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Too Late For America Already?

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff  -  Sad to say, but watching closely, I really feel that Trump is 8 years too late.  Over the past 4 years the US was flooded with Africans, Third Worlders, Muslims and Illegals in general.   I really think we are too far gone now to save America from the savages and savage Muslims. We have the Zoinist lawyers, judges and politicians calling all the shots.  We have communist liberals and pedophiles EVERYWHERE.  30% of those in government in DC are now confirmed to be in one pedophile ring or another.  UNBELIEVABLE.  As you have said for years, the CULT is everywhere...

The silent majority is now the silent minority and too civilized to do what must be done to take back America and deport the Third World illegals.  Funny, when it comes to separation of Church and State for white Christians, we have it.  However, when it comes to separation of church and state as it pertains to Sharia law, wearing Burkas and Hijabs, there is no separation.  Practicing Islam is perfectly fine.  Pull out a prayer rug in mid day and get down on it in the middle of Times Square and that's OK.  However, wish someone Marry Christmas or put a manger scene in front of a church Christmas week and all hell breaks loose.  Kwanza?  That's OK and the Muslims are quite quiet about celebrating their phony, fraud holiday...'Kwanza.'

Teach the Lord's prayer in a school and all hell breaks loose again.  Have school children pull out a prayer rug and pray Allah Akbar and that's just fine.

So, in my opinion, we have already gone too far into Third Worldism to rescue America.  At the rate the Africans and Muslims reproduce I think, unless we deport illegals and Muslims we are going to become a Muslim country within the next 5 years.  WE are already in the stage of invasion where the white Christians are in defense and apology mode.  The Muslims are out in full force with signs stating their intentions to take over the US and the world for Islam.

When these savages call for the assassination of a sitting President and no one from the FBI seeks out those who call for Trump's murder, we are too far gone to save America.  Assassinations and military coups are exactly the way the Third World conducts themselves.  Third World Muslims are uneducated and do not discuss or vote...they strong arm and murder.  

Unless we can turn things around and get a handle on immigration, we are lost.   We must stop all immigration, ALL IMMIGRATION.  We must stop taking people with diseases and end accepting sick people. ALL immigration must end.  We must either open up Ellis Island or facilities like Ellis.  We must send back any immigrant who has TB, HIV AIDS, etc.  We must stop taking Muslims under any circumstances.  Their bogus 'religion calls for our DEATHS.

Another very important step in trying to taking back America is to make Welfare, SSI, Food Stamps and Medicaid available for AMERICANS ONLY.  In other words 1. we end and rescind all the bullshit 'Anchor Baby' status. We do not give ANY tax payer aid to non-Americans. Our social services were once for American citizens only.  It must be that way again.  If someone wants to immigrate to the US, they must work, they must have a job waiting.

In summation, I do believe, after watching the events of the past two weeks unfold, that America has become Third World already and I do not hold much hope for us.  Unless we stop ALL immigration and find out who is here and who is coming here, America will be lost and will be just another former empire that become just another Third World cesspool under Islam.

If we keep allowing savages from Africa and other Muslims to come in by the hundreds of thousands a year, America will become another Somalia, Sudan or Eritrea.  America will become another social service country in which education is not valued and everyone lives on the government dole.  

Make America Great Again?  Time is running out.  We are going to lose America if we do not stop immigration NOW.  Shut it all down NOW.




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