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Faces of Treason

 By Jim Kirwan



The Israel attempt to sink the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 in the

Mediterranean, during the six-day war was Treason.

LBJ - Shades of Caesar

This was brought to us by LBJ, then Secretary of War McNamara, Admiral McCain Chief of Naval Operations in the area, all the members of the serving congress at the time and the public who f

rom that day to this have still refused to demand answers to the questions raised by this international act of treason, against the United States committed by Israel.

McNamara ­ To Tell the Lie!

It’s been 47 years. There is no statute of limitations on either treason or murder committed against the crew of the Liberty or the collateral-victims which included the United States, the Constitution and the people!




Everyone involved in this must be held accountable.

Because that never happened,

Everything else from June 8, 1967 forward became ‘permissible’

In this Nation of Lies, Deceptions & Treason.

This was the first blatant act

Committed after the murder of JFK,

That was also part of Israel’s continued attacks

Upon the United States of America.

Because of these two events, Israel was emboldened to do 911 which has now been followed up by the current-chapter in Israel’s War-on-America. Instead of destroying Israel and scattering their terrorists to the far corner’s of the earth—we now pay Israel exorbitant-sums, every month, and we have been doing that since the end of 1967 war. LBJ & by extension the American people have been paying blackmail to a country that claims to be our ally.

Over time the blackmail, by Israel, has amounted to trillions upon trillions of dollars and now we’re about to be blackmailed further into the next nuclear war. All because we refused to investigate the attempted murder of the entire crew of the USS Liberty back on June 8, 1967.

And because we refused to charge anyone in this outlaw-government with any of the serious and continuing crimes that it has continued to commit: We are now looking straight into the open pit of hell that waits for everyone who lacks the courage to prosecute the last 50 years of criminal-actions that have continued to go unpunished! This is only one of the faces of Treason…

All the characters involved in the devaluation and fraud around the U.S. Money supply also constitute yet another face of pure treason.

It began in 1971 when the Petrodollar began and the gold standard stopped. But the petrodollar scam is breaking down. In 1913 Wilson pushed America into the Jew-owned FED with the individual gold-standard. This meant you could walk into any bank and get gold fro your dollars. In 1933 Roosevelt took us off the individual gold-standard. This meant only nations could get gold for their dollars. In 1971 Nixon [Who was allowed to resign rather than be impeached] took the world off the international gold standard and onto the Petrodollar; and not temporarily…

The real story is that Kissinger [another unindicted war-criminal] cut a deal with the Saudi’s to raise oil prices, in an exchange that they sell their oil for dollars-only. Petrodollars, and leave Israel alone! If they didn’t, the US would kill them like [we] did to Saddam: Who defied the petrodollar by selling oil for Euros. He had to be taken out. What good is an extortion-racket if you don’t enforce it? We didn’t fight Iraq for ‘oil’ we fought for the Petrodollar! As soon as we took over we restored the Petrodollar. The Petrodollar is worth more than oil ­ and it’s good for the Jews…”

Gadaffi was next. He tried to sell his oil for gold. The murder was plastered all over TV, for everyone to see. Don’t mess with the Petrodollar...” (1)

Bush did his part as well in both the murder of Saddam, the liberation of the Petrodollar and he then set the stage for the murder of Gadaffi by Barry and our Mercenary death-squads inside Libya.

By way of explaining why we have ‘NO Law’, a reader said:

Under international law the creditor assumes civil, economic, and military jurisdiction over a bankrupt nation. Only a few small nations are not bankrupt and therefore under the control of the creditor; the UN.

The treasurer of the US is not paid by the US; he is paid as the receiver in bankruptcy by the UN. Several years ago I had the citation for this and looked it up in a paper copy of the USCA in the NM Supreme Court Law Library in Santa Fe. It is true.

Also, in a bankrupt nation, Law is not operative; only "Public Policy."”

This is why we have ‘no laws’ anymore. It also explains why the paper-world of lawyers remains totally indifferent to what we are being subjected to each and every hour of the day and night—today!

Obama is the current ‘Face of Treason’. This has to stop with him, because there will be nothing left to slaughter unless we clean up the global-mess that we allowed to get this far…

Black’s Law Dictionary should be publicly burned, for the criminal-creation that it has become and lawyers must be barred from any form of public-service if we’re ever again to be able to be self-sufficient, independent people, in charge of our own lives and free from the criminal nanny-state as well as the thugs that enforce their every whim. (2)

Treason is an unequal-taskmaster

If subsumes everyone it touches from the highest to the lowest levels

Of life and death in every age that it has flourished!

Let’s Come Together and Do Something Damnit!

1) Petrodollar Scam Breaking Down ­ 5min 44sec VIDEO

2) ‘Law” No Longer Exists



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