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Treason Extortion & Insanity

By Jim Kirwan

Trumps Laws & Life Worldwide

The hilt on this sword belongs to Vlad the Impaler

Amid the chaos of the world at the moment the casualties go well beyond first victims. The time honored Laws of civilization have become as outmoded as the books and words being tossed about as if nothing matters but loot and slaughter, regardless of whatever theater of operations is being discussed.

Sanity has been sidelined in favor of Barbarity Incorporated, while listening or watching has been dumped in favor to gabbing any temporary advantage to accomplish the empty promises which underscore the extortion, the blackmail and the treason inherent in virtually every contested arena of the world today.

The core issue at stake now is between lawless corporate international crimes versus humanity and the ordinary human-rights of every person to even exist. The lawless corporations have only one purpose, in everything they do and that’s more and more and more illicit profit, regardless of the costs in life or human survival. The needs required by the victimized societies have had no bearing on any of the contested questions being fought over: Wherever the boots of the global-bandits have decided to roam or invade.

In this battle of the worlds so-called Titans, the United Nations and NATO have both abandoned any pretense of supporting anything that might even resemble sanity. Greed and arrogance are driving every flash-point while the flames that drive this orgy of violent-overthrow continues to erupt.

Kiev, Russia, USI and the people of Ukraine

In Ukraine the issue rests with the miscalculation of who the people of 2014 are, inside that country, that have been miscast repeatedly by Kiev NATO and the UN.

When you hear about the strife in Eastern Ukraine states of Luhansk and Donetsk (in the orange area above), be aware of the demographic facts, and same facts extend into the purple areas, too. Those two states border with Russia and long before this Ukraine crisis started about 34-35% of the people living there are Russian speaking, Russian citizens, and Russian passport holders.

Those are the states in orange where the vote tally shows 38.15% and 36.15% for Poroshenko. The area just above at 33.17% is Kharkov and they have already announced their desire to secede from Ukraine.

The other states along the Black Sea are Odessa Oblast (41.78%), Nikolaev (45.97%), Kherson (48.71%), and Dnepropetrovsk is inland with 44.72%.

So when the Western MSM talks about Ukrainian tank destroyed, helicopter or plane shot down by Russians…. they are Russians living there as long-time residents in eastern Ukraine; not Russians invading from Russia itself. Russians have been residents of Ukraine for centuries.

It is these Russian citizens, long living in Ukraine, that want nothing to do with this Fascist Zionist Jew-controlled Kiev government.

It has not only been the Zionist Jew led corruption of the last 3 governments in Kiev that are the problem. The Russian citizens of Ukraine are a minority and have been treated harshly all along by the Kiev despots. To the point, Kiev even refuses to recognize the simple fact that Russian is the majority language in Ukraine, not Ukrainian. About the only place Ukrainian is the dominant language is in the federal government and in the rural outback.”

Read the whole article by Schwartz ‘Get Facts Straight on Ukraine’

There was the recent incident of three 1960’s antique Russian tanks that were rolled out “to prove” that the Russians have sent tanks and Russian Troops into Ukraine. Anyone who remembers what happened in Georgia when Russia sent in tanks, knows, what that force looked like because both the Georgian puppet government and America were forced repeatedly in Georgia to back down. This version was dreamed up by Kiev’s drugged-out pretenders sitting around polished tables in ‘a secure location’ while sloshing down 50 year old scotch and getting high on their own criminality!

Today Kiev went even further; telling the world that not only will Kiev not pay for the Russian Gas that runs thru Ukraine they will siphon off gas and sell it while refusing to pay anything to Russia for either what they’ve already used (over $4 billion plus) or for what they will still need. This, while denying that Russia has any rights at all in this “dispute”.

This crime was underwritten by the UN. The fact that the UN will not take any action over the desecration of the Russian Embassy in Kiev is a violation of international law.

On top of that NATO has now unilaterally decided that “Russia is the Enemy in Ukraine”. Therefore, the UN has decided that Kiev can be “armed further” by NATO & USI to make war on Russia in any way they wish. If Russia dares to act to protect the Russian speaking people in Ukraine ­ then that would automatically give the green light for a US, NATO, UN invasion of Russia.

This piece of insanity proves the banditry inherent with allowing NATO to have any continuing legitimate existence on the world stage. The side-bar not mentioned, is the entirely illegal stance of USI & Israel throughout this created false-flag operation which has no standing anywhere except within the lawless USI & Israel.

The greatest problems in the headlines of each contested area, at the moment, is blatant global lawlessness coupled with the infantile scourge of any balance at all, in whatever is being proposed anywhere in the war ravaged world of today.

The Third War on Iraq includes Iran Lebanon & Syria.

Syria, to the Northwest of Iraq, Turkey directly North and Iran to the West, not to mention Lebanon, Jordan and Israel

Are all directly involved in

This new war which is being driven by the US funded ISIS

Which is promoted by Israel to destroy and overrun

Their enemies in the region.

Israeli policies fail to meet or even mention “International obligations”, under International law, anywhere in the world.

Israel, that shitty little place, which has always been an army but has never been a legitimate state, is a poisonous filter that is responsible for stealing the wealth and future of the entire world for the last 100 years.

Israel has promoted the idea that ‘Iran wants to push Israel into the sea’, which is supposedly behind Zionista hatred of Iran. But it’s clear to any sentient human being that if the world is to have any chance for any future at all, ISRAEL must be permanently eliminated from the global community, if this planet is to survive.

The people of this world must take an international corkscrew to Israel Incorporated and pour out the rancid wine which Israel has been generating since they stole the United States and created the global criminal bank of the world, with the FED, spearheaded by the Rothschilds global banking system.

Moreover; the Vatican, behind their criminally inspired curtain, continues to oversee the financial rape of the planet. Their totally illegal control over all the land and the wealth of the still unaware world is driving this entire insanity which must come to an end.

Without the evil sources of global barbarity which Israel is pushing and USI is instituting, around the world: The planet would already have the free-energy, envisioned by Tesla, which Russia is on the verge of creating as we speak. It’s no wonder that the true evil-empire, USI, UN, NATO & Zionista Israel have targeted Russia and other countries for full spectrum dominance.

The issue throughout this orgy of criminality has always been about empire and the enslavement of the human race. But Empires have always been the shadows that have followed that long march of humanity down throughout history. In fact there is actually “nothing new” when it comes to the tyranny, barbarity and global greed associated with the current pretender’s to the artificial thrones on the planet. Empires have always ended in flames, and all of that can be tracked back to and well beyond Ancient Rome—all of them came to horrible and bloody endings. This obscenity is no different.

Unfortunately the cowards in Amerika won’t see this coming until their own neighborhoods begin to burn, from the attacks upon them, by the latest income-streams of the Military Excess Weapons Complex. This program gives away the weaponry we built to fight illegal wars; to the states and cities here for free. The profits here will be generated by the continued maintenance of these armaments.

Taxpayers paid for them initially. They were sent into “battle” overseas. The government then decided to give these vehicles and weapons away to the cities and states in the US as excess weaponry. Then ISIS, reinvaded Iraq, and began stealing the armaments and weapons we had already paid for, that were still there, but which have now been seized by the mercenaries which USI hired to attack Syria after Iraq.

Now USI will need to again go back to the War Machine and order a whole new set of the same things they just gave away to DHS to use on the people of the U.S.A.

This is called creating an income stream, under the guise of fighting wars against people that USI has paid mercenaries to both create as hostile forces and to fight against, in the countries we once tried to liberate? So when these “mercenaries” are again driven out by the Iraqi people, we will no doubt need to re-supply more weapons to ISIS in the effort: This entire income-stream can be maintained indefinitely into the future, so long as the public never catches on to this revolving door scheme that will amount to a third round of illegal profits for the same weaponry and ammunition that was actually never needed in the first place. As there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq by the time Bush Junior arrived to unleash Shekinah upon the world.

The people around this world are “DONE with Amerika”! How much longer will Americans wait before we too join all those that now know what this place has already done to the world? Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians have signed up to end American-interests in their country. They’re picking up arms and fighting us one more time: Meanwhile what the hell are we doing to put an end to these crimes against humanity?

Damnit, not only do we tolerate being lied to at every turn but we allow the bastards that are doing this to everyone to make a king’s ransom on every facet of every crime they are still generating world wide…

It’s way past time for ‘Treason Extortion and Insanity’ to be directly confronted! If we can’t find the guts to do that, then nothing really matters anymore.


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