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Treason Continues


By Jim Kirwan


In Iran & Beyond

On Crosstalk today the heart of the darkness that has become US policy has been stripped naked for all the world to see, in “Act of Treason?”

RT: “Some do ‘dare call it treason’. The letter sent to Iran’s leadership by 47 Republican Senators is an unprecedented example of congressional overreach in American foreign policy ~ the result will probably be more global distrust of Washington.

Hillary: “I think it is useful to think about what is meant, if congressional Republicans in the 1960’s had written a letter to Khrushchev, saying to the Soviet leader, don’t negotiate with President Kennedy over the Cuban Missile Crisis because we’re going to bomb you when we get into office two years from now. That seems pretty absurd but that is the analogy to what is happening today. The Republicans are seeking to torpedo what is a thirty plus year conflict between Iran and the United States…”

kirwan: And nowhere is it even mentioned that Iran has not attacked any other nation for the last 300 years, so there is no historical evidence that proves that Iran harbors any of the desires which the 47 Republicans have alleged: In their support for their president now, which just happens to be Netanyahu of Israel.

“… In Iran ~ they also have partnerships, working constructive partnerships with Russia, China, the European countries and I think they will focus on the UN and the Security Council to give the international security guarantees that would be required since the United States “may not be able to live up to its word.”

Fred: “It’s not an insurrection, it’s not traitors: This is an example of our elected representatives stepping up to exert ‘adult supervision’ over one of the worst foreign policies in American History. It’s a foreign policy that is on-track to produce a nuclear agreement that will likely result in war. We’re ‘conceding to Iran’ the right to build a nuclear weapon. This has to be stopped; they did the right thing in trying to stop these talks and force the United States and their allies to start over with a realistic policy that will prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon.”

kirwan: Meanwhile for over thirty years the United States has disallowed Iran from having control over their own oil, their own money that is owed to them, their food and water supplies, not to mention that the sanctions we have leveled have turned Iran into a slave state to the whims of the United States of Israel.

Beyond that Israel is the one nation in the Middle East that has already placed 25 nuclear weapons inside the United States, along with having targeted every major capital in Europe with their own nuclear missiles while they have refused to join the IAEA and have refused permission for any international agency to inspect their nuclear arsenal—while Israel defies all the international evidence that Iran is not building nuclear weapons.

Jim Lobe:The tide of editorial opinion which generally runs “conservative”

in this country or fairly conservative, is overwhelmingly opposed to this letter which I think is similar to a fraternity prank, and which I think was done pretty much in that spirit. I agree with Hillary’s analysis and I fear what it does: It will make the administration even more determined, contrary to what Fred indicates: What I’m worried about is its effect in Tehran, because it really does throw into question the ability of Obama to deliver. And I think it will strengthen those forces in Iran which oppose an agreement or any rapprochement with the United States. I think to say that, this is about ‘adult supervision’, is one of the most absurd things I’ve heard to date about this entire episode.”

Peter Lavelle: “… There’s some GOP staffers who said that “it was a light-hearted jest”. If this was one of biggest crisis in foreign policy in thirty years ­ why is the Republican Party, why is the Senate playing pranks with foreign policy? It doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Hillary: “… I think that we’re dealing with an Iranian government that has been very clear-eyed in what it wants to get out of these negotiations, and has focused on it very seriously and they have the support of the Supreme Leader and others; who have talked about the negotiators for example as ‘children of the revolution’ and we need to support them. So I’m not really concerned on the Iranian side but I’m very concerned here on the American side for two reasons.

I think as my colleague and Fredric used this language of “adult supervision”: What you see in the letter and what you see in the commentary, are really in a way very insulting terms about President Obama himself ­ as if he’s not an adult, he’s a child. And even in the letter: The letter says; you know, warns the Iranians

that any perspective would just be a deal between Obama and the Ayatollah, as if the Iranians really have to worry about that.

That line is directed toward the American people to sow questions in a pernicious narrative here; that maybe Obama is really sympathetic with the Ayatollah’s. He’s really sympathetic with the Islamists and maybe he’s not exactly American? ~ There’s always been an undercurrent here since Obama started campaigning and I think its rearing its ugly head yet again, now that the Republicans control both the House and the Senate and we’re seeing it play out in full dramatic detail ­ in front of the world in such a critical foreign policy as Iran…”

Peter Lavelle: “… You know there are other parties involved in dealing with Iran. The P-5+1 - why would the US Senate, 47 Republicans as claimed, would not have

any value when they came into power? Isn’t that insulting America’s allies and the entire Security Council of the United Nations? They have a say in this as well? But the United States is again is acting, or claiming and acting in a unilateral way”

Fred: “Let first say in response to Hillary that I think Barack Obama is a good man and I think that he means the best for his country. I just think he’s dead wrong. He’s siding with people on the far left who think we can live with a nuclear Iran, that there’s nothing wrong with a Nuclear Iran… and I didn’t say that he’s a child so that’s not the case here… This is a treaty, this is agreement that should be sent to the Senate for a vote. This should be a ‘sense of the Senate vote’. (k - There is no “sense” in the Senate to measure) The president is not sending it to the Senate for a vote because he knows it is such a bad agreement it would never be approved. He’s trying to force through something that would guarantee Iran the right to make a nuclear weapon… because it would not be appropriate.”

Hilary: “…Well I know there can be this kind of tit for tat, but I think it’s really important for my colleague to answer the question why he would use the language that there “needs to be adult supervision” here, as if president Obama is a child. But more important is the substance and I think what is not being addressed here is the substance of the concern by opponents of any deal here in Washington and I think their concern is something to really focus on: Which is the changing balance of power in the Middle East: Whether they like it or not.

And even the changing balance of power around the world.

Their concern is not whether it’s two or twenty thousand centrifuges: Their concern is the rise of Iran and what that means in the Middle East. Their concern is the rise of Russia, the rise of China and what that means for international politics. I think for all of its flaws the Obama administration is trying to navigate {thru} those reality based changes, in the balance of power in the Middle East and around the world. And this deal will focus the United States on the necessary correctives in our own foreign policy to get us off the track of trying to impose military dominance all over the Middle East and around the world…”

k: But all of that was just made irrelevant when Obama decided to punt by extending US Iran policy for another year. He did that yesterday;

Thereby nullifying the input of all other interested parties to the discussion.

Obama renews 'state of emergency' against Iran, extends ban for another year


Jim Lobe: “Congress can assert itself at any moment it wishes. It can vote into law, legislation that deprives the president of his waiver authority, with respect to sanctions. It can pass a law that denies the executive branch any funds to implement an agreement. I mean it has ~ within its constitutional prerogatives to overturn policy anytime it wishes. I think what’s unfortunate is that when we don’t even have a deal yet and then this scramble to sabotage the negotiations which goes to your point ­ yes, I think that there are forces that want to prevent any kind of an agreement because they are absolutely opposed to any rapprochement between Iran and the United States: Foremost among those ~ is the government of Israel and those who defer to it as shown by Bibi Netanyahu’s speech in Congress…”

That concludes the first twelve minutes of the twenty-six and a half minute video, watch the whole program and be prepared to get angry…

Act of Treason?


It is worth remembering that those 47 members of the US Congress are guilty of Treason under the Logan Act, for that stunt they just attempted to pull off. They are in reality subject to immediate arrest for that, but since no one knows what that even is, much less why they should be prosecuted—don’t look for it to happen anytime soon.

The other ‘little matter’ that needs to be investigated is how it was possible for the seats of those 47 congressional representatives that magically were filled, during Netanyahu’s illegal outrage before the congress ­ by APEC volunteers? And that just so that Netanyahu wouldn’t be embarrassed by the absence of the members of the American Black Caucus that did not attend Netanyahu’s address to “his congress”, that’s been bought and paid for - for decades.

Adelson is the Dual-citizen traitor who manages the bribes and “political support” from Israel

To the traitors in the U.S. Congress

The people of this country need to demand that their congressional ‘representatives’ actually serve them and not the foreign power that now completely owns this place, lock, stock and barrel. People could demonstrate that sentiment by demanding the end to any and all money earmarked for the international disease of Israhell.



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