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Passing Of A True Giant &
Great Friend 8-21-2017

By Frank Chille Jr

So very sorry to inform everyone of the passing of William 'Bill' Tompkins.

Just got off the phone with his loving life-mate and wife Mary, who informed me that Bill left this realm at 2:30 AM PT

So difficult to find the words to adequately define the nature of our bonding and friendship. Bill was selfless in his sharing of the extraordinary events in his life and how astounded, he, himself found it all to be yet he lived all of these experiences and recalled the most minute of details.  These accounting which he shared many hours on Jeff Rense's Program as well as others once he was given - what he affectionately called, "Having Holy Water Thrown On Him" by his US Navy contacts to come forward with his life story and what happened behind the scenes.

Those who Knew and Loved Bill will miss him unquestionably.   He was a very giving man who would share tirelessly his passion for getting out the real message of the Battle of Los Angeles, the history of the Secret Space Program and the hidden knowledge acquired during WWII while at North Island Naval Station in San Diego California.

Remember, these were all first person experiences and interactions with some of histories most profound and oft times little known activities of noteworthy public figures.

There was so much shared in our long conversations that I'd like to bring forward and recount with you folks over the next week or two.

A great man of integrity with a genuineness and sincerity that is rarely found has left an indelible imprint on what will be discussed and studied for many years to come.  Bill has given us a treasure trove of knowledge, documents as well as hours of broadcast time to review and consider to mine for the gems he has presented to us.

Rest Well & With Love Brother Bill . . . .

Until Sooner . . . . Frank

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