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Top Nuclear Expert Confirms New Weapons

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense


The plan is based on the Cockcroft-Walton plan for the world's first workable though primitive nuclear bomb. Not efficient as a weapon to be carried in a warhead or a bomber, and certainly not an artillery shell, but let's say effective if loaded onto a railway freight car . . . .or a truck.

OK, the current claim is feasible, and this is how the (fissile)-fusion-fission reaction is produced:

Spent fuel rods contain plutonium (Ukraine reactors are uranium fueled).

In close proximity, sections of spent fuel would promote fission starting with neutron (proton) bombardment from decaying plutonium, activated by heating up due to the lack of water cooling.

The neutrons released by the plutonium hitting any lithium produces heat (energy releases) and tritium.

Without a cooling system in all this, the tritium at a certain point of buildup in a chamber with deuterium) will cause a fusion reaction with any deuterium.

The fusion reaction would then produce a neutron flux bombarding the uranium and plutonium in the spent fuel, causing a thermonuclear reaction.

Due to the small percentage of plutonium, dispersed inside the uranium, the bomb would be fairly inefficient but capable of destroying at least city blocks and contaminating a much wider area. If the bomb is deployed near any "vehicle" or propellant, for example an oil tank storage facility, or a gas storage facility, the dispersion would be across a far greater area.


In 1932, the English physicist John Cockroft and the Irish physicist Ernest Walton produced a nuclear disintegration by bombarding Lithium with artificially accelerated protons.
The following reaction took place:

This was the first artificial splitting of a nucleus. It was also the first transmutation using artificially accelerated particles.

Protons were accelerated and slammed into lithium atoms producing alpha-particles and energy. Thus the mass of the proton and lithium was converted into the mass of two alpha-particles and kinetic energy.

This reaction was the first experimental proof of Einstein's E = mc^2

Cockroft and Walton won a Nobel Prize in physics in 1951.

Caution advised.

Ukraine, of course, is capable of anything in its desperation for billions in free money.

Second point, Toshiba-Westinghouse are in possession of spent fuel rods as a result of its plan to convert Russian-built reactors to French-Japanese produced MOX fuel.

Third point, Israelis are deep into the Odessa Jewish dominated Kiev government and have reason to pin blame on Islamists.

Fourth point: If the attack in against a US city or a major American military base, this could a second 911 to put Trump on the same course as George W, by the same forces.

Fifth point: Although ISIS is an Agency contractor group, their prime target would be Moscow or another major Russian city. If the attack is not against Russia, then we have a big rat to deal with.


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