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Tracking Ancient Hidden Knowledge


By Jim Kiwan


Jordon Maxwell gave us his overview of the Druidic System by which the elites of the planet have been governing the world from about the Fourth Century A.D. until the present.

In Jorden’s explanations of this hidden knowledge he mentions that in the beginnings of the Druid World many things were done by using a ‘magic wand’. The irony is that in Druid culture their ‘wands’ were made from the wood of the holly wood tree.

He points out how the structure of what we get from Hollywood today still involves ‘adapting’ stories, choosing actors to ‘play’ the roles as each ‘actor’ plays their part: And of course there are the Directors and the Producers that create the stories that many can take-in as truths, as they are sold to the public as ‘possibly-facts’.

Ancient Solar Religions 15min 59secs.

Maxwell has spent a lifetime studying symbols, among other things, as have I. Symbols contain the keys to understanding individual lives, as well as to how life really works in the lives we live. For many there have been different forms of the MATRIX, which can sometimes be used to decode the lives we find ourselves living.

In my own life beginning at about fifteen, I always wanted there to be some way for people to come to grips with what life is composed of and how that information might be studied and integrated into our everyday lives, earlier than usual. Twenty-six years later I thought that maybe there might be a way to provide people with a simple deck of double-ended playing cards, that could serve as flashcards ­ designed to help remind people of the basics of what real-life is actually about.

When I discovered that there were composites that had already been created I decided to try and expand on those themes, using my cards to flesh out the basics, in ways that I thought were new.

I applied this process in my deck as CROSSROADS which consists of twenty-two cards.

The Search for Knowledge

(I thru VIII)

The Search for Wisdom

(IX thru XVI)

The Transition Cards


Consciousness Cards

XIX, XX, and XXI

The Cycle begins Again in XXII

Since the cards can’t creditably be followed in a linear progression, for an actual story, that makes any interesting sense, I chose to rearrange the order of travel for a tryptic that I started to write. It was set 300 years in the future where there is no technology and damn few people ­ the point being to explore the man-made-ruin left by what’s coming up soon, while having to revert to a time when people must interact with life and others to survive. It begins with “I” jumps to XI - etc.

The ancients divided the elements of life into four aspects. To the left is my redesign of the numerical order…

FIRE (Wands-Clubs) Action,

WATER (Cups-Hearts) Emotion,

AIR (Swords-Spades) Mind,

EARTH (Discs-Diamonds) Body.

From these simple divisions, decks of cards were made to literally play with the four elements of life itself. I added a MATRIX that’s still unfinished

The Major Arcana, CROSSROADS, are represented by Roman Numerals, The rest of the cards from Ace through King are MILESTONES.

The goal was to establish a physical link between the past and the present that could be played with while exploring your life

More fully.

The MATRIX, Triple Zero in the deck, is incomplete ­ but you can see how some of these topics might be part of the keys, to parts of any life that might need more attention? The chart below was created in 1991 and tracks the connections between the deep past and the contemporary aspects of the same characters. These topics in the deck are not new, most of them are about what we already ‘know’ but too often we’re just not as conscious of them as we might be.

Why not play around with the concepts and the images for awhile…




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