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Today - The Ides Of March


By Jim Kirwan


The confluence of Globally Dark Predictions has had many ominous connections throughout history, from 44 B.C. all the way to 2016

And this year's 'anniversary' seems to have had

more than its share of nightmares to mark.

Beware The Ides of March


For instance it's been five full years since the Syrian War was formally launched by USIS against Syria,

Which produced the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world

Coming as it did on the heels of the massive but failed slaughter

In Iraq, 23yrs, and Afghanistan, 15yrs, and in Libya

that's now a permanently ruined state.

Alpha To Omega & Beyond


Today is also the day that Russia begins its military withdrawal from Syria, just over five months, that began on September 30, 2015 after having shown the world how to use military air-power to completely change the facts on the ground in Syria: Five months to show against 5 years of USIS and the West's failures in their supposed bombing of Syria that accomplish nothing; except an increase in both terrorism and chaos in Syria and beyond.

RT News March 15 -12msk

At some point perhaps these momentous markers that continue to inject themselves into global history,

may yet find an opportunity to be more fully discussed.

That might be too late to still matter

but this chapter in human-history is only just beginning to unfold,

so please stay with me for further developments.

The still potent 'hot wars' around this planet are keeping the world on an almost destabilized footing: Any one of which could easily kick over whatever remains of stability worldwide. Financially, Militarily, but perhaps the most destabilizing effect of all will be what happens socially with the recent and growing assault by Muslim invasions with Sharia Law, coupled with the global-migrant crisis that continues to grow hourly

When Rome ruled the world, there was another invasion. That time it was the Mongol Hordes that crushed what there was of 'civilization' in the personage of Genghis Khan who was known for laying waste to every city he encountered to the point that the ruins were so complete, that his horses could walk through the ruble which the Mongols created, without changing their stride. After Rome fell it took 300 years to begin to rebuild the chaos left in the wake of that colossal-collapse. This time, thanks probably to nuclear-weapons, there will not be another 're-birth' if the people of the planet allow this coming war to begin.

The QUESTION that was never asked then, or now, remains:

What benefit did the world enjoy

from either the invasion of the Mongols then, or

What does today's world stand to gain from the results of

This Third & possibly final Jihad?

We know that women and children will be reduced to sexual slavery, while Sharia Law will reduce humanity to something less than 'beasts of burden' in total servitude to a society so primitive that the world will be reduced to living in tents again, before running water, or sanitary conditions of any kind: Or to any of the natural progress that even began to make itself known, before the end of the Second Jihad with all its primitive baggage.

The people of this planet, in every country, must begin to question

What the hell is the point in going back now,

into the oblivion of the Dark Ages?


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