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Time to Get Creative!


By Jim Kirwan


If we want to see what's going on behind the scenes in Egypt,

then we need to move our thoughts

out of the political-darkrooms and look at the players

that could take us back into the realm of truth

for all to see and act upon.

A screen-grab from the downing of the Russian passenger plane:

The initial problem with several of the shots of the crash site is that amid the burned out rubble 'from the aircraft' there were several images, like the one above which details an unscorched and yet intact purse with papers and in this case, a passport inside but undamaged. A great deal of clothing also appeared around the same scenes with no apparent damage from either smoke or 'heat'. This is troubling since the rest of the scenes in the same film clip show burned out and melted metal everywhere.

I suppose this could have happened, but it would have been a real stretch, given 911 and the undamaged passports of the supposed hijackers that appeared atop that debris. Also the area of the search was expanded again today to include 40 sq. kilometers in order to retrieve as much as possible from the downed airliner.

The thing I'm having trouble with has to do with Egypt and the facts behind their 'leader' Sisi, who apparently has no love for Russia but a great deal of affection for Israel, in the current difficulties that Egypt is immersed in.

So I'm just questioning Sisi as an ally of Russia. You could argue with friends like Sisi, who needs enemies. He was Mubarak's head of intelligence, and he saw the end of Mubarak. And then he was the head of the Army with Morsi and then he overthrew Morsi in a Coup.

Thousand upon thousands upon thousands of Egyptians, unarmed, have been killed under Sisi's rules. They are continuing to die in prison. Women are abused when they're arrested for protesting or demonstrating.

I'm not pushing the Muslim Brotherhood line; I'm so-sorry Qaddafi fell, through this Muslim Brotherhood fighting him. It's not good what they've done in Syria either but that doesn't make Sisi 'a good guy'.

And now all eyes are going to be on Egypt. The owners of the airline are saying 'an external force had to have brought it down'...

With Friends Like Sisi Who Needs Enemies Sinai Plane - Morris

I tend to think that Sisi had the time, as this took place inside Egypt and because it fits with Egypt's current attitude toward both Russia and Israel. Given Sisi's deep seated anger with Palestine, and the help he's already given time after time to Israel, against the Palestinians: It would seem far more likely to me that the entire scene could have been staged, by Egypt. After all Sisi could have had all the people murdered and then 'set this stage' for the world to see in order to give Israel some artificial joy, to make up for the international black-eye Russia has just given to the West. Israel in particular has much to hate about the Russian Air Attacks that Israel is attending to by patching up the terrorists that do survive.

Also of all the leaders in the region, next to Israel, Sisi would seem the most likely to have set this up to placate the West and Israel simultaneously. Of course we still have yet to be told about what the black-boxes will say about the causes behind this 'crash', if this was indeed a legitimate disaster and not a mass-murder.

As for Israel's potential role in something like this, both the CIA and Israel were absolutely livid about the continuing successes of the Russian Air Force against their fake-fighters that have held the world at gun point for the last four years plus.

Here's how one absolutely obsessed U.S. Senator sees what has happened to the continuing plans of PNAC et. all, that were shattered once Russia entered Syria to defend that country from the war-weary-West that can't seem to fight their way out of a brown paper bag these days..

The 'senator' overlooks the fact that the hundreds of thousands of dead he is so worried about were murdered by paid U.S. Government agents who trained and armed the terrorists that have been illegally attacking Syria for almost the last 5 years—they were not massacred by Assad, they were massacred by U.S. Death Squads in service to Israel and USI.


And don't miss the look on Traitor McCain's face as well as the psychopath who's speaking for WAR, WAR & LOTS MORE WAR.

This is the exact opposite of 'Getting Creative'

MUST-SEE Crazed US Senator Attacks Defense Secretary for not Planning War With Russia!

This time the world must not be pushed into wrong conclusions' regardless of how these events unfolded. This is why these ideas about a possible collusion between Israel & Egypt need to be included in the mix for the outside world to consider, rather than to see Egypt's current role as just another Arab nation that has come-to-the-rescue in their own way—in the aftermath of the current Russian air-disaster?

It would appear that having failed to stop the Russian Air Force, the only avenue left to these global-outlaws is to start blowing up Russian civilians wherever they can find them...



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