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America - Beware Of The 'To-Do' List

By Ted Twietmeyer

America has a new president-elect, of which myself and over 200 million Americans are grateful. He has the determination and fortitude to actually change American life for the better in all respects. His announced to-do list to fix America will affect billions of people. It will affect trillions of dollars around the world, including China. His plans will stop the exporting of jobs and companies to China. Finally, globalism is about to get kicked out of America. It has done nothing but hurt America and its time has come to be booted out. FTA, GATT and TPP are all on Donald Trump's to-do list.

There are those who will undoubtedly be hurt politically and/or financially by tough new America-First oriented policies that will begin in 2017. America's past twenty+ years has clearly shown the nation-destroying agendas of both Democratic and Republican Parties - up until Donald Trump came along.

Now a huge question looms over America: Will Obama, along with his handlers and hidden special interests he coddles to - step down peacefully? At one public event, Obama said these words: “There are some who think I have a hidden agenda.” Smiling deviously and leaning close to the microphone, he added “I do.” Would an open and honest president talk like that?

Of course, Obama he has a hidden agenda, albeit a treasonous one. His role is to continue the program of previous presidents: Dismantle America, demoralize it, lower the living standard to make it a third world country, help export jobs and bring in illegal aliens. All to mould it into a component part to fit into the new world order plans. Thank God the American people have been able to hear their voice heard.

Consider those hidden individuals and countries who now know for certain that they will be negatively affected, beginning in January 2017 after the inauguration. Will they stand by and allow America to rise to a greater level of prosperity and happiness? Could these people and others arrange for another 9/11 event?


In Butler PA, Clinton township voting was taking place on November 8. A local CBS station was there to document what happened on video. A man who just voted explained it: He went in to vote, both for Trump and his government officials. All the votes switched in front of his eyes on the screen from Republican to Democrat candidates. He asked an election judge to help him. That judge was able to fix the votes shown incorrectly for the Pennsylvania government officials, but could not fix his vote he cast for Trump. After seeing this video, I wondered how many thousands of voting machines had been hacked like the machine in Pennsylvania. It seemed like Donald Trump wouldn't have a chance.

Whenever this voting machine problem has happened before, election officials claimed the machine “needs to be calibrated.” This is utter nonsense. Point-of-sale touch-screen cash registers never need calibrating. Neither do cell phones or tablets with touch-screens. All these devices work right out of the box without “calibrating.” In fact, millions of digital devices in use world-wide have buttons spaced closer together than voting machine screen buttons.


About two days before the election on November eighth, mainstream media reported that Hillary had CANCELED her post-election fireworks. Her staff was asked WHY it was cancelled by the media. But her people refused to say why and to the best of this author's knowledge, her people have never given a reason for the cancellation.

Was Hillary told to lose the election, or did her handlers behind the curtain decide to make her lose? TV election reporters were astounded that most all of US from coast to coast voted for Trump. It was frequently repeated by reporters how they never saw this before.

At 2AM November ninth 2016, John Podesta announced that nothing more would be heard from Hillary until later that day. Then about 3AM, Hillary called Donald Trump admitting defeat (his words during his acceptance speech) which immediately made him the president-elect.

Clearly, there is something afoot here and no one is talking. If some horrific event occurred on the scale of 9/11 or larger or several events occurred in different cities simultaneously, America would immediately be put under martial law by Obama. That automatically allows Obama to remain as president until he voluntarily steps down, or cancels martial law.

President-elect Donald Trump would remain as president-elect indefinitely. It will provide the globalists and opportunity to greatly accelerate their plan, and force their nightmare Orwellian version of society on all Americans. The remainder of the free world would be next.

Unless someone on the inside comes forward to prevent such an attack from happening, it is unlikely anyone can stop it.

Ted Twietmeyer



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