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Today's Already Gone

By Jim Kirwan


For those who remember pay-phones, or even the time before cell-phones, our livers have been irretrievably lost in the struggle to own the “TIME” that we're all trying to live in. The hourglass that once tried to help us measure the world and our limited time in it ­ was largely spent just watching while the things we once believed in have been gunned down in the race to own everything that's become as all important as just “footnotes in other people's dreams”. Welcome to 2016.

It wasn't so long ago when we could buy any of the many valuable necessities, at believable prices, that would last a lifetime. Those items were made with knowledge and care, by crafts men and women in which much pride went into the end results of those products. Things like sewing machines, typewriters, and other parts of what was once everyday life.

As time moved on, we needed less and less of those very special skills that went into making a world that was both fun and easy to live in: And not just for the filthy rich. Commercial products were affordable to the kinds of working people who made the products that most people bought and paid for without having to borrow a king's ransom to “afford” the basics of life. Refrigerator's stoves, dishwashers and even cars were affordable. A wide variety of quality and stylish clothing was available without having to 'do without' just because we found something unique or beautiful.

All of that has been permanently altered, in the blink of an eye. Marketing has been radically changed and all the basics have gone from 'affordable' to directly being launched into the stratosphere, while we were playing with so many new-toys, that we lost sight of the everyday cost of maintaining the basic requirements for an ordinary life.

All of that while wages and benefits were falling or becoming almost extinct, in time frames that happened so quickly that there was barely time to even notice the titanic-shifts in the costs of where and how we have been forced to live today.

But, behind the scenes everything else had been changing as well. “Work” went from something that required skills and a lot of knowledge as well as enough responsibility to be dependable enough, so that whatever was produced was something that did not require layers and layers of inspections: Because people were either dependable or they were not (in which case) they didn't have a job all that long. And multiple degrees of knowledge were frequently involved within any given “profession”, as well as most of the upper reaches of the job markets.

Reputations also mattered, as that was part of a social-barometer, that served those who had one, by way of the kind of employee or person that anyone might want to employ. That's all gone now ­ along with resume's that are over a few years in length ­ because the past no longer has anything to do with the present. And since almost everything is part of some 'con' or other, the truth doesn't really matter much either: Hence the very rough sketch above: Welcome to the New Millennium.

So What Does Matter Today?

What is the Greatest Threat to Human Life Today?

The 'Greatest Threat to Human Life Today'

Is the Unbridled Power that Corporations & Fake governments wield

Against Universal Human Life around the world right now.

In the United States,

Where exactly does all our money go?

What started out as the money that we earned supposedly for ourselves

goes to: Israel, the Middle-East, Africa, Europe, NATO and the UN. There is also Ukraine, Central & South America and none of that even counts the growing Muslim and illegal immigrant invasions, plus the voter fraud in the Amerikan Puppet Show that dominates Amerikan Media 24-7, 365 days of every year.

With all of the above sucking up every last dime; it's no wonder that there is no time or money-left-over, to even glance at any of the real problems that continue to threaten every man, woman and child in America or the World of 2016.

And what is our stolen-money actually spent on?

Global contamination, depletion of human and animal life existence, in the seas and on the land. Global-poisoning of air, the food supply. the air and water, in addition to chem trails: The destabilization of the upper currents in winds-aloft and weather patterns that determine the powerful streams in the oceans and on land: Not to mention irregular storms, droughts, floods and famines worldwide. More recently our money is going to reactivate earthquakes and volcanoes around the planet.

The Flip-side of LIFE is cowardly EXISTENCE

That is so insecure that it has to hide beneath its own shadow.

And of course at the very bottom of this nightmare there's a check-list of all the things that there's no money left to bother with: This includes our ever-shrinking number of actual jobs and basic health requirements, which directly affect every human that is still able to 'work' ­ for the very little that we each get, just to stay alive...

You should also know now that Obama has said some eerily violent things in his plans for 'A Red Wedding' in America, on May 2, 2016 he said:

It is an honor to be present here at my last, and perhaps the last White House Correspondence Dinner ­ okay? You all look great. The End of the Republic has never looked better.”

<Re-pub-lic: a state in which the supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president, rather than a monarch. (a Monarch is a king) >

...looks like we're gonna do this right here, right now! It's like the Red Wedding.” This ends @ 6min 12 seconds into the video.

Obama Plans a Red Wedding for America

Every day from here on, will count ,

in whatever is about to happen in America

Good Luck!


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