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Transnational Death Squads

By Jim Kirwan


Palestine which is the global-Petrie Dish for every ‘nation-state’ that dares to stand against the self-proclaimed owners of the world today.

Death Squads have always come in many forms. Today’s version has become “Transnational” in scope.

Turning Right”

Today in the United States there are millions upon millions of illegal immigrants that have driven up the numbers of the unemployed and the poverty-stricken along with homelessness—while the same problems in Europe are being focused on, but with far-fewer actual numbers of illegals, than the situation in the US now contains.

When this problem is compared with the numbers of lost jobs, lost manufacturing opportunities, the end of education and health-care, along with homelessness in the U.S. which is not being globally reported: Then the calls in the US to eliminate all social services can be clearly seen as globally-calling for the outright genocide that such calls actually are.

The people in Europe and many other nations are outraged and angry: While the majority of Amerikans have remained silent and have already surrendered their rights in every sector of American life.

Racism, religious-extremists and deep-seated hatreds are at issue almost everywhere now, compounded by worldwide censorship of everything that once made the success of humanity, the operative norm throughout the world.

Today, given the lack of options that have been securely tied to the global-economics of “austerity-politics”, which guarantees the continued lack of options, when faced with the quadrillions in fake debt with only more of the same on every horizon. This has rendered ‘Social Civility’ as a global myth without any possibility for any real change as things stand today.

Given the racially extreme movements in the world, radical polices abound, primarily because there are no longer any accepted laws to deal with global-criminal-behavior: And that’s largely due to the sell-out of the public worldwide, by the nearly universal corruption of the Media.

For “Austerity” to be used to ‘solve’ the lack of any real future, in country after country, which has come to mean abandonment of the challenged, the poor and the unemployed; While the Elites continue to demand that the rest of the planetary population surrender to the filthy-rich worldwide…

Just Look at the Numbers!

The new Republican majority is out to shoot down Social Security but if we hadn’t had Social Security in 2012, 61.8 million people would have been living in poverty. Roughly half the people in the U.S. experience poverty by age 65.”

The new Republican majority is out to shoot down Social Security but if we hadn’t had Social Security in 2012, 61.8 million people would have been living in poverty. Roughly half the people in the U.S. experience poverty by age 65.

The net worth of the Forbes 400 in 1989 was $455 million; in 2012 it was $2 trillion. According to the U.N. Development Program, the net worth of the median American fell 10 percent between 1989 and 1997. The net worth of the top 1 percent is now 2.4 times the combined wealth of the bottom 80 percent.”

What we have is unbridled capitalism with no moral imperatives and it’s a system that’s out of order. As the fat cats got fatter they were able to buy up more and more of the government and have more and more control over the rules that govern their behavior. A prime rule of unfettered capitalism is that large scale unemployment is necessary in order to keep corporate profits high by keeping costs of labor low. The result is that in my younger days it was a rare thing to see a homeless person even in New York; now there’s no place that does not abound with homeless.

According to the Census data on poverty there are 1,168.354 homeless children in public schools. What’s it like for those children who go to school unable to bathe, with clothes less than shiny clean, hungry bellies, tired from lack of sleep and likely to be the butt of jokes and taunts, hardly able to do school work? The annual cost of child poverty nationwide is $500 billion. Federal funding for low income housing assistance programs in 2012 was less than $50 billion.

The rich demonize the homeless, they teach the public to blame the homeless and shun them because they are less than. That takes the attention off them and puts it on the victim.”

Inequity is at a boiling point in today’s America

For the last week or so the world has been mesmerized by the killing of less than two dozen people in France. First 3 million then 5 million copies of “Charlie” were sold to a hungry global-audience who thought that the magazine was created to defend “Freedom of Speech” when in fact what “Charlie” was doing, which was underwritten by the French government, was basically an extremist and vicious attack upon the rights of everyone.

My real questions have to do not so much with Charlie, but with what happened to the millions of people that have died in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other nations at the hands of the same people that “Charlie’s publication” was created to applaud.

What happened to the millions who were murdered in Libya and Syria, soon to be in Lebanon, and several other nations as well? It took less than two dozen dead to bring out the two-faced war-criminals who supported France: Creatures that have made a monument out of the slaughter of “free-speech” and censorship worldwide.

Did anyone buy any of those “other stories”- you know all the ones that were never even printed?

Was any other social or political story ever told to the public about 911 or any of the other stories that have been firmly ignored by “the people” of the supposedly enlightened world? Hell No and especially not in the sheer volume which the eight million copies of that comic book has come to represent…

What the slaughter of Libya represented to the world, is and was the horrific genocide of an entire people and their nation, by many of the same global-criminals that represented themselves in that staged attendance in Paris: After the murders of the cartoonists and the additional attack upon the Jewish Delicatessen—all of which was fraught with false-flag implications that managed not to be “of concern” to most of those 8 million fans who lined up to acquire their copy of the supposedly public murders in Paris.

Yet still there has never been an investigation of the Paris massacre, much less any investigations of any of the global crimes that have been running wild since 911.

The exact same physical devastation that litters Gaza is now also in Ukraine, yet no one among the erudite in Paris or London or the US is shedding any tears at all. Even the EU who supposedly wanted to “take-in Ukraine” as part of their criminal enterprise, has said absolutely nothing about the ongoing Genocide of the Ukrainian people. How can the world tolerate the genocide of the Palestinian’s of Gaza or the people of Iraq or Libya or anywhere else the special people chose to point their little fingers?

In Syria there is still a resisting population that is fighting off the New World Disorder every day. Despite all the billions already spent by Europe and the West, bankrolled by the Rothschild’s & Co, to crush the Syrian people: Yet the nation of Syria still lives on!

Who will stop this Global Desecration?

Israel and the fake Amerikan War machine along with NATO, the Vatican and the UN must be brought to heel: Why is all of this so massively one-sided? Who speaks for humanity and what the hell happened to the rest of us that have allowed this global-cancer to get this far? Where is the outrage over the dead from so many different places in the world.

We know that there are people ‘out there’ who are working to bring down the global criminal organization that’s been doing this to all of us for centuries: Yet too many have continued to procrastinate…

So what the Hell is going on!


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