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Tortured History &Televised Lies!

By Jim Kirwan



In this 2014 Netflix creation, the goal seems to have been to replicate the success of ‘The West Wing’ that was created by Hollywood in 1999, the last year of Clinton’s savage destruction of the nation. What appeared on TV then was something cobbled together in a feel good series based on lies that was meant to keep Americans from thinking about what has really gone on inside the Tarnished House since long before the death of JFK.

The West Wing was a smash hit with want-to-be public believers in the red, white and blue: But in 1999 that series was already so far beyond the actualities that it too made comic books look real.

With the problems that Amerika now faces, apparently Netflix has risen to the occasion by grafting together scraps of what might have once happened, into something that all our escapee’s from reality can watch; without bothering about the facts behind the real government of today. This, it turns out, is a literal and practical application of traditional subliminal-subtexts in service to an unanointed imperial dictatorship.

In “House of Cards” ‘politics’ is presented as a false-concept that this public really wants to believe in, even as they know that it does not exist. The truth is we have no laws and everyone in this government is a traitor to the constitution and the people of this nation. The ‘politics’ portrayed in this series is nothing but a twenty-first century, fairy-tale!

All the way throughout the episodes, what matters is what is not said. Because those omissions contain everything which this public refuses to acknowledge, in any form, but especially on their favorite addiction: national television!

Real politics in Amerika is a contact blood-sport. People have died by the hundreds; from their inclusion on enemies lists that have only grown since Richard Nixon began to public create his own lists of enemies. The Clintons killed hundreds, then Bush moved the numbers game up to the international level and they’ve murdered hundreds of thousands. Obamanation has no doubt at least tripled all his predecessors’ efforts and of course he’s only “just begun” because as he says: “I love killing and apparently I’m good at it!”

Amerika, under USI and acting thru its polices, has come to threaten torture and murder anyone anywhere in the world; without any fear that they will ever be punished for anything they choose to do. Contrast that truth with the pretense of any existing laws, or any constitutional authority which no longer exists anywhere here ­ and it’s clear that this series is a total psy-ops to cover those who currently operate from the Tarnished House in D.C.

The proof is how we are treated today; even while most of us are just beginning to realize that the vaunted Middle-Class is also dead. Apparently millions have still failed to get the memo. Maybe that’s why Americans are treated like a diseased herd of dying cattle on their way to the slaughterhouse—rather than what we thought were on our way to a future that didn’t directly involve the oncoming train that will soon kill us all if we don’t get out of the way.

The office of the Attorney General plays a huge part in the ending of the series, even though in reality Eric Holder, the real A.G. is drowning in lies, averse to any justice anywhere in any area of American life. In the film his “office” is presented as a pillar of legality and law. In life he and DOJ have been involved in running guns and drugs for DEA, he’s silent on Gitmo, torture, murder and committing global-crimes: That’s his stock in trade—Holder is in league with the traitor in the Oval Office on a number of major crimes—yet no mention of removing or replacing him is ever mentioned anywhere: much less in the national press.

In the film everyone is supposedly terrified of the DOJ and of “special prosecutors” that since the debacle with Nixon have never really darkened any doors in the Darkest White House on earth. Also in the film the constitutional provisions that have all been trashed now seem to have magically been retained, as if there had been no Bush Jr. or the curse of Obamanation to obliterate this nation’s laws right down to the very last comma…

Those who watch this series, without being aware of the actual-truth, might find this entertaining. The acting is spectacular, if you disregard “what” they’re portraying on the screen which is a national obscenity. No doubt many people will accept this bit of entertainment without thinking any deeper than the thickness of the width of a piece of videotape—but for those who can see and who will hear what is really being said, the results might produce an unexpected backlash against the same creatures which this series was obviously made “to keep alive”.

This titanic-empire is about to plow head-on into unseen nightmares that will send most of us to the bottom of a cold dead sea with hardly a moment to even consider why this is all happening now. Ironically if you view this series with one screen on fact-check, you will be amazed at how brazenly they have blundered through this project.

Compare Barack & Michelle with ‘the president & his wife’ in the series: Did the producers really think that people won’t naturally do that? The cardboard cutouts make illusions to creatures like Jack Abramoff (one of the very few convictions) and Tom (the Texas Weasel) DeLay: “The Hammer” who got caught but cut a deal. But the real political-allusions took place back 1973-74 with Spiro T. Agnew and Richard Millhouse Nixon. That was the most recent time when any “(p)resident or vice-president was actually threatened with “impeachment”, no matter how briefly.

This series had to be based on that political-satire in real life. It had to be, because nothing like anything shown in House of Cards exists today. The only other brush with any laws came when $64 million was spent to impeach Clinton for oral sex in the White House, which failed. No one has even tried to impeach either Bush or Obama. No one seems to even mind because people still call him Mr. President—when he’s a traitor and an outlaw in every respect of those terms and anyone who does any research knows that to be true, as well as beyond belief.

This nation is drowning in debt and almost nothing matters any more if it doesn’t involve Trillions of dollars of Debt ­ but in the series we’re all back in 1974 when it comes to monetary crimes and petty-ante graft and influence pedaling ­what a farce!

Millions of people the world over were and are still being murdered under both Bush and Obamanation. Every conceivable crime on the planet has white-house-fingerprints all over every act; yet no one important even whispers a word against these traitors.

Of course one of the most heinous crimes of all is the portrayal of American media as either honest or dangerous. The truth is that since the US had to pull-out of Vietnam in disgrace, the media has not told the truth about anything to the people they supposedly exist to serve. And that problem is only getting worse!

Hell they have never asked any questions about The Supreme Court’s appointment of Bush on 12-12-2000, all the way thru 911 and every major scandal that’s followed for the last thirteen years of lies, disinformation and deceptions that has got to set some kind of world-record for blatant criminality in the entire world—when you consider how much as been stolen, murdered or tortured on this planet in our name?

For this series to present IMPEACHMENT as a real possibility in any world at this time, even in fictional Hollywood or scripted Netflix—is just pouring salt on open wounds: Given the actual history that is filled with blatant-government failures at every turn: thus turning the whole concept of House of Cards into even less than even they would dare to create.

Of course there was one other missing Behemoth in the middle of the entire program. Not a word was mentioned about Israel. If it was mentioned I must have missed it, but that shitty little country is the cause of huge amounts of war around the planet now—and it would seem to be very hard to leave her out of any political topic, anywhere today: But especially in a program devoted to the White House whose current occupant routinely bows down to Zionist-Israel as often as he can find ways to embarrass the United States internationally, as well as domestically! It might have been different if the substance for the program had not been the White House, but it was and it is. The producers should not have left out the world’s most hated warmongers; as what they do has been torturing and killing millions around the world for the last 66 years—with the blessings of the same White House that Netflix chose to memorialize…

Pragmatism” seems to be the by-word for success in the film. But in both the film and life the current by-word is “bi-partisanship” which is code for “the one and only way for anything political to ever succeed”, just like the one-world-government is really the only option on any table now; regardless of which war-zone is being discussed.

Of course the current Free-Fire-Zone in the United States is never referred to ­ just as the censorship that was not applied to the production of this series, was never an issue here. In real-politics the by-word that opens all doors is “non-partisanship” which in this case equals un-American traitors or Enemies of the State. In psy-ops productions that which is never mentioned simply doesn’t exist! Americans have apparently still not yet learned that crucial factoid.

Currently no one anywhere in this government ever tells the truth about anything and hasn’t since 2000 A.D. For this by-product of the media to concoct this total sham, just to improve the falling numbers of the owners of this place: Does real harm to the public’s ability to do what we need to do to achieve. We must end this “government” and revitalize the core values contained in the original constitution by scraping all the garbage that we’ve chosen to bury the Republic in, since even before the end of WWII.

No review of this sad affair would be complete without mentioning that sewer that runs beneath everything that’s happened to all of America: There is absolutely no difference at all between the political-parties—and there hasn’t been any real difference since before most of America was born.

Of course this is “just a movie”; it’s not intended to be “true”. But to distort this tale to the point that the filmmakers took this; amounts to massive disinformation on so many fronts that it has to be reviewed and commented on by many more people - once others have formed their own opinions of what this effort was actually intended to create?

Back when I was young, things like this film would never have been possible, because thousands of us would have shut them down—immediately. But I’m only that young now in spirit. I could be wrong, but I’m still here if anyone wants to comment.

Power’ is a fickle master because it never lasts. Once on top of that pyramid, ever seeker who attains that height becomes the primary target for everyone of like-mind, beneath them. The sharks are running out of food and are beginning to turn on themselves. Even the hourglass is beginning to run out of sand to cushion the global-fall that’s coming.

We have gutted the accomplishments of most of the world’s people. We have led the slaughter, thru USI, that was planned for the entire world. We have used and been used by that junk-yard-dog that is Israel, in this capacity: And we shall have to pay for that in blood and treasure—soon!

If the public could see this series for whatever the reasons were that it was created—then the public could and probably would end the shadow government and everything associated with it. The people of this country need to chart a whole new course, a real course, toward the real freedom that only the self-possessed and self-determined people can create. Only that way lays the restoration of the freedoms that we gave away to traitors and outlaws, in exchange for what we never did receive by way of any actual security. Here’s what this government is doing to make our lives secure today inside the Amerikan Police-State!

There’s a 300-acre city in Virginia now that wasn’t there about six years ago. It has public transportation, a sports stadium, offices, and parking lots. It’s a ghost town though. No one lives here.

It is a military training city that cost $96 million. Perhaps to make us all feel a little more comfortable, the military included a mosque in this fake city, but in every other way, it appears to be a mock version of pretty much any city in America. The street signs are in English, and the subway cars have the same logo on them as the cars in Washington, DC.

What could the military possibly need this city for? What could they be training for that would require a full-scale mock American city? Hmmmm. I wonder. Martial law, perhaps? When every department of “homeland security” is stockpiling ammo, it makes one wonder whether the civil government is actively preparing to make war on its own citizens.” (1)

1) Is the Military Training for American Martial Law



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