: Then that message should come in a full out military attack on Tel Aviv that would level that city to the same place that Gaza has been living in for over sixty years. Maybe then Israel might understand what it means to have a "mutual understanding" about what these crimes against civilians has always been about?

Of course that suggestion is not possible given the state of the world today!

What is possible and must be done is that Israel must be blocked from any and all communication with the rest of the world. Banned from trade with any other nation, especially USI. TOTAL SANCTIONS AGAINST ISRAEL, FINANCIAL, MILITARY OR HUMANITARIAN which would amount to the same thing and could simultaneously send the same message as the leveling of Tel Aviv which is impractical.

The Beast of Zion must be smashed totally if there is to ever be any form of peace anywhere in the world... Israel must be forced to feel exactly what their victims have been living in for the last 66 years - because unless that happens in some form, nothing will ever change - except to get worse for everyone else still living in the world today...’

Mystery Bombings over Ukraine

Fighter bombers attacking civilian targets in Eastern Ukraine, flying with Ukrainian Air Force markings, have been traced to air bases in Romania, Moldova and Azerbaijan, armed and some perhaps piloted by Poles and even Israelis.

Canadian journalist, Geoffrey West, working with online “plane spotting” groups has identified combat aircraft flying “packages” over Ukrainian air space as taking off from NATO and other facilities.

What I discovered on Thursday evening using the tracking website… that a number of ‘no call sign’ flights were detected in the Ukraine/Black Sea region. My friend observed one that appeared to land in Bucharest. I observed one that appeared to land in Chisinau, Moldova.”
Others appeared to originate from what were believed to be abandoned air fields in Azerbaijan, facilities identified in 2012 by defectors from the Azerbaijani military, as Israeli bases to be used in an attack on Iran.

This is more than an attempt to avoid detection by Russian air defense radars capable of warning pro-Russian separatists opposing the Kiev junta.

This is a gross violation of international law, of national sovereignty of the nations involved and an unauthorized use of NATO military forces, some under the direct command of General Breedlove, in a clandestine terror war against civilians, many of them Russian passport holders.”

There’s much more in the full article

These events can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, by capturing some Israeli or NATO pilots, then this is the stuff of real, immediate and globally relevant war-crimes that have violated international law ­ to start a third world war with Russia and the people of America as their targets this time round.

It’s one thing for Israel to maintain their sick wet-dream of world conquest; but committing the entire world to global war to achieve something that is truly sub-human, in the nature of their methodology to achieve that end; goes far beyond every barbarian from Genghis Kahn thru Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot (2 million of his own people died in his re-education camps).

Americans did their share when we spent 400 years exterminating the native population here, at least 70 million people from a 12,000 year old culture. We also slaughtered and basically destroyed a huge number of black people in the Jewish owned slave trade, another colossal barbarity that lasted almost as long as the war on American Indians. BTW neither of those two wars has ever really stopped. Racism is still alive and well in Amerika, along with the outcast status of the native-Americans that managed to survive our slaughter of their own people.

This hypothetical “TRIAL” of Israel should include the disbanding of NATO as a criminal-bunch of international mercenaries that represent no state at all, only “money”. The United Nations ought to be disbanded on the basis of their entire history of keeping the criminal forces of the world in absolute and unchallenged-charge, of the planet, for the global criminal elites of the world!

The world must put Israel on Trial for Crimes Against Humanity!

Then maybe the world might be able to breathe again without being under constant threat of slavery, torture or cold blooded murder!


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