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To Hell With "The First 100 Days"

By Jim Kirwan


Now that “the stars” on the American Flag are officially Stars of David,

we need to move forward with charges against Trump

for failing to sever his profit-related past,

which every president must cut all direct ties to,

once he takes the office of the President of the United States;

which was something that Trump still refuses to do.

The case against Trump has been made crystal-clear in his recent moves

against the people of this nation: When he announced

his unqualified support in favor of going ahead

with the illegal pipeline deal in Dakota.

Dozens Arrested at Standing Rock as Veterans Vow to Block Completion of Dakota Access Pipeline

9min 42sec VIDEO

What's missing in these two videos is that the oil in question goes

not to Americans but to foreign powers.

Veterans Stand Ground With Pipeline Protesters At Standing Rock

5min Video

In Trumps' case there are several unexplored questions about his supposed ability to govern over anything except his own corporations. Most of this was clearly outlined in the video below:

Trump is the Swamp:

There are several major questions that did not manage to come out in the campaign itself. The first is the fact that while most people his age were drafted into Vietnam, Trump was honing his corporate passions with an education, to improve his abilities to make better deals ­ while the less fortunate in his class, went off to war and death, because they did not have any way to avoid that cataclysmic experience. I just happened to miss Vietnam, as my active four year duty ended in 1961, but the government still managed to steal four years of my life ­ where Trump missed all that: Since he's seven years my junior he should have served.

Beyond that Trump-the-coward, has continued in the same vein as every other president since JFK, because only Carter saw combat, but his judgment was terrible when it came to sending in helicopters without protection from the sands in Iran. And Bush Sr. became “The WIMP” because during WWII he bailed out of his two man Navy fighter-bomber, leaving his navigator to die, so that he could become a WWII military hero. He had to do that because his daddy was a convicted war-criminal who was caught supplying the Nazi's with money ­ so the Wimp needed something to make America forget his daddy, in order to enter politics after the war, as someone of substance when in fact the bastard father of George W Bush, was both a criminal and a coward, but definitely he was never anything that could or should have ever been looked up to.

Once the leadership of America lost the benefit of men that had actually gone to war, and profited from the horror of their assignments - the whole nation lost any real perspective when it comes down to what must be done to avoid the coming global-nightmare. Trump has been one of the worst of the worst ­ having completed the evil-circle of giving the United States Away to the Azkenazi Jews of Israel: Under the guise of selecting qualified people, when in fact this was a coup on the global-stage and we must stop it ­ and TRUMP - before either of them goes any further.

The blood-line ties to the Azkenazi-Jews has been clear from the start, but too many people wanted to give him a chance to show us his true colors ­ well now that we've begun to detect his real loyalties ­ and because of that Trump must be charged for what he's trying to do to the United States.

Trump is not what he claims to be ­ he's a coward pretending to be a leader and what he's already done to the government far outweighs any of the small stuff he's still fooling around with—with no actual-reality at the end of the day.

He needs to call the leadership of both of the dead political parties into the White House and sit them down, in the Oval Office. He needs to explain clearly that the law of the land allows him to do what he is doing regarding who can come into this place and who can be kept out: He needs to follow that up by explaining, in the very simplest of terms, because those fake leaders are seriously mentally challenged - that both of their so-called parties are dead now, and they won't be coming back. He needs to start giving them the orders that we would give - if it were ours to do in the first place. And by the way TRUMP needs to obliterate the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals - because it doesn't serve the United States it is a wholly owned LBGTQ organization that only serves the enemies of the United States, and no one else.

And as for that list of nations that needs to be kept out: That should have Saudi-Arabia on top, along with Israel, if his list of disapproved lawless-states is to be complete.

Of course I'm not holding my breath!

When the world had a problem with “global piracy” The United States created something called the United States Marine Corp, went to Tripoli and massacred them. Why has our new faux-leader not suggested something similar to end the Israeli created forces that have been raising nothing but hell for the last 16 (some say 69) YEARS?

Instead Donald wants to give Israel total control over Jerusalem, which has always been a universal city, at least throughout the modern age ­ but now Israel wants it: And Donald wants to please the cowardly bastards that never fight their own fights ­ ever. Because every time they've tried to do their own aggression's - they've had their asses severely kicked, which is why the US does all their fighting for them ­ but in the meantime we need to cut off all funding to Israel, and let these impostors pay for everything they want to do without any more help from us.

Of Course: I won't be holding my breath on these thoughts either, but one way or another some of the above is going to have to be begin to come true or there won't be a world left to inhabit any longer - for anyone to live in any more.