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TODAY - Yesterday's Tomorrow

By Jim Kirwan


'Mysteries are meant to be lived;

Not 'problems' to be solved.”

Joseph Campbell

Since the meeting of the 300, aka the Trilateral Commission in 1973, the global economy has been going backwards for everyone that works: While the Elites have shattered all limits on how much they can steal from us

Remember that 'today' is always yesterday's tomorrow'

And since “that tomorrow can never be physically reached”

Every political promise about our “FUTURE”

is nothing but a blatant lie.

To comprehend how convoluted all of this has become, there was an article yesterday that explains just how much we've lost—as we continue to race backwards at 10,000 miles an hour on this global-bullet train that's trying to take us all straight back to the fifth century.

This is the new world, brought to you by the new world world order. Death, Destruction & Despair. Ask yourself who do you think is responsible for this; the good guys or the bad guys? To make that determination for yourselves, just ask yourself this question: Have things gotten better or worse in the last fifteen years or so?

The answer should be obvious and the cause is best explained by what we saw in the 2004 election cycle. When we were given a choice between Skull & Bones and 322 ­ Ah! A false choice, a false left-right paradigm. The only choice is self-destruction by self-appointed members of the Cult of Death. That's the bottom line, that's what we're lookin at Ladies & Gentlemen.

There is no “Pro-Choice”, there is no 'democracy' only tyranny. There is no freedom and fair play there is no due process in Nazi-Amerika, where the system is rigged and where the fascist politicians are above the law.

~ these people that we've elected, they haven't made the world a better place, they've made things worse and they're trying to drag the whole world into a world-war. Our imperial masters silenced the opposition, they censor the independent media and they appoint puppets to be our politicians...”

@ 4min 41 sec:

The possibility to exterminate an entire country can occur at the flip of a switch, without warning and without the possibility to shelter. Ladies & gentlemen these cell phone towers are not what they seem.

The standard range for communication towers is about ten to twenty miles, yet there are hundreds if not thousands in every major city.

(k - the images on the video at this point were taken in San Francisco)

They normally keep the power on low, but these towers can get jacked-up and have enough power to nuke a city near you ­ like a giant microwave oven.

These towers, disguised as telecommunications towers can deliver Death at the speed of light no anti-defense system needed, no 'early-detection-system is possible. The power running through these units is equivalent to hundreds of microwave ovens. They are giant micro-oven towers and the OVEN is your city. In any major city there are dozens per square mile. They can light you up like a candlestick and little-by little these things have gone up everywhere. People look at em “Oh look ­ they're telephone towers” If people only understood these aren't just cell phone towers ­ these towers are EXTERMINATION TOWERS... WITH JUST A SLIGHT MODIFICATION OF THESE TOWERS that is to say the flip of a switch, THESE TOWERS CAN BE TRANSMITTING MICROWAVES OF A DEADLY NATURE.

You could call this idea government-sanctioned extermination,

by cell tower.

But officially it's called silent weapons for quiet wars

And in the wrong hands these towers could be called cell-tower terrorism.

And nobody wants to say a word about it because they couldn't possibly live without their cell phones. A foreign power could hijack our communications network tomorrow and nuke the population without them even knowing it or being able to do anything about it. The scenarios here are endless.

These towers that have looked like virtual guard towers since the beginning and it only makes sense that they could be able to shoot rays into designated zones. And by what we've stumbled on so far, it looks like these cell-phone towers are just a small piece to another rather complex puzzle.

We've discovered numerous U.S. Patents, regarding various delivery methods for nano-sized weapons, triggered by electromagnetic waves. These weapons are called Matro weapons consisting of nano-micro capsules containing DNA or chemicals for transfection purposes.

What that means is they can deliver tiny capsules the size of dust, smaller than dust ­ that can enter your cells and can release DNA or chemicals and turn you into a GMO,

A genetically modified organism.

'TRANSFECTION' is what they do to make GMO's. And instead of turning a Tomato into a Tomatto: They can turn people into something else. They can deliver these Micro-Nano capsules through aerial dispersal, by driving a car down the street, into any populated area. People will breathe it in, drink it in, rub it in, and then they can be activated via 'frequency-transmission. These micro-bubbles can contain DNA or chemicals: And what would be the purpose of that?

They could fake an outbreak in a designated area by activating a cell-phone array, they could do it for a specific neighborhood, or for an entire city, nobody would be with wiser ­ and nobody would be looking for trans-genetic micro bubbles as the source of the infection. All of this technology is well documented. It absolutes exists and the question you should be asking yourself here is: Do you want a nuclear disaster parked in your neighborhood? You can call it a cell phone tower if you want to ­ but it's

just a nuclear bomb just waiting to go off.”

And again, no one can see it coming. Imagine lights out for the entire Country at the flick of a switch and nobody is warning ya. You could wake up in the morning turn on the television and they say 'BREAKING NEWS' 'THE ENIRE EAST COAST HAS BEEN WIPPED OUT & NOBODY KNOWS WHY. People just dropped dead everywhere and nothing was destroyed. It's the perfect weapon for the NWO ­


­a Weapon of Mass Extermination. One thing is for sure we don't need 10,000 nuke towers per major city and now that they've built up a grid all they need to do is “FLIP THE SWITCH”....

There's more to this and the images are a must-see.


14min 03sec VIDEO


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